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Summer-licious Knits and Cardmaking Craft

Summer knits


 Summer knits are light, airy, and water-colour. 

So is this summer newsletter.

Not so much text, just pictures and links.



Summer Headband.

Yarn: Habu, Cotton, Gima ("fake linen" in Japanese)




Click on image to see more Habu knits.



Mixed-media, knitting, flowers, summer..... 









Click on image to go to Artisaknity Cards page





 If you want to see how it turned into a flower, click on the image and go to Artisaknity Knitted Flowers page.


Knit song

    Apparantly, singing in the sun can make you happy :-)







Click on image to go to Artisaknity Cards page

Summer pullover


This summer pullover is perfect if you want to give your skin a break from the sun for a few hours.




Yarn: Cotton.

Pattern: Cables.



Knit simple

Good advice, dragonfly :-)






Click on image to go to Artisaknity Cards page.

Yarn-licious basket.


Basket full of ... not mushrooms - yarn balls.


The card reads: You are disturbing me. I am knitting.



The original phrase is "You are disturbing me. I am picking mushrooms" by Grisha Perelman, a Russian mathematician. He said it to a journalist who managed to get in touch with him.


Click on the image to learn why.  


Painting: Watercolor.


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