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All Herbal Vinegars - 50% off

Summer Overstock Sale


Stock up on one of our best-selling products, while supplies last. Our

Three Sisters Vinegar, Original and Zesty, is delicious in salad

dressings or taken by the spoonful as a daily tonic. We wildcraft

chickweed, motherwort, and mugwort at peak potency, then steep the fresh herbs in organic apple cider vinegar for six weeks. The end product is a deeply rich and flavorful herbal vinegar, full of minerals naturally extracted from the plants.


Our Garlic Elixir is a magnificent way to receive all the benefits of

garlic in a tasty combo of organic garlic, apple cider vinegar, and

fresh mountain honey. Sweet, tangy, and just a bit spicy, Garlic Elixir

provides support for the immune system for all the garlic lovers out there.


Three Sisters Vinegar

& Zesty Three Sisters Vinegar:

5 oz... $16.50, now $8.25

16 oz....$29.65, now $19.83


Garlic Elixir:

1oz...$11.25, now $5.63

2oz...$20.35, now $10.18

4oz...$38.25, now $19.13



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The Grandmother of Herbal Medicine

Juliette de Bairacli Levy is a world renowned herbalist, author, breeder of Afghan hounds, friend of the Gypsies, traveller in search of herbal wisdom, and the pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine.


In the last years of her life, with the help of Susun Weed, she revised and updated three of her most fascinating memoirs.



A Gypsy in New York - perfect bound 210 pages - $21.95 - In this richly detailed memoir, Juliette de Bairacli Levy – one of the founders of American herbalism – offers us a rare and compelling documentary.  It is at once an herbal, a travel book and a compendium of Gypsy lore and Gypsy ways.








Summer in Galilee - perfect bound  Join Juliette de Bairacli Levy – Gypsy herbal veterinarian and mother of two toddlers – as she spends an eventful summer swimming in the waters, and the history, of the Sea of Galilee, in the modern state of Israel. Juliette trains her observant eyes, and lovely descriptive prose, on the people, places, plants and animals around her.






Spanish Mountain Life - perfect bound 114 pages  $16.95 - This jewel-like memoir details her personal struggle against typhus fever. Gypsies dance and sing their way through this book, adding their picturesque – and sometime threatening – energy to an exquisitely detailed story that is intriguing, and  suspenseful.  Juliette shares with us the herbal lore she learned and used in the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountains. 






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Bring on the Berries



Did you know that the phytonutrient qualities of berries rival most of the green plant matter we all love?


Edible and Medicinal berries are chock full of antioxidants (as well as polyphenols, tannis, anthocyanidins). The super dense concentration of these elements help lower cancer risk, prevent heart disease, as well as support optimal organ function, brain development, and provide the body with large doses of natural vitamins and minerals.


Research indicates what our ancestors have always known – that berries are one of the most healthful foods on the planet.


And not just the ones we think of as medicinal like Elder, Schizandra, Hawthorne, Bilberry, and Vitex. But also Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Acai berry, Goji berry, and more.

Let your food be your medicine.




Join the International Spokesperson for the Berry Queendom, Mimi Hernandez, as she explores the life-enhancing delights of berries at the 7th Annual Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference, October 14-16.


Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH(AHG) is an herbal educator whose courses balance traditional reverence with scientific understanding and intuitive awareness.



 To read more about the conference intensives, click here.


7th Annual

Southeast Women's

Herbal Conference

October 14-16, 2011

More info



 Click here for the 2011 conference schedule.



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