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The Awakening Soul
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 Awakenings ~ Gatherings for Awakening Souls

Facilitated by Kate "Beloved" Ad Sach Kaur & Sherry "Shanti"  Sat Prem Kaur

An Evening of Enchantment

2nd Annual


SATURDAY,  JUNE 18th           7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

 The Light Center Dome

2190 NC Highway 9  South, Black Mountain, NC 32803

 An Evening of Enchantment

It's time for our 2nd ANNUAL SUMMER SOLSTICE STARGATE CELEBRATION!  Join us for an Evening of Enchantment as we integrate the awesome frequencies coming in during this open energetic portal! This year we expect even more powerful activations because we are in an Eclipse Triad!





Come attune to the new frequencies coming into our

fields during the open portal

of the Summer Solstice...  


 Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat/towel/blanket. You can even

bring a pillow to get really comfy!!

 Facilitated by Kate Beloved

Pre-Paid Registration Preferred:

$17 per person (Save $5 with pre-paid registration)

$27 couple (Save $17 with pre-paid registration)


At The Door:

$22 per person   


Click Here to Register



Summer Solstice begins the season of birthing the next phase of our awakening as we link the crown and brow chakras ~ a perfect opportunity for each of us to experience this deliciousness within our Being! Like all We Are Awakening events, this gathering provides attunements to higher frequencies coming into our dimension during this open portal.  Through a variety of activities and sacred experiences including, Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Soul Activation, Guided Meditation, Transmission from the Heart of the Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm and Ecstatic Soul Dance you have the opportunity to raise your vibrations and activate your Light Body.


Beloved’s Soul Activations® are powerful experiences that take place in sacred space surrounded by loving angels, archangels, ascended masters,  guides and teachers.


Through the layered sound frequencies of her Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Toning/Vocal Harmonics and Transmissions From the Heart of the Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm, Beloved brings us deep into our SoulHearts as she takes us on a delicious journey connecting Earth and Cosmos!


As you lay on your mat beneath your blanket, connecting to the sound of your breath, Beloved invites you to let go of the mundane world, surrender and receive. While she plays and tones, bio sonic sine waves vibrate every cell of your body into perfect harmonic resonance, bathing you in sound, opening you to receive the new frequencies coming in, as you are once again re-connected to your SoulHeart and the true magnificence of your being!


While riding the sound current of the Naad, you are now in a space of activating the wisdom and encodings of your 5th Dimensional Self taking you into an awakened state of  love and joy! The frequencies are now flowing through the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies.


What about the physical body? This magical evening continues as you begin to bring these energetic shifts into the physical body temple through the movement of Ecstatic Soul Dance.  (No dance experience necessary ~ your soul knows exactly what to do while experiencing the physical realm of your perfectly exquisite body!)


In this softly lit sacred space, Beloved guides you; inviting you to surrender completely,  release any inhibitions, come out of any box you have created for yourself and explore your natural rhythms.


As the music begins, you are invited to move in your own time and flow. In sacred silence you are invited to dance with your own soul, and yet at times, you may feel inspired to dance with another.  And this is perfect, too.


This is an amazing opportunity to experience your Soul as you dance to the vibrations and rhythms of the evening's music.


When the dancing is done, Beloved invites you to return from your dancing journey and gather for our Sacred Blessing Ceremony. Using a high frequency anointing elixir she has created for tonight's magical journey, we seal the evenings attunements, inspirations and activations.


The evening ends with a light snack, as one more way to integrate the shifts and share the blessings we have experienced together.


And we never leave empty-handed. There is always a little gift for us that has been infused with the frequencies of the evening to keep our activations present as we continue our sacred journeys!



2nd Anuual Summer Solstice Stargate Celebration is a WE ARE AWAKENING! Event facilitated by Kate "Beloved" Levensohn



  We Are Awakening!  brings together two powerful soul sisters, "Beloved"  (The Awakening Soul)  and Shanti (Divine Healing Sound). Though each of these loving healers has her own focus and  gifts, they were called to this plan of collaboration by Archangel Ariel to synergize their vibrations for the purpose of offering to others, tools and experiences for awakening and attuning to the higher frequencies now coming onto the planet. They are told this work is ever evolving; each tool and experience they offer is created from the SoulHeart with Divine Guidance and presented to you with blessings for a beautiful, bountiful and blissful journey!


 Awaken Your Soul

 ...Transform Your Life!

Awaken Your Soul

...Transform the World!


Kate "Beloved" Levensohn /Ad Sach Kaur (The Awakening Soul) Beloved is a Sacred Awakener / Transformation Facilitator (SAT®), Visionary, Art & Energy Healer who works as a messenger for the unseen realms. She is an Angelic Messenger who gives transmission from the Heart of The Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm, a Soul Artist, Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue, Sacred Contract Counselor certified by Caroline Myss, and Kundalini and Qigong teacher. Some of Beloved's additional healing modalities include Usui Reiki (Master), Healer of the 7th Ray and a Matrix Energetics.


As a Sound Alchemist, Beloved offers Sound Activations using Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Toning/Vocal Harmonics, Native Flute, Xylophones and Transmissions and Messages from the Heart of the Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm. Beloved is also a voice for Nature as she brings the frequencies of trees, stones and waters into song.   Beloved records with Tantric Moon. For information on  Tantric Moon and their CD Wind On Water click here.


A Soul-Artist, Beloved creates SoulAngel Message Portraits® Soul Art and Soul Portraits Each piece is a powerful energetic tool to assist you in awakening and attuning to the ever changing planetary frequencies. Beloved signs her pieces ASK for her tantric name Ad Sach Kaur ~ True from the Beginning, Lioness of God. For your personal journey she offers SoulAngel Message Portraits® and Readings through art. Click Here for Info

Beloved’s passion is living a sacred tantric life of loving joy and her life purpose is to awaken beings from their slumber and re-connect them to the deliciousness of their souls. When on the planet, Beloved is most often found in Winter Park, FL and Asheville, NC .


For more information about Beloved please visit her on-line.  


Beloved on Facebook:



Love is All ♥ All Is One!


Sherry Evans "Shanti " (Divine Healing Sound)



Shanti is a Sound, Light & Energy Healer with an extensive collection of rare and powerful Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowls which she combines with Crystal Pyramids, Native Flute, Pranayam, Vocal Toning, Chromotherapy, Far-Infrared Amethyst BioMat and other Deliciousness with a specific purpose of Integrating attunement to higher vibration for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Wholeness.  An owner/practitioner at SolRize Counseling & Wellness Center in Altamonte Springs, FL, Shanti is a Kundalini, Empath & Hasya (Laughter) yoga teacher, Qigong instructor and Usui Reiki Master as well as a Heart Circle Facilitator/Coach.  


Shanti Sat Prem Kaur - Peace.  True Being of Divine Love with Divine Love of the Truth.  Sherry’s  passion is BEing, Radiating and Vibrating Light & Love as a way-shower and fellow mystic on our journey back to Oneness.


For information about Sherry please visit her on-line.



 Cell               (407) 718-1087                            

 E-Mail Beloved


            (407) 219-4840     

E-Mail Sherry



The Awakening Soul • 1820 Bryan Ave • Winter Park, FL 32789
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