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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ASI's Capsize demonstration - - Larry Willis

On August 27, 2011 ASI hosted a capsize demonstration at Kent Lake. Fourteen people completed the capsize demonstration. By righting a capsized boat an ASI sailor has 'real-world' experience with this emergency procedure. By completing this task an ASI sailor, after finishing level one requirements, can obtain a US Sailing Small Boat certification.






A thank you to Don Sharpe and John Tiley for maning the safety boat and to John Tiley for the attached pictures. A thank you to Bob Brim and Mike Nolta for helping with on the water instruction. 











It's important to not only wear a PFD when boating, but be sure to bring along an umbrella too!


Sail trim and boat handling -- Interested in improving? Try the ASI race program! - - Gary Crosbie

Are you interested in improving your skills in sail trim and boat handling? Consider joining us in the ASI racing program for a season or two. The “just-for-fun” fall racing series is about to begin. The “FOTD” fall off the dock series is scheduled for East Dock, Kent Lake, Kensington Metropark with sign-in at 1545 hour (3:45 pm) on the following dates (“Except for the last one, each race is on a Sunday afternoon.”)

  • 18-Sep-2011
  • 25-Sep-2011
  • 02-Oct-2011
  • 08-Oct-2011 (Saturday)

There’s no better training in sail trim and boat handling than you’ll find in the Level 1 racing program. When you make a change in sail trim, the Interlake boats will let you know right away whether the result is good or not. Adjustments in tension of the outhaul, boom vang, and main sheet are means to gather more sailing from a given amount of wind. “One-design” competitions provide immediate feedback on the finest details of sail trim success or not: The first one across the line has won the race!


Special notice for Level 2 and higher ASI members: If you are hankering to improve your large boat sail trim and handling skills, the lessons that you can learn in Level 1 racing program will be valuable to you, no matter what size boat you sail in. These advanced skills are not covered elsewhere in the ASI program. The races are good for confidence-building, too. If you have not been a captain in racing team, you may be surprised to learn that you may be still eligible to compete in the next (summer) season ASI novice Borovic award competition.


To aid our planning and communication with you, please send an email with the words “Interested in FOTD racing” and “y-o-u-r n-a-m-e” in the subject line to . Or, just show up!


Gary Crosbie, Racing Chair


Interlake Maintenance Workshops - - Don Sharpe

The Interlake Maintenance workshops are scheduled for the first and third Saturday of the summer months, except for holiday weekends. This class is a requirement for level 1 certification. If you're taking the level 1 classes this year, be sure not to miss it!


Next one will be Saturday, September 17, at 9 am.


Already rated? Even if you've had the class before, you might want to take it again to refresh your knowledge of centerboard nomenclature, rigging, history and trivia.

Test Instructors needed - - JoAnne McClure

It has come to my attention that we may need additional test instructors to accommodate students' need for getting rated. If you have 3 years experience teaching and would like to become a test instructor, please contact me. The more people available for testing, the more opportunities students have to get that all-important rating.

Ahoy ASI Members, Friends and Guests! - - Party hearty !

You are cordially invited to a “Home Made Sangria” party in celebration of the Level 3-4 transfer trip 2011


What’s the occasion? Avast me hearties!


A group of Sea Dogs from A.S.I. (American Sailing Institute) are returning from a cruise of the “North Channel”. They will be heavily laden with tall tales and rich pictures of their adventure. What better excuse for throwing a party?!



  • N 42’25.813
  • W 83’40.157

For you Landlubbers the address is:

  • 63345 W. 8 mile road
  • South Lyon, MI 48178


  • Saturday, September 17th. 8:00 PM

What to bring? A dish to pass and a bottle of red wine (The wine is for the Sangria so it doesn’t need to be the good stuff) and lots of sailing pictures and stories.


What say you! A cat on board!?

There is a cat that insists on living here. Arrrg! If you have allergies to a cat please take any precautions necessary to enjoy the party.


Join us in the annual celebration for the 2011 ASI students earning their “Level 4”. This is ASI’s highest Level of achievement. Truly worthy of an evening of merry making, cheer and congratulations!


Your host, Loren McFadden

Cell, (248) 568-5960


Please RSVP at:

Attention, Interlude skippers! - - Jerry Brady

These items were pulled from Interlude this season. They were left there by those sailors that chartered Interlude, or their crewmembers. Are any of these yours?  

  1. Submersible handheld VHF radio.
  2. Black windbreaker
  3. Inflatable West Marine Type V PFD
  4. One pair black, plastic sunglasses, Italy Design.
  5. A shorty wet suit, the kind you use for boogie boarding.

Contact me for more information!

Dockmaster options - - Anne Ostroth

Since all members, rated or otherwise, are eligible to be a Dockmaster, keep in mind there is more flexibility than in years past to help your fellow members on weekends & holidays - and to engage interested non-members.    You have the option of committing to 2 hour shifts vs the long standing 4 hour shifts.


The shifts are from 9-11, 11-1, 1-3 and/or 3-5.   For those of you who want the more traditional 4 hours, all you need do is take two shifts - or three, or all four.   If you're planning on being at the Lake for another reason - i.e. Maintenance, sailing or just taking a breather from other obligations, think about slipping in 2 hours before or after to help others leave and approach the dock. 


Still keep me informed of your taking advantage of dockmastering.  Remember, all the information is in the Dockmaster notebook in the Dockmaster Box, but basically you'll be helping out those heading out or finishing a sail - on occasion making sea-worthy suggestions - reminding sailors to sign in & lock dockboxes or, as importantly,  being a PR person for those showing interest.   In any down time, you can check in with whatever latest electronic gadget you have, relax, read, or just enjoy the fact that you're helping the Club serve one of its functions.  My contact is


Thank you to those who have stepped forward this season, and an early thank you to those who still will. 

Here's information you need to get your rating - - JoAnne McClure

1. You have 2 seasons to do it, so if you took your class in 2010, you must get rated this year. The one exception to this is people who took the class in September. They must be rated by 2012. If you do not, you will have to re-enroll in the Level 1 class.


2. After you have completed all your classes (including the Maintenance Class), and can perform all the maneuvers on the water test form (practice, practice, practice), contact one of the Water Test Instructors:

  • Yasuo Fujita
  • Don Anderson
  • Sam Olive
  • Bob Frank
  • Bill Lane
  • Tom Sand
  • Mike Perrin
  • Marlin Ristenbatt

Make an appointment to take your test. Bring your water test form and get it signed when you have completed the test successfully.


3. Next, study your book and handouts for the written test. When you're ready to take it, contact one of the Written Test Instructors and make an appointment to take the test. BRING YOUR WATER TEST AND SAIL PASS WITH YOU TO THE WRITTEN TEST. Written Test Instructors are: 

  • David Pardy
  • Chris Lamb
  • Nancy Weiss
  • MaryJane Bacinski
  • JoAnne McCLure
  • Sam Olive
  • Trudy Morse 

If you don't pass you must wait 2 weeks before retaking the test and you should study more, this time.


4. Sail as much as you can so you can mentor another sailor! Good luck!

A few more things...       

Wisdom of the week: Teach a child to be polite and courteous in the home and, when he grows up, he'll never be able to merge his car onto the freeway.


The next Burgee will be Tuesday, September 13. Please send your Burgee input to by Sunday for inclusion in that Burgee. But send pictures as attachments, please!

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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