Mission Creek Restoration Project at the Tallant Road Bridge Celebration

On Monday, March 21, Mayor Helene Schneider and Congresswoman Lois Capps braved the rain and joined members of the City Council, Parks and Recreation Commission, and Creeks Advisory Committee at Oak Park to celebrate the completion of the Mission Creek Restoration Project at the Tallant Road Bridge.


City staff, community members, and project partners came out to celebrate the project, including representatives from the Environmental Defense Center, Cachuma Operations and Maintenance Board, and Santa Barbara Natives. Also in attendance were representatives from project grant funders the California Department of Fish and Game, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Marine Fisheries Restoration Program.


The recently completed project, located at the upstream end of Oak Park, included the removal of 2,000 square feet of concrete from the creek, the relocation and replacement of an aging sewer line, construction of riffles and pools to allow passage for the federally endangered Southern Steelhead Trout, and the installation of over 1,500 native plants and trees.




Photos: TOP RIGHT - Creeks Division Manager Cameron Benson points out project elements while Congresswoman Lois Capps, Mayor Helene Schneider, and Councilmember Bendy White look on. ABOVE - From left, "Before" May 2007; "After"  January 2011.


Fish & Game Grant Awarded for Mission Creek Fish Passage Project at the CalTrans Channels

In February, the Creeks Division was awarded a $1,000,290 grant for the Mission Creek Fish Passage Project at the CalTrans Channels from the California Department of Fish and Game's Fisheries Restoration Grant Program.


Mission Creek is considered the most viable stream for steelhead restoration in the City of Santa Barbara, with high quality spawning and rearing habitat upstream, an existing population of rainbow trout (freshwater version of steelhead), and a documented historic run of steelhead trout.


During seven of the last ten years, steelhead have tried, unsuccessfully, to migrate from the ocean up Mission Creek. This project is part of a series of barrier removal projects on Mission Creek, including the recently completed Tallant Road Bridge, and the Highway 192 Bridge.


Once all three projects are completed, steelhead will have access to 3.9 miles of creek channel upstream, including 2 miles of moderate to high quality spawning and rearing habitat. 


For more information, please contact George Johnson at (805) 897-1958.


Photo: CalTrans Channel on Mission Creek, looking downstream from the Mission Street Bridge.

Newly Certified Clean Creeks Business

Join the Creeks Division in congratulating the following local business taking important steps to protect creek and ocean water quality by becoming a Certified Clean Water Business!



D'Vine Café

205 W. Canon Perdido

(805) 963-9591


View the complete list of Certified Businesses online at www.sbcreeks.com.

Upcoming Projects on Sycamore Creek

The City's Public Works Department is in the planning stages of their Sycamore Creek Widening Project.


The project will include creek channel improvements from just north of Highway 101 up to Punta Gorda Street.


The project will increase flood capacity, and will include habitat restoration along the creek banks.


For more information on the Sycamore Creek Widening Project, please contact George Johnson at (805) 897-1958.


Photo: Sycamore Creek

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