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Holiday Howls from the Mountain


Rescue and sanctuary for the “mythunderstood,” abused, and forgotten since 2002



Winter is a beautiful time up on the mountain here at Full Moon Farm.  The wolf dogs love the cold and snow!  However, winter is a very difficult time for us at the Sanctuary.  We are often snowbound and fund raising comes to a halt between December and March. We count solely on your tax deductible donation to keep us going throughout the winter.


Please consider Full Moon Farm in your holiday Gift Giving.  Your donation will provide food, shelter, and medical care to these beautiful animals. Our residents will live at the Sanctuary for the rest of their lives and are deserving of your support.  Your donation will help to keep the farm roads accessible to volunteers that help with chores and work with the animals, enriching their lives, as well as allowing food and supplies to be delivered.


Will you help us make this Winter Howliday season a special one for the 80 wolfdogs in our care?  Your tax deductible gift will keep them fed, warm, healthy, and happy.  Your support will help all the residents at the Sanctuary and keep us operational until spring.



Click to donate


The (unpaid) staff, volunteers and residents wish to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are TO and FOR you - our friends and supporters, during this Holiday Season and throughout the year.  Your generous donation will bring us Howliday Joy!


“Without wolves, there would be no dogs” is my tag line.  However, I would like to add “Without YOU, our supporter, there would be no Full Moon Farm”.  Please help me help the animals.  Your monetary donation is needed to keep this mission going.


Best Wishes this Howliday Season, and Happy 2012. 


~Nancy Brown, Founder~


Full Moon Farm is a 501 (c) 3 charity in Black Mountain, NC,

Stumped on what to give friends and family for the Holidays?

Give a unique present of Love, Food, Shelter & Medical care with a Limited Time Only Wolf Angel Helper Gift for a Wolf Dog at Full Moon Farm, Black Mountain, NC


With the gift of a Wolf Angel Helper donation, you will receive a beautiful, glossy photo, biography of the Full Moon Farm Resident that you have chosen, and an acknowledgement of your donation in your recipients name in our Mid-Winter Newsletter.


Children love knowing that they are helping out a special wolf dog and we will include a pewter wolf charm necklace for Wolf Angel Helpers, 16 and under. This is a wonderful way to nurture the love of animals and give a gift that is eco friendly at the same time! They can come and visit their wolf dog Spring through Autumn at our monthly Howl Ins!


Full Moon Farm is a 17 acre wolf dog sanctuary, nestled in the higher elevations of Black Mountain that shelters 80 Wolf Dogs.  We are a Non-Profit 501 charitable organization. Founded by Nancy Brown in 2002, Full Moon Farm is completely supported by unpaid volunteers and public donations.


The Wolf Angel Helper Gift of $25 is a special, limited offer good until January 1, 2012


We also have Wolf Dog Sponsorship Packages available!


For further details please call or visit our website to choose your Wolf Dog.


On our website click on Wolf Dog Bio to choose your Wolf Angel Helper and then click Donate. Please specify age of child if you are purchasing a Wolf Angel Gift for them so we will include their Wolf Charm Necklace.

Our Woofer Spotlight is on Shylo!


by Meg Ellis


Please welcome Shylo, out newest High Content Wolfdog, rescued in August 2011.  Shylo was seized by Beaufort County SC Animal Care and Control on abuse and neglect charges.  The prior owner was tried, pled guilty and convicted of Animal Abuse and fined heavily.  Shylo lived in an 8 x 10 kennel, standing in his own feces, eating moldy food, for nearly 5 years.


Upon intake at BCACC, Shylo, then known as Shadow, weighed a mere 64 pounds and was carrying a heavy parasite load.  He was betted at the shelter while awaiting the trial of the prior owner.  After the hearing, Shylo was transported to Full Moon Farm, where his diet was modified to put weight on him, and he was treated for hookworms once again.  Wee are happy to report that Shylo weighed 90.5 pounds when he was neutered in October and is healthy and happy.


Will YOU help Shylo?


We are seeking assistance to build Shylo a new enclosure, away from the volunteer parking area.  (He is a bit timid and shy, but once he gets to know you, he is a real love bug!)  We are hoping to raise $750.00 and recruit new volunteers to help us build his new habitat, where he can be paired up with an altered female and really enjoy his new life.  If you can help, please make your donations here, and for fencing supplies or to sponsor Shylo, and to help with labor Visit our Volunteer Application here.

