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Loving More

For Immediate Release

Date: Wednesday July 27, 2011



Loving More Nonprofit 

PO Box 1658

Loveland, CO 80539


Robyn Trask

Executive Director



Loving More Nonprofit offers the press insight into polyamory. Robyn Trask is available for interviews Robyn is a leading expert in polyamorous relationships and the polyamory movement. We wish the Browns luck in their case and offer our support of their choices. 


Statement from Loving More and Robyn Trask


Loving More Nonprofit, the leading national organization for polyamory awareness, is pleased to see Kody Brown and his lawyer, George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley, taking on the issue of choice in personal adult relationships. For too long polygamist and polyamorists have had to live in fear of social persecution and even in some cases legal prosecution simply because they choose to love differently. Though religious based polygamy and secular polyamory come from very different backgrounds and basis, they share in common the belief that people can love romantically and spiritually more than one person.


“It is an issue of personal freedom and choice about who we love and how we love”, explains Loving More’s executive director and relationship expert Robyn Trask. “The government has no right to dictate who we love, how we love or whom we choose to have sex with.”


When Loving More first learned of the Brown family’s dilemma, “our hearts went out to them.” Over the years Loving More has been witness to discrimination in employment, child custody and even housing, all because people love more than one person openly and honestly. People who have affairs often suffer far less consequences then those who love honestly and ethically. This in spite of research studies which clearly indicate humans are not by nature monogamous.


Polyamory is simply loving more than one person romantically. Polygamy is multiple spouses of either sex. Polygamists in the US are predominantly polygynists, that is they are marriages of men to several women. These are based on religious beliefs and only men are allowed to have multiple spouses. By contrast, polyamory is predominately secular and based in equality for all partners. Both women and men can and often do have multiple partners. Some of these partners live together in marriage type arrangements and some do not.


Robyn Trask says “Our big concern in the Brown case is that if he can be prosecuted for polygamy so can many polyamorists. I know of several polyamory families where a woman lives with two men and considers both men her husbands though she is only married to one legally and families where a man considers himself married to two women. This is no different then Mr Brown. Where does the intrusions into personal choice about love, emotions and sex stop?"


The unfortunate truth is Mormon polygamy has often been associated with child sexual abuse and abuse against women. Loving More recognizes this problem and does not condone adults engaging with anyone underage in a sexual relationship polyamorous or otherwise. Many monogamous unions based in fundamental religious practices suffer similar and even the same abuses.


“I believe it is important to separate the issues of personal relationship choice, abuse of women and children and sexual abuse,” says Robyn. “Abuse against children and women is rampant and is an issue unto itself, though sometimes linked to fundamentalist Mormon sects, it can just as easily be linked to both radical religions as well as  mainstream organizations such as the Catholic Church. It is my hope this case will sever the issues of polygamy, polyamory and abuse. I have seen a few episodes of sister wives and they deal with similar issues of many polyamorous families I know. There are differences since many polyamorous relationships allow for both men and women to experience multiple loves. In the Brown family the children are happy and healthy, the women are and were adults who made a choice. For me I prefer polyamory since I love the freedom of sharing my love with three amazing men and the women they love. In the end the litigation is a question of the state or federal government having the right to tell individuals who and how they can love. In a free country this should not even be an issue.”





About Loving More

About Loving More®

 Loving More Non-Profit Corporation

PO Box 1658

Loveland, CO 80539



Board of Directors/Volunteer Staff

Robyn L Trask, Executive Director and Editor (

Jesus V Garcia - IT Director/Board President (

Virginia Trask – Board Secretary

Ken Haslam, Ph.D. - Board Member at large

Mim Chapman, Ph.D - Board Member at large

David Trask - Webmaster

Amanda Lubow - Graphic Design and Art


Loving More Mission

to educate people about and support polyamory as a valid choice in loving relationships and family lifestyle.


What we believe

Loving relationships and healthy families can come in many beautiful and valid forms.  How people choose to experience relationships and love is an individual and personal choice.  Through education about polyamory and other relationship or love styles, we hope to allow people the freedom to be open and honest about their personal love and relationship choices, without fear of the prejudice or hardships that being non-traditional can bring.  Through education, publicity and research, we intend to open the door to freedom and safety for those who choose polyamory as individuals and as families.


