June: Knit Happens

Summer Knits



This top was made 30years ago. Still looks as good as new! It doesn't fit me though.


Yarn: 100% Cotton. Crochet.





 Click on the picture to see the pattern.

               Knit happened 

1981, Latvia, Urmala 


I couldn't recall when I made it till I found this photo dated 1981... 

Sorry for the poor quality. It was a slide which my husband coverted into a digital picture

a couple of weeks ago.


Time flies... and knit did happen... 


Summer Purse

 This knit happened last year in Aruba.


 Same yarn - 100% cotton. Crochet.






 Click on the picture to go to Artisunknity page

 (2010, Aruba)

Birthdays happen too


Happy Birthday, sister!






Click on the image to see more photos of the skirt that my sister is knitting in the picture.


What's on the needles now?


Honestly, it's been on the needles for a while.

I have to finish it soon.


It will happen :-)


Same yarn by the way: 100% Cotton










Click on the image to go to

Artisaknity Cards


Organic Knitting









Knitting with Cotton

by Debby Robinson and Melinda Coss


Click on the image for the book link

Happy Knitting







Click on the image to go to June 2010 newsletter - one yaer ago my first newsletter "went" on the Net. It blended my long time old hobby -

knitting - with the new one - web design.

They go together perfectly.





It's so much fun -

I kid thee not :-)

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