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Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Kay Moon, wife of Bob Moon, passed away on Saturday, April 16th, 2011 after a very long illness.   The Moons were married for 42 years. Kay did not sail herself, but many of you will remember her from ASI dinners, picnics and other get-togethers.  Kay was wife, mother and grandmother and she will be sorely missed by those who knew her, her family, her ASI friends

as well as many others. 


Keehn Funeral Home

706 W. Main Street

Brighton, MI 48116-1332

(810) 229-9871


Hours:Wednesday 5 -8

 Thursday 1-3 Funeral Service at 3 


For further details go to


Pictures ARE Worth a Thousand Words - -  Joan Swain

For those of you unable to attend our 'last-one-til-Fall' General Sail meeting this past Thursday, Zyggi asked me to summarize what transpired.  Well, there's really no way my words can convey the alluring video that Footloose (one of several BVI charter companies) had given Zyggi to show, but I'll do my best. It looks like the BVIs next January will bring you warm weather, azure waters, sandy coves, boulders and greenery to clamor over, the special sound of island music - oh, yes and beautiful yachts to cruise on.  


Zyggi had formerly stated that "anyone who has captained one of our boats in the North Channel could easily sail the BVIs."  During the meeting, Bill Lane added that a Level 2 captain could also captain in the BVIs.  This was later confirmed as the waters are mostly deep and destinations are in line-of-sight.  Zyggi also displayed a map of the area's varied islands, with suggested itineraries one could follow.


Footloose holds a gathering for all captains to be briefed on the area and their specific yacht, perhaps a 37'-43', lesser or larger one. The dates being aimed for are late January, and to get the greatest discounts, booking is going to be late June or early July. Zyggi, though claiming to not be the one in charge of a BVI sail, will be the 'go-to' person.  I expect he also will keep those who have shown interest (or perhaps all of us via subsequent Burgee articles) alert to specifics. 


Not a captain?  Well, get to know one.  Not partnered up with anyone?  So what?  With easy accommodations for 5, 6 or more, you may not have to resort to being a stowaway - you may be invited to join members looking for 1 or 2 more folks to split costs. 


Joining up to sail the BVIs was not the only topic presented, but as it brought out new faces and was the highlight of the meeting, the rest can wait.


Level 3/4 Management can be a team responsible for coordinating Level 3/4 operational activities. Specifically, these positions and activities include:


Level 3 /4 Manager – Volunteer needed

Level 3 /4 Assistant Manager – Volunteer needed

The L3/4 Manager is the primary team leader and liaison for the Level and can be tremendously instrumental in all related efforts.

  • Communications to Membership regarding L3/4 specific concerns
  • Ensuring Timeshare Captains follow Level 3 /4 procedures
  • Hosting L3/4 specific meetings
  • Represent L3/4 membership at General Sail and Operations meetings

Assistant Maintenance Director for Level 3 /4 – Tom Baker has volunteered

  • Lead Organizer for commissioning of L3/4 Keelboats
  • Lead Organizer for decommissioning of L3/4 Keelboats
  • Oversight for L3/4 Operational Activities 

Dinghy Boat Captain – Dave Clark has volunteered

Assistant Dinghy Boat Captain – Tony Calvas has volunteered


These are very important positions for ASI.


You can volunteer to fulfill one of these commitments as part of a team – i.e. co-managers.  Your efforts will be greatly appreciated!  


Note that the Level 3/4 Manager position is not responsible for organizing the North Channel timeshare lottery.  The Level 3/4 Manager is only responsible for coordinating this event with the North Channel Lottery Committee 


If you are a L3/4 member, please consider volunteering for this position.  The absence of a L3/4 Manager will be most consequential to you and your peers in L3/4. Contact Joe Jaeger for more details at

The Interlake 'put-in' schedule - - Don Caley

Next Saturday we'll continue prepping the Interlakes for launching at Kent Lake and Stony Creek. Here's the remaining schedule for April:

  • Saturday, April 23 - Transportation and installation of dock boxes and launch of the powerboat at Kensington Metropark
  • Saturday April 30 - Trailering and launch day!

Is this a rigid schedule? No! A lot depends on the kind of weather we get, and the turnout. But it's a general guide to what we need to get done; there are generally one or two Saturdays when it's too cold or wet to work at Crawford Farm. 


If you're planning on coming to Crawford Farm to help out this Saturday, please let me know. That will help in determining what tasks we want to tackle.  Thanks!  

Crawford Farm location

Where's Crawford Farm?