Loving More® is a national non-profit corporation and 501(c)3 charity, educational website, online community and magazine dedicated to the support and education of polyamory and polyamorous issues, supporting the polyamorous community both nationally and internationally for more than twenty five years.  The Loving More Website offers information on polyamory including terminology, FAQ, links, professional listings and is a portal through our links to local, national and international groups/organizations about or related to polyamorous issues.

About Robyn Trask

Executive Director

 Name:  Robyn L Trask

Position: Executive Director and Editor, Loving More Non-Profit and Magazine®



Robyn Trask resides in Loveland Colorado on a small 11 acre ranch with her partner Jesus, three children, two horses, numerous sheep, four cats and two dogs. She has two other long term partners that do not live with her but are a part of their extended family.

Robyn Trask is the Executive Director of Loving More® Non-Profit and Managing Editor of Loving More Magazine since October 2004.  She was the president and founder of the Victorian Manor, a wedding chapel and catering business in Katy Texas, from 1988 to 1993.  In 1993 she sold the wedding chapel to move back to Colorado where she spent much of her childhood.  She opened Robyn Trask Photography in 1990 and did photography professionally until 2002 when she opened New Visions Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth before taking over Loving More.   


As Director of Loving More, Robyn works to bring awareness to the public about polyamory and provide support to people exploring or living a polyamorous lifestyle.  Robyn with Loving More produces three or more conferences each year as well as a seminar series or one day educational events.  In addition she edits and publishes Loving More Magazine.  These various projects put Robyn in touch with polyamorous people and communities throughout the US and the world.  With her connections to relationship facilitators, polyamory activists and other alternative relationship organizations Robyn has extensive knowledge of polyamory, the polyamory community and current trends within the movement.  Robyn and Loving More work both as a networking organization and liaison between the different and diverse poly communities.


Robyn was never monogamous by nature but it was not until age 24 that she came to terms with being polyamorous or non-monogamous.  She was in a polyamorous open marriage for 18 years.  Currently she has three partners; Jesus V Garcia (her primary partner and partner with Loving More) and two long distance partners one of whom she has been in a 26 year relationship.


Since 1999 Robyn has facilitated and taught workshops on Polyamory.  She has been a presenter at Loving More Conferences since 2003, done workshops at Building Bridges, the Sex Show and numerous other venues.  Additionally, she was the keynote for the 2007 Florida Poly Retreat and 2005 Lady Fest Out West, a featured speaker at the 2005 and 2006 Poly Living Conference, the 2006 and 2007 Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality’s (Quad S) West Conference, guest lecturer at the University of Colorado Boulder, Denver University and Metropolitan State College.  Robyn is currently in negotiation to act as a consultant for an upcoming Polyamory Documentary.



Media appearances include the following:




    * Baisden After Dark 2008

    * The Montel Williams Show 2007

    * Tyra Banks Show 2006

    * CBN News on The 700 Club 2005





    * Special Guest on Michael Baisden’s Radio Show 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

    * Out of the Box Radio

    * Irish Radio 2009

    * Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn 2007

    * Santita Jackson Show 2007

    * Steve Douglas Radio Show 2006

    * KOA Talk Radio Denver 2006

    * Allen Colmes Show 2005

    * The John McMullen Radio Show 2005



News Paper/Online Magazines


    * ABC News Polyamory: When One Spouse Isn't Enough, 2009

    * Maariv (Tel Aviv News) 2009

    *, A Husband, Three Kids, and Two Boyfriends???, 2009

    * Gardianul (Romania) New Fashion marriage, marriages of three “triads”, 2009


    * The Hartford Courant, One Woman, Many Loves 2008

    * Washington Post, Pairs With Spares, 2008

    * Whole Lotta Love 2008

    * Boulder Daily Camera, Love by the numbers, 2006

    * Mountain Xpress, A big, big love, 2006

    * Chicago Sun Times, Hers, hers, his and hers: 'Poly people' claim deep connections with multiple partners,  2006

    * Baltimore Sun Term of Endearments 2005

    * The Denver Post, Challenging Monogamy,  2005

    * Oakland Tribune, East Bay serves as polyamorous draw, 2005

    * Chicago Tribune, Getting any? Or many?, 2005

    * Bi-Magazine, , 2005

    * The Daily Kansan, The more the merrier, 2005



In her spare time, Trask enjoys traveling, anthropology, astrology, hiking, riding horses and relaxing with her family.




Loving More • PO BOX 1658 • Loveland, CO 80539
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