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Volume 3, issue 1 08/07/2011

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and listen to our album: From the Dining Room.
The 15th Floor at Marco's Thursday, Aug. 11th, 6pm.
Once and Future Songs column features "Touch Me!"

The 15th Floor at Marco's Aug. 11th, 6 pm!

The 15th Floor (Kriegs and ?Emily) perform for the dinner crowd starting 6 pm (until whenever) Thursday, June 9th.
Marco's Italian Bistro is my favorite Italian restaurant.  Find it NE of Shea and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvds in Scottsdale, behind the Circle K (North side of Sahuaro, east side of FLW
@10855 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Suite 100)

Once and Future Songs

(In this “column” anything goes as long as it has to do with a song. To see all postings, follow this link.)

Touch Me!
I casually mentioned a song idea to my wife, “I Want You to Touch Me.”  A plea, of sorts.  Of course, good writers edit, and we decided, “Touch Me” was better (sound familiar?)
Of course my wife asked what genre?  What do you mean? 
Well, if it’s country you might say, “Touch me with your ten foot pole.”
If Rap, “Touch me, Bitch!”
“Not rap,” I say.
But, alas, it has been done many times. Might be hard to do it better.
Diana Ross, when recording “Touch Me in the Morning” (Michael Masser and Ron Miller) apparently “pushed so hard”, she almost had a nervous breakdown over it.  She recorded it during the time when she put her kids to bed, left them with her mother, and recorded all night—returning in the morning to send them off to school before going to bed.
Samantha Ross was little more direct about it, “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)”. But that might be expected from a performer who’s publicity photos look like they came right out of Playboy (at least the Playboy I knew as a teenager- haven’t seen one for many years—really!)
But, of course, the most classic “Touch Me” was by the Doors (written by Robbie Krieger.)  Originally the title (and lyric) was “Hit Me”, changed by Morrison, supposedly afraid the audience might take him literally and assault him.  Why might they do that?
Don’t hit me.

Upcoming Performances

Date Time City Venue Appearing with
08/11 6 pm Scottsdale, AZ Marco's Italian Bistro 10855 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
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