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I have to admit that until recently, I wasn't too keen on the social media scene.  I have resisted Facebook and Twitter and all of those other sites with a passion since their appearance several years ago. 


My friends and family and clients kept insisting:  "You should try it; everyone's doing it!".  Like any good lawyer, I needed strong supporting evidence before I would succumb to their pleas.  Here it is:



In the last 5 years, the number of mature adults actively using the Internet has increased by more than 55 percent!  The #1 online destination for people over 65 is Google Search. Windows Media Player and Facebook are #2 and #3, respectively. Interestingly, Facebook, which came in at #3, ranked #45 just 1 year ago among sites visited by those in the 65+ age category!


This age group is engaged in many of the same activities that dominate other age segments – e-mail, sharing photos, social networking, checking out the latest news and weather – and it’s worth noting that a good percentage of them are spending time researching leisure travel, personal health care and financial concerns.  In fact, 8.2% of all social network and blog visitors are over 65, just 0.1 percentage points less than the number of teenagers who frequent these sites.


But, what really convinced me was this fun article published by Time Magazine: 10 Reasons Why Facebook Is for Old Fogies (cartoon credit). 


So, I'm now on Facebook, LinkedIn and Avvo (a networking site for legal and medical professionals where I regularly submit articles).  I'm also blogging and writing articles like the one we recently published in the Columbus County Seniors Today.


And, I need friends!  Please "like me" or "link to me" or review me on Avvo. I promise to like you too!  See you online....

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 Interview with a community leader

Four Pillars works with the most knowledgeable professionals on every issue that affects elder law.  I recently had the opportunity to interview Kimberly C. Paul at Lower Cape Fear Hospice about her award-winning “Begin the Conversation” campaign. 


Click here  to read my blog post "Introducing the Elephant" which begins with a link to a most inspiring video and continues with lots of useful information to help you and your loved ones to Begin the Conversation.  I'll share additional highlights from my conversation with Kimberly in the coming weeks, so check back regularly!


Legal Tip


Ever heard the old adage:  "Seen One, Seen 'Em All?"   That certainly isn't the case with a General Durable Power of Attorney! 


If you have previously executed a General Durable Power of Attorney, even if it was drafted by an attorney, don’t be lulled into complacency and believe that it will be available and acceptable to third parties when you need it most.  Many people may think that all General Durable Powers of Attorney are “created equal,” but that simply isn’t the case.  Click here to read why.




What happens when a lawyer is made a godfather?  



He makes you an offer you can't understand.  


If you think you have a good lawyer joke, please share it with us and we may publish it in our next newsletter.


We invite you to submit jokes, cartoons, questions, and comments to:


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Just Four Paws


They say that every dog has his day, and I recently had mine!  My boss (Kelly) took me to a doggie day spa for my first fur-cut as a reward for all of the long hours I put in at the office.  I went to the spa expecting yoga, massage, or a facial, but instead I got a bath!  What kind of a reward is that?  They say that regular bathing is important to a dog’s health and well-being, but I’m not so sure.  As soon as I got home, I rolled around the floor trying to get the smell of all of that shampoo and conditioner off my fur!


Lest you think I’m ungrateful, there were many things I did like about my doggie spa adventure: the heavenly scent of liver toothpaste, the harmonious sound of multiple squeaky toys, and the gentle touch of the groomer's hand scratching me behind the ears.  Best of all, it was raining when my boss took me home, and I didn’t have my rain boots, so I got carried into the house!


For my next trip, I’d like to visit the best dog spa in the country.  It’s in New York City.  Called The Fetch Club, this private members’ club boasts a restaurant, a fitness center, a doggie disco and even private rooms for romance!  My favorite part of the Fetch Club, though, is the movie theater, which screens classic canine films.  That Lassie is sooo sexy!




P.S.  Congratulations to Steve & Beverly Hill, winners of the trivia contest in our first newsletter.  They correctly answered the questions regarding Barrister's favorite neighbor, the islands Kelly visited, Matt's prior career, and

 Kelly's law school alma mater.


The Hills will receive a $40 gift certificate to The Pilot House or Elijah's, compliments of Four Pillars Law Firm.  Enjoy!

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