Volunteer Focus - Lynda Nichols

Each month we will feature one of our amazing volunteers at

Full Moon Farm


By L. Cascio


This month we would like to shine the light on Lynda Nichols who comes to us all the way from her home in Silver Valley, NC!  Lynda drives three hours one way to volunteer at the Sanctuary, and when she arrives she literally hits the ground running. She exudes hopeful, enthusiastic, get the job done, energy!  Lynda is hard working and does everything from sorting though mounds of paper work, looking into funding and grants, to cleaning the cabin, creating community with the other volunteers, building pens, scooping poop, digging holes to fill in “dens” and interacting with the woofers. In rare quiet moments you can find her taking magnificent pictures around the farm. We are very blessed to have her enthusiastic supportive energy at the Sanctuary!!


Lynda, a native of Kentucky and former Earth Science teacher, wife, mother and photographer, misses the beauty of the mountains of Kentucky where she feels deeply connected to the natural landscape.  Lynda wrote:  “In the early morning light, with the mist coming off the water, the mountains towering over me, the trees wearing their best Autumn dresses as if to please only me, and every hairpin turn brings new food for the hungry soul.” We hope she finds some of the beauty and connection in Black Mountain as she works tirelessly supporting FMF!


Lynda started working with wolfdogs several years ago in Kentucky. Her daughter, Billie, while in college did a 500 hour community service project at a wolfdog shelter. Lynda missing her daughter deeply decided to join her as a volunteer!  Even though Lynda volunteered there for a few years, after arriving at FMF, she stated “The first thing I learned is that I didn’t know anything. I have learned more in the months I have been here than I did all the years at the Ridge.”


Lynda lost her son, Josh, in 2009 in a devastating road accident and finds that the busier she is the better she feels and throwing herself into projects gives her a positive outlet to make changes.   When asked why she comes to the farm she expressed:  “I’m working physically and mentally. I’m interacting with amazing people and learning. I’m finding my balance and I’ve learned that to laugh again is not a betrayal, it is life affirming. I’m unsure as to whether I do more for the farm or whether the farm does more for me. I am finally beginning to heal…”


Lynda, we deeply appreciate all that you do for the farm!


Next month we will feature our hardworking new Caretaker, Nathaniel Tingle.

Black Mountain Holly Jolly and the Christmas Parade


by Meg Ellis


Holly Jolly and the Black Mountain Christmas Parade are two long standing Howliday traditions for Full Moon Farm.  Our Ambassadog, River, greeted many of the town folks Friday evening December 2nd.  We visited with many local friends and River won the hearts of new friends. Thank you to all for the generous offerings you placed River’s donation vest and Thank you to everyone to helped with our display table at Holly Jolly!


On December 3rd, did you see us walking down State Street at the annual Black Mountain Christmas Parade?   We had a great time throwing out candy and walking the critters.



 Nancy Brown walked River, Lindsey Rue walked Ms. Indy, Powell and Meg walked Ozzy and Kim Tulloss-Smith walked Juneau. Ozzy girl came to Full Moon Farm as a sickly, shy and withdrawn woofer did a fantastic job in the parade keeping her cool and greeting viewers.  We are all so proud of her! River of course was a pro and quite the parade politician.  The wolfdogs inspired such delight in the parade goers!


The parade banner was carried by Nancy’s grand nieces – Anissa and Amaya Avila.  Nathaniel, our caretaker, brought up the rear of our group with the trailer hitched to the back of our truck where Allison, her two fur kids Porter and Carly rode.  We were assisted with the dogs and parade greeting by Sarah Hallback, Jessica Galloway, Cory Sistare, Chris Puliselic and Donna Wade Wiedrich and her son Daniel. Thank you to our Van driver and Santa look alike, Vincent Barco.

Capital Donations and Services Needed Immediately!

Full Moon Farm is in dire need of donations of either a tractor or backhoe, and/or the services of both.  


The driveway is in terrible shape.  In the past, a neighbor maintained the driveway, but he is no longer able to do so.  Having a tractor for grading and snow removal is now mandatory.


The creek next to the cabin has undermined both culverts and is running underground, precariously close to the cabin. We must divert the creek upstream above the pens and cabin, short term, clean out and cut back the banks, reinstall the two culverts and redirect the flow through them.   Professional help is needed soon, during the winter, before the spring rains wash away the logging road and the lower driveway.


Please contact Nancy at 828-664-9818 or to offer your services or donations.  Thank you!   

Please Contact Full Moon Farm!



Sponsor a Full Moon Farm Wolf Dog

Full Moon Farm is funded by your generous donations and our Sponsorship Program.  You can provide for the animal of your choice, or, as a “gift”, sponsor an animal for a loved one.  We offer 3 payment types, $20.00 monthly, $120 semi yearly and $240.00 yearly.  Please see our website for additional information, and Become a Sponsor!

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

A Howling Good Time!

