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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stony Creek Evening Maintenance Call - - Heidi Dzendzel, Stony Creek L1 Manager

A 'maintenance evening' is called on the east side this Thursday, July 21 between 5:30 to 8:00 pm. There will be plenty to do.


In addition, please bring your gardening experience along with a shovel, dirt rake, grass trimmer, cordless weed wacker, and any other tools that will clear the ground of tall weeds.


We want you to come out for the camaraderie, snacks, volunteer hours, and to increase your knowledge base of the Interlakes. Don’t forget your sailpass.


... and don’t pray for rain.


Heidi, Stony Creek Level 1 Manager

Sailing and lunch invitation from UMSC - - David Barbour

The Michigan Sailing Club (formerly UMSC) has invited ASI to join them for sailing and a potluck lunch at their club on Sunday August 28.


They have informal racing from 10-1 pm, which we are welcome to join (arrive by 9:45 am) or ASI members can come in as they finish their race for a potluck late lunch and sails on their boats. If you have any questions, contact David at


MSC is located on Baseline Lake north of Dexter.


Take US 23 north to North Territorial Road (exit 49); turn left and head west for six miles to Mast Road. Turn right and drive north for three miles to Strawberry Lake Road, where Mast ends. Turn left onto Strawberry Lake Road, which will turn to dirt; drive about one mile and turn right into the club driveway. The entrance is marked by gateposts with the club's street address, 8010, on the left. 


Or, follow Dexter-Ann Arbor Road northwest from Ann Arbor to Dexter. Turn right onto Hudson, left onto Fourth, and then drive north to Central. Turn right onto Central and drive east until Central veers north and turns into Mast Road. Follow Mast Road north across North Territorial Road to Strawberry Lake road and proceed as above. 

ASI to host University of Michigan Sailing Club! - - David Barbour

In the spirit of sailing camaraderie, ASI is inviting the UMSC to join us for a picnic and sail at Kent Lake on August 20th from 11-3. Please join us to welcome this great group and to take them out for sails to show off our Interlakes. If you are interested in volunteering to take UMSC members out on the water or can bring in salads or deserts, please contact me at


Stay tuned for UMSC's invite for ASI to join them at Baseline Lake. The date will be posted shortly.


Thanks, David Barbour

Snowbirds, attention! BVI trip taking shape - - Zyggi Lawrence

Zyggi Lawrence (313-533-9844) is putting together a trip to the Virgin Islands in February 2012. Interested or have questions? Please contact him by July 20.


Things to keep in mind:

- there is no experience necessary

- looking for skipper and crew

- offering the opportunity to others in order to get a group discount

- this is not an ASI sanctioned trip


Again,, please direct all questions and concerns to Zyggi, by July 20, at 313-533-9844.



Opportunity to sail in North channel for a week! - - Yasuo Fujita

Due to a last-minute change, an opportunity to sail North Channel for a week on Manitou, ASI's 30' Catalina, has become available.  Any interested sailor, regardless of the rated level (or not rated yet), is welcome to join three level 4 rated sailors.


Dates: Leave Novi on Friday 7/29, morning, sail in North Channel from 7/30 to 8/5, return to Novi  on Saturday 8/6, afternoon. Cost: $250 boat time share cost and about $400 food and travel.


If any questions or interested, please contact Yasuo Fujita, 

734-354-5489 (daytime), 248-349-9682  (evening, weekend), or email  or Tom  Herritage,

ASI Milestone! - - Marilyn Leece

Congratulations to Level 4 Capt. Chris Lamb and her crew:

  • Diana Jaeger
  • Sherri Gregory
  • Barb Hayes

For completing a North Channel Timeshare consisting of all women! ( is this a first?)


KENT CUP REGATTA Saturday August 6, 2011 - - Michael Golden

Here is the schedule:

  • 0900 Kent Cup Race
  • 1200 Annual ASI Potluck Picnic
  • 1330 Meeting and Awards presentation
  • 1345 Sign in as crew for a Scavenger Hunt boat
  • 1400 Scavenger Hunt in sailboats 

Teams are being assembled for the Kent Cup race. The teams will choose to represent countries, colleges, or condiments in this 3 race competition for the silver and crystal Kent Cup trophy. The teams are preparing their boat and practicing together to be the fastest around the course.