If you're driving west on I96, take the 155B exit toward Milford. A couple of miles north, turn right on Buno, a gravel road. Go one mile to South Hill, also gravel, and turn left. Crawford Farm will be about 300 yards north, on the left. Pull into the drive, and park behind the outbuildings. 


We'll be starting around nine and will work for 2 or 3 hours, depending on the weather. See you there!


Ahoy Instructors and Instructor Wannabes! - - JoAnne McClure

Spring is here, and it's time for Level 1 Instructor Training! The workshops are designed to provide information for instructors, both experienced and new. If you've been thinking that you'd like to earn volunteer hours for sailing (what a novel idea??), this may be for you. Even if you're not sure you want to take out brand new sailors, you may want to teach Intro Class (how to rig, taught at the dock) or even shore school! It's fun and the best way to sharpen up your own skills.


The workshops will meet on Wednesday, April 20 & 27 at Wayne State Oakland Center on 12 Mile Rd, West of Farmington Rd. Time is 6:30 - 9:30 PM. If you plan to attend and do not have a copy of the Instructor's Handbook, please contact JoAnne McClure ( for an electronic copy.


Hope to see you there!   JoAnne


 Have you got what it takes - to haul our Interlakes?- - Joan Swain

With the Interlake launch just over 2 weeks away, here's the request for those of you whose vehicles have 1 7/8" to 2" trailer hitch balls, to resist any other commitments that could keep you away from helping out. You are a select, smaller group and WE NEED YOU - both for the short excursion to Kent Lake and longer drive to Stony Creek. 


With all the members that will show up to prep the boats for the trailers, without you - really, your vehicle - there will be no hauling.  Then members ready to launch the boats at Kent Lake or patiently awaiting a glimpse of a boat at Stony Creek will wonder "What happened?"  


So, please let either Kate McRae (  or Joan Swain ( know that we can count on you for Kent Lake, and contact Heidi Dzendzel (  for the haul to Stony Creek.  If there's an overwhelming reply, we'll assuredly let you know who the chosen ones are.  Thank you.

The Voting Begins for newest Interlake - - Joan Swain

Thanks to 11 of our members, one of the varied, appealing names listed below will soon adorn our gleaming, new Interlake.  Now it's up to you to collectively decide if it will be: 

  • Adventure                                        
  • Moby
  • Allure                                               
  • Off-Roading
  • Cat's Paw                                       
  • Off the Rocks
  • Etude                                               
  • Questar
  • Hakuna Matata                               
  • Reliable
  • Imagine                                           
  • Spud
  • Island Princess                              
  • Stargaze

Some guidelines for voting:

  1. You may vote via email  ( or, after the launch 4/30 at Kensington there will be an opportunity to vote in person.
  2. You may submit 3 votes BUT only 1 vote per name.  Any double or triple voting for your one and only favorite name will not be in the tally.
  3. The winner will be announced in the May 3rd Burgee. 

Thanks again to Barb Hayes, Blaise Molitoris, Cece & Ron, Dave Clark, Donald Kapit, Heidi Dzendzel, Joan Jack, JoAnne McClure,  John Johnston, Marilyn Leece and Richard Jagers for this democratic opportunity.

MAY DAY! MAYDAY! - - Attention all keelboat captains! - - Marilyn Leece

Don't be in distress! Plan your ASI 2011 Sailing Season now.

First Come! First Served! 

Local Keel boat Timeshare Reservations begin soon! 

WHEN?   MAY 1ST, 2011 

WHO?  Contact Keel boat Timeshare Scheduler:            

Jon Buyle @ (313) 881-6393 (


Please review the ASI website calendar BEFORE contacting Jon Buyle for your timeshare dates. All timeshares must be reserved with a credit card. Card is charged at the time of the time share. Please note:There will be limited timeshare dates available due to Level 2, 3 & 4 Instruction classes held through June. 


Hope to "sea" you at the dock! Marilyn Leece

Level 2 Manager




Reminders from the Keelboat Scheduler - - Jon Buyle

The sailing season is just around the corner and timeshare reservations can be made, beginning May 1.  I need any priority scheduling events, such as maintenance, instruction, evening sails, or special events sent to me before the end of April so that I can get them in the scheduling calendar.