By Allison Frady

Everyone that’s anyone knows what a big deal The Twilight Saga has become in today’s society, not only to tweens and Twi-moms but it also appeals to the Full Moon Farm community. That’s why when The Carolina Cinema in Asheville invited the farm to the opening weekend of the big movie, we jumped on the opportunity. Full Moon Farm brought a little bit of the Twilight movie to life by bringing some of their ambassadogs to the event for people to not only meet but also get to take a picture alongside a life-size cutout of their favorite character and a wolfdog.

We also had an information table setup with an awesome raffle with over $150 worth of Twilight merchandise that every true Twi-Hard would go crazy for. The local TV news crew, WLOS came out to the event to help bring in more people to raise money for the residents at the farm. Full Moon Farm was at the event for the midnight opening, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Multiple wolfdogs were in attendance, River, Shango, Carly, and Porter. Since we are a wolfdog rescue most of the volunteers tend to lean towards Team Jacob but after a weekend long poll at the opening in the end Team Edward came out on top along with all the wolfdog residents thanks to the generous donations of the devoted Twilight fans and even some of the employees of The Carolina Cinemas that wanted to support Full Moon Farm.

“Throwdown”  Music Benefit at The New County Music Bar

By S. Greene & L. Cascio



Our “Throwdown” Music Benefit at The New Country Music Bar in Hickory, NC on November 11 was a great success! Full Moon Farm volunteers Sharon Greene and Trey Merrill had a huge part in organizing and participating in the benefit. We all enjoyed great music and had lots of fun! Nancy took the stage with River to talk about Full Moon Farm and won many hearts as usual. River however was not sure about all the loud music and bar atmosphere after a few hours was looking for some fresh air, peace and quiet in the parking lot. River is such a patient Ambassadog Angel!


Thanks to all who came out and supported Full Moon Farm. We would also like to thank the musicians, Trey Merrill, Throwdown Jones and Buick McKane, who gave freely of their talent. Also, a big thank you to those that helped make it all happen, Allen Merrill and Dave Osbon for providing lights and sound, all the staff at The New Country Music bar, and to the owner Sheila Hilderbrand for letting us use her establishment and letting us have all the proceeds from the door. We hope to make this a yearly event!


FMF Miracles on the Mountain:  

Savannah Boy/He Man follow up

He Man (aka) Savannah boy and now named Bear, has found his forever home with one of our Full Moon Farm supporters!! Many of you remember this beautiful black woofer and generously made donations to help with his extensive medical care to save his leg after his severe leg injury. We so appreciate you coming to his rescue with your positive support but still owe $250.00 on his Veterinarian bill. It is because of your donations that this Miracle on the Mountain for Bear occurred!


Bear has found a happy loving home where he has completed his physical and spiritual healing journey with his new family and pack.  He has the good fortune to share his new home with another woofer! We miss Bear but so pleased and happy for him!


He Man/Bear and Scout are playfully whooping it up in this picture!


**NOTE: We occasionally re-home pet quality wolfdogs with our volunteers, friends and supporters of the farm with a proven record of successful wolfdog ownership and adequate fencing. We do not however adopt out for a fee.

Thank You Wishes!

We owe many supporters and volunteers big thank you wishes.  Next month we will feature individuals. This month we are pleased to introduce our Business and Professional supporters!


Thank you to the Carolina Cinemas for hosting us at the Twilight events, to Animals R Us Veterinary Clinic deserves a huge thank you for discounting their services to Full Moon Farm. Also thanks to L’Eau De Vie Salon for their continual and generous donations at their salon in Asheville. Of course, thank you to The New Country Music Bar in Hickory for opening up their establishment for the “Throwdown” Music Benefit, along with the bands Throwdown Jones and Buick McKane for making the event a huge success. Thanks to the Greg Biffle Foundation, through their generous grant, we were able to buy fencing material, a new gate for the driveway, tires and more! As always, thanks to Berry’s Garden Center for stocking our favorite kibble, and last but not least Carolina Bison and Manna Food Bank for their surplus meat donations which make our woofers very happy!


And a special Thank You goes to Mish Frankl, our newsletter editor for the last 3 years. We miss you, Mish, your knowledge and advice! We wish you well in the next phase of your life journey!

FMF Gift Certificates

Full Moon Farm is now offering Gift Certificates for Merchandise or Sponsorships!  See your nearest Volunteer, or write for more information!

Coming Soon!

The 2012 Howl In schedule will be posted on the website after the first of the year, and you can look for it in our next monthly newsletter. Also, keep your eye out in the next newsletter for the link for our new Online Store of Full Moon Farm Merchandise!

Full Moon Farm • PO Box 1374 • Black Mountain • NC • 28711-1374
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