Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 2011 11th Edition, July 31, 2011

Adoption SUCCESS- Maddie

Maddie came to us from an owner in south Georgia who at Maddie's one year vet visit, found out her dog had Heartworms. After finding out the price on Heartworm treatment, she made a difficult decision to give the dog to rescue for the vet care needed and for rehoming. Maddie was extremely energetic at just 18 months, keeping her calm during treatment would be a job for sure.  She was so playful with the foster dog and it was play play play before treatment began.  Treatment was started in June and completed in July.  She did great.  She was ready to play again.  Due to her clumsy nature, we felt it best that she was not put in a home with kids.  But other dogs were fine, because we wanted her to have a playmate.
Anne and Dan in Northeast TN had the dogs, the love, the sheepie experience and no kids to drive crazy and fit the bill.  Updates for Maddie have been great and everyone is happy. 
Foster: Fiona


Adoption SUCCESS- Zamboni

Zamboni and Icee came to us as owner turn ins.  Zamboni is 9 and Icee around 3.  With no fenced in yard, it was up to the family to walk the dogs.  Icee was brought into the family to give Zamboni a friend and possibly to consider having pups.  Apparently the pups never happened, but the dogs were spending most of the time in the basement without human interaction and walked when possible.  With the adult kids grown up and leaving the house and the mom who had knee issues, it was up to the father of the home to be the sole provider of the walks which was just too much.  So they gave the dogs up.
At the foster home, the two dogs got lots of playtime romping around the house and running around outside.  Zamboni showed some age, having shaky legs.  Both were sweet and deserved great homes.
During Zamboni's neuter, a teeth cleaning showed he had a tumor that needed to be removed.  This may have been the reason the dog had lost 15 lbs in the last 6 months.  The future of the tumor is that it may come back again.  Finding a home for a senior with possible future issues (arthritis progression and tumor return), would be difficult.
Luckily we found the most wonderful lady that was local.  Marion, had had sheepdog experience and was just fine with a senior dog.  She fell for him the moment she saw him.  She had provided amazing vet care for her past sheepdogs and we knew she was the one if interested.  Zamboni did go home with Marion and they have bonded very nicely.  Both are very happy. 
Transport: Fiona
Foster: The Waxmans


Adoption SUCCESS-MULDER (now Bender)

Mulder came to us through a call from a great girl who found Mulder on the side of the road shortly after the tornado's in Alabama. She very much felt he was a product of the situation. She opened up her car door to get him, but didn't require much action, he jumped right in. Jennifer, a dog lover and previous vet tech, had a group of dogs herself and luckily had some extra kennel space at home. She had a friend she was holding the dog for, but then her friend bailed, so she contacted us to see if we could help place him.  Jennifer continued to foster the dog while we looked for a home. One thing we definitely knew about this dog was he was young and extremely frightened of thunder and loud noises.  In fear, he would go potty in his crate because of it. So, we decided to buy this boy a thunder shirt to help him. Knowing July 4th firecrackers were on their way, this was a good way to find out if it worked. It definitely helped. Kyle was local to Atlanta, had wanted a sheepdog, his home check was complete and he even joined us at "Sheepie day in the park" without a dog.  We knew this was a guy who really wanted a sheepdog.  As a first time sheepie owner, I was glad he spent the time getting to know them before he made the decision to get one.   We decided Mulder was the guy for him.  Mulder got transported (along with his new thunder shirt) and joined Kyle.  Kyle walks Mulder alot and Mulder is very velcro to Kyle.  Kyle's roomate and girlfriend have all fallen in love with the dog and he is getting alot of attention.  He does well in his crate and when those bad storms come around, he gets to put on a little extra clothing to keep him safe!
Homecheck:  Jesse
Foster: Jennifer in Trussville
Transport: Colin
Aftercheck: Fiona



If you love Sheepies and you want to be around them in a show ring, they are coming to the south in a big way.  From Oct. 9-14, this is the opportunity to come see Sheepie vendors, watch dogs in the show ring and if you want, you can come join us at the RESCUE PARADE at NOON on OCTOBER 13.  Rescue Parade participants will need to fill out a 150 word description of their dog, they will get a Large tote bag filled with goodies for your best friend and you can respresent the beauty of our special dogs that have come to make our lives so special!    Please join us and let me know if you are coming at FionaRB@aol.com  I may need to send you the Rescue Parade form, but we will be trying to get them up on our website in the new few days.

Old English Sheepdog Club of America


Sheepie NIGHT in the Park- June

After a rainout or two, we finally got together one night in June to see the sheepies play.  You may remember Roscoe who was featured in our last newsletter as recently adopted.  He is the most agile fun sheepie and it was a joy watching him play at the park with the future son in law of the owners.  It was also great that the Waxmans got to see him again ("the one that got away").   The Waxman's brought Zamboni and Icee with them and it was so great to see little Icee go up to everyone to say Hello (definitely a great greeter).  Good times had by all.   We will have a day time Sheepie get together on a SATURDAY in the Fall, stay tuned for the date. 


Sheepie Night in the Park

John gets surrounded by Sheepies 


Sheepie Night in the Park

Sheepies being social!

Grooming tip: Ear hair

Remember that your dog has hair that naturally grows into the ear canal.  When the hair grows into the ear canal, it creates a wet environment that invites yeast infections.  Yeast infections will cost you money to clear up and will be painful for the dog.  Please take your dog to a groomer and they should automatically pull the hair in the ear canal as part of a Mini groom or full groom (but will not pull hair if you are just paying for a "bath").   OR, if you are self grooming the dog, buy some "ear powder" and blow it into the ear canal and you can literally pluck the hair out yourself. 

Pill confusion: capstar/HW prev/Flea treatments

Capstar is NOT heartworm prevention. This product should be used for a single kill on a dog for excessive flea infestation.  Generally, if we pull a dog from a shelter and we know it is covered in fleas, a capstar is used to give the dog immediate relief. 
Heartworm Prevention is a monthly pill generally.  They keep coming up with new types of treatments, but Interceptor and Heartguard are know as some of the monthly HW treatments available.  Please keep your dog (and it is a requirement of our adoption contract) that you keep your dog on HW treatment.  The cost to get rid of Heartworms if contracted, can be between $300 -$900.  Prevention is the key here.  It is transmitted through a MOSQUITO BITE not fleas!
Flea Treatment:  Flea collars are making a comeback through vet offices.  And the stuff you put on their back (K9 Advantix etc) are still very effective.  Just please note that Flea treatment does NOT treat Heartworm prevention (unless a VET tells you there is a new product that does both)

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