A motor boat operator is needed for the morning. Call Don Sharpe if you would like to be checked out as an operator. Two volunteer hours can be earned in a fun event. An assistant will be be provided for race committee.


Gary Crosbie is our new race chairman and will strive to do the same fine job that Joe Jaeger has done for the past 2 years. Lacey Ramsay has organized the scavenger hunt for fun and great prizes. Bring yourself or a crew for a solvable scavenger hunt that can be won by the most efficient party.


Alumni racers are welcome to join a team for a practice and the big race. To be considered for the alumni pool of names, write to with words: “Kent Cup” “alumni racer” “interest” and “Y-o-u-r N-a-m-e” in the email subject line. The deadline for alumni racers to submit an email expressing interest is Thursday, July 21. If chosen for a team, each alumni racer will pay Steve Poulos $5 (day fee) on the day of the race.


Bring yourselves and a dish to pass for a great regatta.


Race team

Steve Poulos

Gary Crosbie

Michael Golden


Mary Hein presents the 2009 Kent Cup trophy to Team Switzerland













Kent Cup teams from 2007














Fuel Dock hours at JBM - - Peter Fulda

Most of us at some time or another have been advised that the fuel dock at Jefferson

 Beach Marina is open from 8 am to 8 pm, but we tend to forget. You can always tell that is is open for fuel and pumpouts when you see the American flag and JBM's new burgee flying from their flag staff. 


The JBM burgee which, incidentally, can be purchased at the fuel dock, looks like this.

NEW flexible options for Dockmasters at Kent Lake - - Anne Ostroth and Joan Swain

DOCKMASTERS are needed at Kent Lake for all Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays throughout the sailing season.  The dock master helps keep things running smoothly at the dock when there are a lot of boats coming and going,  Also, it is helpful to club members who want to take children and non-sailors sailing to have someone to catch a line or give a timely shove. This is especially important on class days. 


Due to the mysteriously low turnout for members to volunteer for the Dockmaster slot at Kent Lake, at the Operations Team Meeting last night we agreed with Anne Ostroth's suggestion (Anne being the one who is your dockmaster connection) that you now have the option of committing to 2 hour shifts vs the long standing 4 hour shifts.


The shifts will now be from 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, 3-5 for weekends and holidays.  For those of you who want the more traditional 4 hours, all you need do is take two shifts - or three, or all four.   And if you're planning on being at the Lake for another reason - i.e. Maintenance or sailing or just taking a breather from other obligations, you may be more inclined to slip in 2 hours before or after to help others leave and approach the dock. 


Still keep Anne informed of your taking advantage of dockmastering.  Remember, all the information is in the Dockmaster notebook in the Dockmaster Box, but basically you'll be helping out those heading out or finishing a sail - on occasion making sea-worthy suggestions or being a PR person for those showing interest.  And in any down time, you can check in with whatever latest electronic gadget you have, relax, read, or just enjoy the fact that you're helping the Club serve one of its functions.  All details for contacting Anne are in her weekly article below. 


Instructors should not have to conscript friends and family to serve as dock masters for when they are teaching.  Best of all serving as dock master is a good way to earn work hours.  There are two shifts per day AM (9 am - 1 pm) and PM (1 pm - 5 pm).  If you are interested please email Anne at

Practice Sails - - JoAnne McClure

Ahoy Practice Sail Skippers!


I've had some feedback from students now that they are out there sailing with you and I'd like to pass along some things tthat I have hard in the form of suggestions.


First, a big thank you for taking our students out so they can practice their skills. It is extra important now, when the wind can be somewhat flaky. In fact, our class on Saturday had almost no wind, so students need make-up help from you.


Second, I would like to suggest that you remember that these people are very new to sailing and don't know everything yet. That's why they are sailing with you. So when you ask them to perform a maneuver, you may have to explain what you want them to do, or even to demonstrate it for them. At any rate, harken back to when you were new to sailing and didn't know all ther terminology. Try to help them learn and remember terms, but don't expect them to be perfect. If hey don't respond right away, try to reword your request, or provide a hand gesture along with it so they have a clue what you are asking them to do. It will help them, and that's what it's all about.


