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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sailing, 'In General' - - Zyggi Lawrence

This Thursday, April 14, is our final 'dry-dock' General Sail Meeting. The meeting starts  at 7 pm at the Northville Public Library. We'll be talking about the British Virgin Islands Sail Trip Possibilities and other ramblings. 


We have enjoyed a good measure of success at the first two renewed meetings and the spot at the Northville Library seems to be just right. It has been good to see all the familar faces back again. I particularly, like to see the old sailing friendships renewed, some go back quite a way and as Joan Swain mentioned a couple of weeks back, the response from newer members was very encouraging as well.


I like to think that the goodness, the success of our meetings is in the exchange between the two. It keeps the organization growing and renewing itself for the future. I think the greatest reason for any success we have experienced is that the meetings don't "feel" like meetings. They are upbeat, informative and accomplish their primary objective, to get member participation and feedback. Feedback that can be utilized by our Committees, Level Chairmen and your Board of Trustees to make your organization what you want it to be. 


ASI has been around for quite a while, experiencing both it's "Heyday years" as well as a few years that were, shall we say - lackluster. In the garden of life, what doesn't grow, dies!  Our growth, as an organization, absolutely depends on both doing what has worked in the past and utilizing new ideas. You have to be careful though, new ideas don't just come from young people. Those of us who have experienced the blissful process of maturation too, can give the old outfit a fresh look and maybe find a new way to do something.


New members, sometimes in their naiveté, give the old salts that thump on the back of the head that gets the gears whirling again. You can feel it. Good stuff! American Sailing Institute is very much alive! It demonstrates a vitality and resourcefulness that is a delight to witness. Each of us has something to contribute, sometimes with action, sometimes with words, and sometimes maybe, by just listening.    


Please think about your involvement in ASI this season - but don't just contribute! Make sure that you take something back with you - a new idea, a new way to do something and always the memory of a good time! 


The General Sail meetings will resume in the fall, after the boats are out of the water and our new board officers have been elected. 


See you at the Dock, Zyggi


PS - This Thursday's meeting will feature a discussion regarding a group charter in the British Virgin Islands! Be there or be square!


Level 3/4 Management can be a team responsible for coordinating Level 3/4 operational activities. Specifically, these positions and activities include:


Level 3 /4 Manager – Volunteer needed

Level 3 /4 Assistant Manager – Volunteer needed

The L3/4 Manager is the primary team leader and liaison for the Level and can be tremendously instrumental in all related efforts.

  • Communications to Membership regarding L3/4 specific concerns
  • Ensuring Timeshare Captains follow Level 3 /4 procedures
  • Hosting L3/4 specific meetings
  • Represent L3/4 membership at General Sail and Operations meetings

Assistant Maintenance Director for Level 3 /4 – Tom Baker has volunteered

  • Lead Organizer for commissioning of L3/4 Keelboats
  • Lead Organizer for decommissioning of L3/4 Keelboats
  • Oversight for L3/4 Operational Activities 

Dinghy Boat Captain – Dave Clark has volunteered

Assistant Dinghy Boat Captain – Tony Calvas has volunteered


These are very important positions for ASI.


You can volunteer to fulfill one of these commitments as part of a team – i.e. co-managers.  Your efforts will be greatly appreciated!  


Note that the Level 3/4 Manager position is not responsible for organizing the North Channel timeshare lottery.  The Level 3/4 Manager is only responsible for coordinating this event with the North Channel Lottery Committee 


If you are a L3/4 member, please consider volunteering for this position.  The absence of a L3/4 Manager will be most consequential to you and your peers in L3/4. Contact Joe Jaeger for more details at

The Interlake 'put-in' schedule - - Don Caley

Next Saturday we'll continue prepping the Interlakes for launching at Kent Lake and Stony Creek. Here's the schedule for April:

  • Saturday, April 16 - Boat prep at Crawford Farm, dock prep at Kent Lake
  • Saturday, April 23 - Transportation and installation of dock boxes and launch of the powerboat at Kensington Metropark
  • Saturday April 30 - Trailering and launch day!

Is this a rigid schedule? No! A lot depends on the kind of weather we get, and the turnout. But it's a general guide to what we need to get done; there are generally one or two Saturdays when it's too cold or wet to work at Crawford Farm. 


If you're planning on coming to Crawford Farm to help out this Saturday, please let me know. That will help in determining what tasks we want to tackle.  Thanks!  

Crawford Farm location

Where's Crawford Farm?


If you're driving west on I96, take the 155B exit toward Milford. A couple of miles north, turn right on Buno, a gravel road. Go one mile to South Hill, also gravel, and turn left. Crawford Farm will be about 300 yards north, on the left. Pull into the drive, and park behind the outbuildings. 


We'll be starting around nine and will work for 2 or 3 hours, depending on the weather. See you there!


Ahoy Instructors and Instructor Wannabes! - - JoAnne McClure

Spring is here, and it's time for Level 1 Instructor Training! The workshops are designed to provide information for instructors, both experienced and new. If you've been thinking that you'd like to earn volunteer hours for sailing (what a novel idea??), this may be for you. Even if you're not sure you want to take out brand new sailors, you may want to teach Intro Class (how to rig, taught at the dock) or even shore school! It's fun and the best way to sharpen up your own skills.


