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To All ICC Chapters:
We are writing you to announce the launching of a new organization we are calling the International Association of Building Officials, Inc. (IABO).  Plans have been underway for several months to finalize the effort to establish an association of and for code officials from across the nation and abroad. On April 15, 2011, we became incorporated as an IRS 501(c) (6) non-profit organization, dedicated to the needs of the building officials.
The mission of our new organization is to promote the code official profession and enhance the work we do to best safeguard the public health, safety, and general welfare through administration and enforcement of building safety regulations. We also want to provide a mechanism to increase attendance by code officials at the national code development hearings. We want to assure you that this is not intended to be a code writing organization, but it is our hope to provide the means for code officials to participate more fully in that endeavor. In addition, we want to promote enhanced response to natural and manmade hazards that threaten the built environment. How we go about this is very exciting and we are dedicated to building a strictly grassroots organization.  We are looking to gather the thoughts and interests of the building code officials in order to make it a strong organization.
At the ICC Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, last fall, twenty one individuals from across the country met to launch the idea of forming a new organization as a way to meet the needs of building department personnel everywhere. Since that meeting, industry and code regulatory groups have weighed in on the merits of starting such an organization and are waiting patiently as we work to make it a reality. A new web page has been launched where our corporate bylaws and other important pieces of information will be posted. There will be a blog feature where we will be able to converse back and forth to get your thoughts and ideas as we move forward.
Prior to this letter, a search committee made up of five individuals from across the country considered and appointed six individuals to serve as the launch board during this early formation of the association. A nationally recognized legal firm reviewed the organization’s draft set of bylaws and they also guided us in drafting our Articles of Incorporation and other matters. But there is a lot of work left to do and your support is important.
As with any worthwhile endeavor, there is interest by several chapters that wish to contribute to the costs of implementation. Immediate costs for incorporation and related expenses are in the neighborhood of $5,000 and more funds will be needed in the next few months to set up, meet, and implement other aspects considered normal for any new organization. We are hoping to receive donations from many chapters of building officials who are willing to support the mission and goals of the IABO in order to represent us all. We want to allow participation from everyone in a meaningful way and financial support is the first and best way to accomplish that. We foresee this organization consisting of several thousand members from all over the world speaking in one unified voice and any individual or chapter can be part of this truly historical event.
As the organization progresses, we will post information on our website. A mailing address and bank account have been set up where everyone can to contribute to an organization that truly represents you and your core values.  We humbly ask that you talk to your chapter members about our efforts and see if there is an interest in helping this group effort move forward. We would appreciate your comments and ideas and you can easily do that by going to our website at 
Thank you for your consideration and support for a truly noble and worthwhile cause, and thanks again to so many of you who have waited patiently for something we feel is long overdue.
Your IABO Launch Board Members:
Jerry Mallory, Chairman - Kansas
Bill Duck, Vice Chairman - Georgia
Jeff Bechtold, Secretary/Treasurer - Kentucky
Daniel Divito, Director - Maryland
Gary Schenk, Director - Washington
Steve Thomas, Director - Colorado
Tim Ryan, IABO CEO – Kansas
Please send contributions to:
The International Association of Building Officials
PO Box 27167
Shawnee Mission, KS  66225-7167

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IABO • P. O. Box 27167 • Shawnee Mission, MS 66225
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