Finally, here's a reprise of a note I've sent out before about having a great practice sail.



· Be sure that the student does all the sailing and rigging. You act as a resource for the student. Be a coach. Watch what they do and offer encouragement and positive suggestions.

· Find something positive about any maneuver that the student executes, and then shape their behavior toward the goal.

· Be aware of the skills on the water test. Push the student to try everything, but ask them what skills they want to work on that day.

· Don’t forget to practice docking. It may be that on an evening practice sail docking needs to be practiced early, while the wind is still up.

· Have Fun!!



· Take charge of your experience. Tell your skipper what you want to work on and then do it.

· Remember that all rated members skipper practice sails. Their skills may vary. If you need instruction (not just practice), request a practice sail with an instructor.

· Take criticism with a grain of salt. We try for consistency, but everyone has his/her own idiosyncratic ways of doing things. Take what you need from the experience. You will find that there is something to learn from everyone with whom you sail.

· Be sure that you learn something every time that you sail. Each time is a new experience. We all learn something every time we go out on the water. You should too.

· Have Fun!!


Thanks again for all you do!

Here's information you need to get your rating - - JoAnne McClure

1. You have 2 seasons to do it, so if you took your class in 2010, you must get rated this year. The one exception to this is people who took the class in September. They must be rated by 2012. If you do not, you will have to re-enroll in the Level 1 class.


2. After you have completed all your classes (including the Maintenance Class), and can perform all the maneuvers on the water test form (practice, practice, practice), contact one of the Water Test Instructors:

  • Yasuo Fujita
  • Don Anderson
  • Sam Olive
  • Bob Frank
  • Bill Lane
  • Tom Sand

and make an appointment to take your test. Bring your water test form and get it signed when you have completed the test successfully.


3. Next, study your book and handouts for the written test. When you're ready to take it, contact one of the Written Test Instructors and make an appointment to take the test. BRING YOUR WATER TEST AND SAIL PASS WITH YOU TO THE WRITTEN TEST. Written Test Instructors are: 

  • David Pardy
  • Chris Lamb
  • Nancy Weiss
  • MaryJane Bacinski
  • JoAnne McCLure
  • Sam Olive
  • Trudy Morse 

If you don't pass you must wait 2 weeks before retaking the test and you should study this time.


4. Sail as much as you can so you can mentor another sailor! Good luck!

IMPORTANT: Draft Amendment to ASI Bylaws for Review

The following is a proposed amendment to ASI’s Bylaws.  This amendment will be voted upon by the general membership at this summer’s Club Picnic on August 6, 2011.  As an proposed amendment to our Bylaws, a 2/3 vote of approval of the membership at the Picnic is required for acceptance.


Please submit comments regarding changes/concerns to any the Board Trustees.






A. Asset acquisition refers to the purchasing of any vessel, real estate or other asset of $10,000 in value or greater.


B. All asset acquisition decisions can only be made at a formal board meeting.


C. The general membership must be informed of the intent to bring an asset acquisition motion at an upcoming board meeting at least two weeks prior to said meeting.


D. All board trustees must be personally notified of the intent to bring an asset acquisition motion at an upcoming board meeting.

Sailing opportunities galore!

There are more organized opportunities for us all to sail our Interlakes and keelboats than ever before! Thanks to Dave Amsdill, Bob Dallos, Heidi Dzendzel, Vic Macks, David Ei, Michael Golden, Harry Vanicelli and Dave Pardy, you'll have an easy time putting together a crew, whether you want to sail at Kensington, Stony Creek, or Lake St Clair.


The articles below fill in the details. Now, no excuses - let's GO SAILING!

Thundering Thursdays at Kent Lake - - Dave Amsdill

Please join us for open sailing, practice sails and guest sails on Thundering Thursdays 6 PM till dark. I will be keeping an email distribution list and will email a reminder and update of weather projections on Tuesday each week and will be accepting reservations via cell phone. Please email me ( to get on our distribution list and call me, Dave Amsdill, at 734-645-3806 to let me know your plans in order that we may do our best to get everyone out and sailing.


