Mixed-media spring time




You never know what might spring out of a simple playing with paper. You mix photos, pictures, small objects and other ephemera together and suddenly realize that it's exactly what you wanted to say.


I have always been into crafts. I like creating handmade gifts for my friends and family. The latest have been some birthdays collages (for my daughter and friends). I liked the process of making them and decided to add a little bit of knitting into it.

It worked, and my passion to the art of knitting started shining in a different way.


It looks like I am into mixed-media!! It was a wonderful discovery for me, and I am still learning.


All the collages you see below consist of something knitted, a piece of music, an old book, some special (for me) paper, and a message.


Happy spring to everyone :-)



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Yarn and paper


This time my tools were not needles. I decided to try some art supplies. I love  Japanese paper. When you tear it,

it gets these really nice fuzzy edges

and looks great.



Click on the image to see a handmade Japanese card


Stitch your stress away

 A piece of "knit" here is a rose on a crochet stitch diagram.


What do you need to have a good time? New yarn and a book. I am hooked on audiobooks - I often listen to audiobooks while knitting.



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Knit happens


Contrary to popular prejudice, men knitting used to be commonplace and was not exclusively a female preoccupation.

In fact, many historians back the view that it  was men who created knitting and contributed significantly to its development.



Click on the image to read the article about

Top 10 men in knitting in Knitty magazine


The new yoga


What do knitting and yoga have in common? A whole lot more than you might think :-)


In a nutshell it's meditation, breath and a little time every day to connect back with yourself. 


My schedule hasn't allowed a lot of quality knitting time recently. It has to change... :-)



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