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Mamapalooza & Motherhood Foundation Inc.

Museum Of Motherhood Opens Sept. 1 with a Pop-Up Exhibit in NYC

The Art Of Motherhood
"We have mustard museums, marble museums and car museums, but until now, there have been no museums dedicated to this all important job of creating the next generation of human beings." 
M.O.M. Celebrates The Cultural Family! The Museum of Motherhood's Pop-Up Exhibit ‘Mother The Job’ opens at 401 East 84th St. (at 1st Ave.) in NYC on Sept. 1st, 2011. The Museum of Motherhood is a living, breathing, community-centered arts, media and social change museum focused on amplifying the voices and experiences of mothers, and connecting "the cultural family" while pioneering new areas of academe in mother studies. We are the first and only facility of this kind. Come celebrate this 'her'storic occasion with mother activists, feminists, leaders, artists, scholars and more.
Our first exhibit, “Mother the Job” by artist Alexia Nye Jackson, is a multi-media exploration of integrated art forms including a film, sculpture, photography, domestic artifacts and original writings portraying the day-to-day life of the mother and her relationship with her child, raising questions regarding "human" capital and "economic" capital.
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Grand Opening Gala Event
Sept. 16th, 2011, 7-10PM (Interviews & Special Press Pre-Invite at 6:30, RSVP) Order Tickets Online.
Performances by Guerilla Girls On Tour, “Mother the Job” (exhibit) and special performance by Anna Fishbeyn, "Sex In Mommyville." Find Your M-Spot events, on-going throughout the weekend, Sept. 16-18th with Mama Art, Poetry, Theater, Feminist Dialogue, Family Programming, Silent Auction, Giveaways and more. Live milk bar, Red Tent, Grief-fitti Wall. More About The Gala.
There are lots of ways to get involved with the Museum of Motherhood (M.O.M.): attend our gala opening, view our exhibits, participate in dynamic daily programming focused on "The Art of Motherhood" - open to community members, caregivers in need and museum attendees, create a workshop or performance, volunteer your time!
Contact us: 877.711.MOMS (6667)
The Story Of M.O.M.
People keep asking me, a "Museum Of Motherhood" - what is that and how did you get to this point? What I tell them is, We have mustard museums, marble museums and car museums, but until now, there have been no museums dedicated to this all important job of creating the next generation of human beings. This museum is a living breathing social change museum that will give all of us an opportunity to study and understand this most important job of "mother."
I can think of no other single thing that has gone largely unexamined for so long. While we give credence, education and dollars toward all manner of education, the role of mother, "the job" is ignored. We have plenty of books on how to be a better parent and the psychology, health and well-being of children, while newly pioneered work on  "the art of motherhood" and the experiences of women caregivers is largely new within the last ten to twenty years.
The work of the museum is to amplify and examine those voices while connecting the "cultural family." What is the cultural family? It's humanity. It's generations and centuries of how, when, where and what is the role of birthers, caregivers and family, and how their creativity (or lack of it) has influenced and informed society.
This has been a project of a lifetime. It has been years in the making and there has been, at any given time, a small group of dedicated individuals who have given generously of their time to make this museum happen. This first exhibit, as part of our Pop-Up museum, brings home to New York City years of conferences, exhibits and festivals around the world that we have either participated in or created ourselves.
The Village of Seneca Falls, birthplace of the women's suffragette movement and home to the National Women's Hall Of Fame welcomed us with street exhibits in 2010. But the first Pop-Up for M.O.M. happened in 2003 in Dobbs Ferry, NY, as part of "Mommy Girl Go-Go." In between, 501c3s were formed, research was conducted, relationships flourished, and this year Gymboree rented space to us, at a greatly discounted fee, and with a partnership in place to support one another's endeavors.
In New York City, from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, 2011, we will take residence at 401 East 84th St. (at 1st Ave.) lower level and feature "Mother The Job," an exhibit by San Francisco artist Alexia Nye Jackson, and on-going programming for school children through adults on "The Art Of Motherhood" with a healthy dose of 'HER'-story and mother performance art. The space will feature a small boutique store of museum quality with a special emphasis on mom-made products and a 'Grief-itti' wall as a place to write your story - because motherhood is messy and not all our stories are happy ones. It is bookended with a play area where caregivers can enjoy the exhibit while their children explore in a safe space. M.O.M will also be available for event rental as well as parties, age 6 through adult. Other family adventures feature family yoga on Sundays with The Little Yoga Mat and book readings under the apple tree with Sitters Studio. Brooklyn's Christen Clifford will curate art shows, featuring local mom-made art, each Tuesday. Saturday nights at 7PM, music, theater, poetry, film and performance art will be highlighted in the main space.
Workshops on the art of motherhood can be found online. Our Gala Opening Event is Sept. 16th, and Find Your M Spot Events happen throughout that weekend. Visit
We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and accept press inquiries and online donations to support our work.
Joy Rose, Founder & Executive Director                 
877.711.MOMS (6667)
PH: 917.282.6742
Lynn Kuechle
PH: 507.301.9665
Mamapalooza & Motherhood Foundation Inc. • PO Box 210 • Hastings On Hudson, NY 10706
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