"Saving Moore Animals" 


Our Royal Princess



Princess was surrendered to Moore Humane Society when her family was no

longer able to care for her.  She is a gorgeous adult Siamese mix who has been spayed.  Shortly after arriving at our shelter, we noticed she seemed a little

ill-tempered.  While performing a physical exam, we discovered the cause:  her toenails had grown into the pads of her feet, a very painful condition.  We took Princess to a veterinarian who anesthetized her in order to trim her impacted nails.  Unfortunately, within just a few months, the nails were again growing back into her pads.  Following the vet's recommendation, we had Princess declawed to prevent the recurrence of this condition.   


Since then, she has become much more social and affectionate.  She prances around the cat rooms with her tail held high, waiting for someone to lean down and pet her!  We believe Princess not only knows what her name means, but takes great pride in living up to her name!  Although she loves the comfort of her bed, she is not above snoozing in one of our cat trees.  We are convinced she dreams of what her life will be when she moves in with her new family!


Being true to her name, Princess would thrive in a home as the only pet.  She would

like nothing more than to receive all of the affection and attention from the people she

loves.  Unfortunately, adult cats tend to be overlooked in a shelter environment as

visitors focus on the cute kittens running and playing together.  Princess, and others

like her, wait patiently just to be noticed.  If you are looking for a cat to join your family, please consider Princess.  She has been overlooked for far too long!  Her heart is brimming with love for the family who will just give her a chance.  Don't let this

sweetheart wait another day to feel the love and acceptance from a family of her own. 



 It's All About Cats and Kittens


It's been a busy Spring at Moore Humane Society!  Many of our cats and kittens

 have found their "fur-ever" homes.  We had smiles on our faces as we waved

 goodbye from the Shelter front door!  Recently adoped: Fancy, Starsky, and

 Hutch, Naomi, Malibu, Sapphire, Harlley and Sundae!


We wish you and your families a great life!


And, now for the feline update!  If you haven't walked through the doors to the Kitten Room and the Cat Room lately, stop by and take a look.  Whether you favor short or long haired, black, white or orange, we have the kittie that's right for you!  Come meet your net "best forever friend!"   


Our kittens include litter mates Paco (a medium hair, buff colored), Koala (a Siamese mix) and Gabby (a medium hair Siamese mix).  Bamboo is a tuxedo.  Chevy is a tabby with white markings while Bonnie is a Torbie with white markings.  Sachi is a short hair blue.  And then there's Ziggy with a short stubby tail that is shaped like a Z.


In the Cat Room, you'll meet Princess, a Siamese mix (see article above), JoJo, a short hair orange tabby, Maximus, a medium hair orange tabby, and Frankie, a short hair black and white.  Ginger is a medium hair tabby, orange with white markings, Mickey, a medium hair black with white markings, and Sahara, a brown, short hair tabby.  Cricket is a short hair black, and Domino is a short hair black and white, just what you'd expect.  Stubby is a medium hair orange tabby, aptly named because of his stubby tail.  Rounding out our list are Mia, a tuxedo manx mix (say that five times, fast!), Goldie, a buff and white manx mix, and Gypsy, a medium hair tabby with white markings.


Photos below:  Frankie on the left, Hallie in the center, Paco on the right.  What's not to love?????










Fundraising at Moe's Southwest Grill, Aberdeen, Saturday June 25th, 5:00 - 9:00 PM


Moore Humane Society is benefiting from fundraising nights at Moe's Southwest Grill.  Here's how it works:  after paying for your meal, drop the receipt into the MHS donation box by the cash register.  Moe's will donate 15% of all receipts dropped in the box! 


Bring your appetite and help Moore animals!  Moe's Southwest Grill and Moore Humane Society:  a great meal and a great cause! 


Note:  If you can't make it in June, join us in July!  The MHS Fundraising Night at Moe's is the fourth Saturday of each month!

Mark Your Calendars!


3rd Annual Woof Woof Open

Saturday, June 18th at Longleaf Golf and Country Club. More Information


PetSmart Adoption Weekend

Saturday, July 2nd and Sunday, July 3rd, 12:00 to 4:00. We'll have adoptable dogs and cats...come down and see us!

Volunteers Needed... please sign up in the MHS Volunteer Room.


Moore Humane Society Cats at PetSmart

Our cats will be in the cat room for the whole month of July! 


Pinehurst 4th of July Parade

We're looking for MHS friends to walk their dogs behind the Moore Humane Society banner!  Volunteers are also needed to walk the Shelter dogs and puppies... line up is at 9:00 AM; the parade starts at 10:00.  Please call (910) 947-2631 for more information...

Another Round of Voting Has Begun!

Vote for us daily at www.theanimalrescuesite.com and we could win grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 each to help pets in need!


The Animal Rescue Site is hosting a special challenge for eligible Petfinder.com member shelter and rescue groups. The grand prize is a $5,000 grant, and they will be awarding many other grants to rescue groups with the most votes — a total of $300,000 in grants for animal welfare organizations.


Don't forget to vote once a day, every day. Every time you vote, or tell a friend to vote, you are making a difference for us. Vote today!  Voting ends June 19th; winners announced on June 22nd. 


Not Quite a Facelift...


...but exciting nonetheless!  If you haven't stopped by the MHS Shelter recently, you haven't seen the changes - a brighter environment for cats, dogs, and people alike!  The fresh paint and new lights really brighten the facility, but we really love how some of the kennels have been expanded, providing more space for those who need it - larger pooches and momma dogs with their litters!  The renovation process continues; we'll keep you updated...

Please Support Our Advertisers!

Their support allows Moore Humane Society to distribute our quarterly newsletter & monthly e-newsletter, and other important programs, at no cost to us. We applaud their compassion and commitment to help homeless animals in Moore County and hope you will visit their websites to learn more about the products and services they provide.

Moore Humane Society • PO Box 203 • Southern Pines, NC 28388
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