The workshops will meet on Wednesday, April 20 & 27 at Wayne State Oakland Center on 12 Mile Rd, West of Farmington Rd. Time is 6:30 - 9:30 PM. If you plan to attend and do not have a copy of the Instructor's Handbook, please contact JoAnne McClure ( for an electronic copy.


Hope to see you there!   JoAnne


 Have you got what it takes - to haul our Interlakes?- - Joan Swain

With the Interlake launch just over 3 weeks away, here's the request for those of you whose vehicles have trailer hitch balls in the 1 7/8" to 2" range to resist any other commitments that could keep you away from helping out.    You are a select, smaller group and WE NEED YOU - both for the short excursion to Kent Lake and longer drive to Stony Creek. 


With all the members that will show up to prep the boats for the trailers, without you - really, your vehicle - there will be no hauling.  Then members ready to launch the boats at Kent Lake or patiently awaiting a glimpse of a boat at Stony Creek will wonder "What happened?"  


So, please let either Kate McRae (  or Joan Swain ( know that we can count on you for Kent Lake, and contact Heidi Dzendzel (  for the haul to Stony Creek.  If there's an overwhelming reply, we'll assuredly let you know who the chosen ones are.  Thank you.

Kensington New Boat Name Contest -- - Joan Swain

There must have been some atmospheric phenomena last week affecting your creative juices, because I received 10 more names. Now up to 12 prospective names, we don't really need  more, but here is the last call.....again, no proper names, mascots, schools, or the like. 


If you are so inspired, next Saturday, 4/16, midnight is the deadline. Email your nomination for a name for our new Interlake to Joan Swain, NOW! Next week's Burgee starts the voting. 

APRIL DAY! APRIL DAY! - - Attention all keelboat captains! - - Marilyn Leece

Don't be in distress! Plan your ASI 2011 Sailing Season now.

First Come! First Served! 

Local Keel boat Timeshare Reservations begin soon! 

WHEN?   MAY 1ST, 2011 

WHO?  Contact Keel boat Timeshare Scheduler:            

Jon Buyle @ (313) 881-6393 (


Please review the ASI website calendar BEFORE contacting Jon Buyle for your timeshare dates. All timeshares must be reserved with a credit card. Card is charged at the time of the time share. Please note:There will be limited timeshare dates available due to Level 2, 3 & 4 Instruction classes held through June. 


Hope to "sea" you at the dock! Marilyn Leece

Level 2 Manager


A big 'thank you' to those that helped with sail repair - - Kathy Chrzanowski 

Last Sunday, April 3 Nancy Bennet, Helene Edwards, Jim Dow, and I worked on sail sewing. Then last Tuesday, Don DeRyckere came to finish up the last ones.  Don and I took the sails to the sail house and hung them in bags with one main and one jib per bag.  Now the sails are ready for the 2011 sail season.  After about 30 hours of work by many hands the sail are done!!!  Thank you to all who did so much to help.


One last request, I still have not seen all the sails on my inventory list.  Does anyone have any sails at their home or in your car?  Please let me know because I would like to delete any of the sails that are no longer with us to make my inventory accurate.


Kathy Chrzanowski 248-363-6540

What are you going to learn this season? - - Michael Golden

The racing program is open to returning sailors at a charge of $25 for the season + 2 volunteer hours on L1 maintenance. Previously rated first time racers fee is $15. There is no racing fee for newly rated Level 1 members for this season. 

Would you like to refine your sailing skills? Having another boat sailing nearby at your performance level is a great teacher. You don’t have to get competitive about racing to gain confidence in your ability on the helm.


The racing season opens with a class on safety, right of way rules, and go-fast techniques.   On the water practices give you a chance to brush up on boat handling with drills & starting exercises. You are assigned to a crew with an experienced person on board for the weekend, morning or afternoon sessions. Each crewmember gets to skipper if they wish. You learn how to put up the spinnaker at a dockside workshop. We gather under a tree or at a cafe after events to exchange ideas and make excuses!


New racers must attend the basic race seminar being held Thursday April 14, 7pm, at Busch’s Market, 37083 Six Mile Road, (East of Newburgh Road), Livonia, 48152. Classroom is upstairs. You will see what it is all about.  


Step in, Step a  Station Leader

 However you categorize it, we're looking for some new faces to help out with the Interlake launch April 30. While we are still hopeful that most of the Station Leader team from prior year launches are able to help out, we know that there will be vacancies for you.  Yes, you.  So, if you've volunteered at a prior launch, and can see yourself as helping with a specific position at this year's launch, this is directed to you.   Reply to Kate McRae (  or Joan Swain (  Thank you.

One more thing...       


It's the FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY of our sailing program! In March of 1961, several members of AYH (ASI's parent organization) got together to form a 'pilot' sailing instruction program. They borrowed a couple of small sailing dinghies and started teaching sailing at Kent Lake. It was enormously popular, and about a hundred 'wannabes' became sailors that year. Then, thirty years later, we split off to become ASI. Happy anniversary, all!


The ASI Burgee is back on a weekly schedule. The next one will be next Tuesday, April 19. Please send your Burgee input to by Sunday for inclusion in that Burgee. 

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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