If you are a rated sailor and could be available for most or at least some Thursday nights please volunteer to join the Thundering Thursday team to provide practice sails to students, guest sails to prospective members and just get some sailing in. Please don’t worry that you’re not experienced or knowledgeable enough, we’ll learn together. It’s a great way to earn hours, empower new students, improve your skills and knowledge and give back to the club.


See you there, Dave Amsdill

Tuesday Day Sails - - Dave Pardy

For those interested, David Pardy will be coordinating day sails at Kensington on Tuesdays. This is not meant to replace any other sails but meets the philosophy of 'the more sailing the better'.


Here is how it works: Send David a quick note saying you're interested at so he can add you to the email list. David will check the weather and send out a note to those interested probably by the Sunday before the Tuesday sail confirming the sail.


Those who can make it on the Tuesday, reply back to David that they will make it and whether they are rated or not. This should allow David to make sure that we have enough rated sailors for the number of students/guests.


We all meet at the lake at 10:30 and sail until about 1:00 or until people wear out. If weather looks good other days, David might add sails now and then and he'll email those on his list. We also need a few more rated sailors who can commit to be there most Tuesdays since David won't be able to make all of them. He'll also need help if we have a surplus of students/guests. If you can make most Tuesday, please let David know so he can plan.

Wet n' Wild Wednesdays at mid-season! - - Bob Dallos and John Johnston


What are Wet and Wild Wednesdays? It’s time for the old salts, new students and those in between, to get in some practice with our fleet of Interlake’s. No need for setting up appointments, checking the web or trading voice messages, simply show up at the East boat launch at Kent Lake about 18:00 (6pm for the newbie’s). What could be easier?


There is one important rule: You must be ready for fun, skill sharpening, practice sailing, and of course meeting with other club members that also have a passion for sailing. We will be around to help ensure that all new sailors are teamed up with rated and experienced sailors. We will even help with the Dock Master and launch chores, if you’re nice to us. Then we all have fun and sail until dusk chases us off the lake. If by chance, we have more unrated or new members than we can pair with rated members,( yes, it has happened a few time in the last few years) bear with us and we will make every attempt to get everyone some tiller time.


For the rated and experienced members of the club, this is not only a great way to meet and welcome new member (and show off a bit) but also to help them gain confidence in their skills so they too can become rated and play it forward. Not only will you have a great time, you get a bonus in that you even earn some volunteer hours, and without you, there would not be WWW!



Looking forward to another great summer of sailing,


See you at the dock, 

John Johnston and Bob Dallos

still more sailing opportunities! - - Vic  Macks

I've put together a list of rated sailors sailing daytime weekdays. You can initiate a sail by email/phone call to anyone on the list. For example, you can look ahead one to three days, check the weather, decide on a day, and call/email those on the list for crew. This could be on Interlakes or keelboats, depending on your rating and interest and the interests of those on the list. It's that simple. The list contains rated sailors interested in Kent, Stony Creek, or Lake St. Clair. The time share fee for keelboats would be split among the number aboard.


This will not conflict with what Dave Pardy is doing on Tuesdays at Kent (see above). It may compliment his efforts with sailing on Kent on other weekdays.


Send me an email ( with the following:

  • Name and rating
  • email address and phone number(s)
  • likely days available
  • preferences (Kent, Stony Creek, Lake St. Clair)

I will email an updated list as often as there are changes, additions, etc. Remember, sails will be initiated by anyone on the list. All that's needed is you on the list.


Questions? Send an email or call me at 586-779-1782

And still another connection for sailing! - - David Ei

I am now available for practice sails on every weekday evening except Tuesday.I’m available for practice sails at Kent lake most Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. I can be reached at (734) 205-9151 (days) and (734-449-2404 (evenings)


David Ei

A few more things...       

Words to live by: Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright - until you hear them speak.


Something to remember about submissions to the Burgee - if you've got pictures, I can add them easily, but NOT if they're part of a Word document. I'm not smart enough to know how to separate them from the text, and reformat as JPG's. So send your pictures separately, ok?  


The ASI Burgee is on a weekly schedule. But the next one won't be until Tuesday, August 2 ( I sail sometimes, too!). Please send your Burgee input to by Sunday for inclusion in that Burgee. But send pictures as attachments, please!

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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