Here are a few reminders for keelboat captains in order to make the process work best for all of us: 

    1. Please limit your calls to 9AM-9PM, unless it’s an emergency.  Feel free to email me anytime. 
  1. Use the ASI website to check on availability of keelboats before calling.  It is updated daily.  You can also click on an entry in the calendar to obtain more details, such as the timeshare hours and the designated captain of a timeshare.  That information can be useful for several reasons, such as checking with the previous captain on any problems he experienced with the boat, arranging a transition with the next captain, or notifying the next captain if you are going to be late. 
  2. When leaving voicemail requests, please speak slowly and clearly, especially when leaving numbers.  I often have to listen to a message several times to get all the information. 
  3. Be sure to notify the Boat Captain and Keelboat Scheduler if a boat needs immediate attention that could affect safety & future timeshares. 
  4. Remember that reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not held or confirmed for you until secured with a credit card. 
  5. Make your reservations as far in advance as you can.  I will do my best to respond to last-minute requests, but cannot guarantee a response in less than 24 hours.  (I have a life too!) 
  6. Finally, Do NOT take a boat without clearing it with the Scheduler first, even though a boat appears to be available or your boat becomes disabled.  There have been situations where a member who has reserved and paid for a timeshare arrives later and finds the boat gone.  It may also be a safety risk for you and your passengers, as the boat may have been taken out of service or have special instructions that the Boat Captain has asked me to convey.  

A special welcome to all the new Level 2 Captains.  Have a great summer and great sailing season!  Hope to see all of you out on the lake. 


Jon Buyle, Keelboat Scheduler

313-881-6393   (

Wannabee Station Leaders rejoice! - -     Joan Swain

 With less than 2 weeks til Launch of the Interlakes; with 2 key members of the Maintenance Team not available on April 30th; with an additional 5 former station leaders also not available - here is a golden opportunity for you, yes Y-O-U, to move on up.  Come on, we know you're out there.  We know you've been looking for some way to contribute more to your Club.  


So what does a Station Leader do?  You show up at the farm ahead of the rest at 8:30am, get to wear a handsome vest designating you as one of the 'select few,'  get first choice of a donut,  select or gather other members  (they arrive at 9am) for your designated assigned position, and lead them as your feelings of pride well up.......OK, you just guide the rest to do a certain job so the launch flows more quickly and smoothly than in an era long gone. Kate McRae & I know that 5 former station leaders  will be on hand.  We also have 6 members who have volunteered to haul the boats from the farm to the lake, so all of that is a huge relief.  But we ideally need more.  So, if you've been holding back waiting for the last week to be a repeat leader, please don't.   And if you've wondered if you can lead a willing group of others, make the bold declaration, "Yes, I can."  


Then let Kate (  or Joan (  know of your decision.  Thank you. 

Stony Creek welcomes you back! - - Heidi Dzendzel

We need a couple more drivers to take the snug harbor trailers and boats from the farm to Stony Creek in the afternoon of Saturday, April 30. You’ll need a trailer hitch with a size 1-7/8 ball and a working lighting package. Please reply to me by email.


We will be stepping the masts on Sunday, May 1st in the afternoon beginning at 1 pm. Come on out and enjoy the volunteer hours had by all! Bring your sail pass too. Cookies and coffee are included.


Heidi Dzendzel, Stony Creek Level 1 Boat Manager  (

Hello, Metropark volunteers! - -   Becky Gajewski

It has come to my attention that several of you have not been getting the Metroparks volunteer workday email updates, while some who have requested to be removed from the list are still receiving the emails. I think we’ve finally gotten everything sorted out, but I want to make sure that our email list is updated and accurate. Please let me know if you’d like to be removed from the list or if you’ve requested to be removed but are still getting emails. 


This email is also a reminder that we are having a workday in partnership with REI this Saturday, April 23rd at Dexter-Huron from 10-1. We’ll be pulling garlic mustard from the main park woods. Tools, water, and snacks, will be provided, and we recommend that volunteers wear long pants, closed toe shoes, and weather-appropriate clothing.


Please RSVP to me by Thursday, April 21st if you plan to attend. Remember that park entry is free for volunteers.


As always, please let me know if you have questions!


Becky-----Becky Gajewski  (

Natural Resource TechnicianHuron-Clinton Metroparks



One more thing...       


It's the FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY of our sailing program! In March of 1961, several members of AYH (ASI's parent organization) got together to form a 'pilot' sailing instruction program. They borrowed a couple of small sailing dinghies and started teaching sailing at Kent Lake. It was enormously popular, and about a hundred 'wannabes' became sailors that year. Then, thirty years later, we split off to become ASI. Happy anniversary, all!


The ASI Burgee is back on a weekly schedule. The next one will be next Tuesday, April 26. Please send your Burgee input to by Sunday for inclusion in that Burgee. 

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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