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September 2, 2011: Great Katie, Good Stuff and More!

Have you ever been so busy that you keep thinking you'll call a friend, but you can't find a good time, and soon, it feels like there is way too much to share?


This is how my life has been lately.  So, with a six week gap between newsletters, I'll use as few words as possible to hit the highlights, though there are quite a few!

Spotlight Pearl: Great Katie

In our quest to have clear music rights on all Little Pearls, we needed to re-record the audio for Great Katie: Celebrating a Century of Living and Loving  Click on this link to see her new video on YouTube ~ you'll be glad you did! 

Katie Latimore was the subject of the very first Little Pearl, created by Debra Roberts and Daniel Barber in 2000.  She was 100 at the time and lived to be 109.  Here is Great Katie's story


Universal Music gave us permission to re-record Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, composed by Scott Wiseman, when we could not locate the original performer, Van Morrison. 


Kat Williams does the vocals and Daniel Barber the piano.  I like this version better than the original ~ it's warmer and more intimate.  Enjoy!

NEW Dog Pearl: Dig Into the Good Stuff!

Dig Into the Good Stuff! is so hot off the press that it doesn't yet have a webpage or even any still shots from the HD footage.  It features 9 dogs having a great time ~ 30 seconds of pure joy and inspiration!


Two of these playful Dog Stars are Kane, here on the right, and Lola, on the left.  The amazing Kat Williams does the voice-over, which is perfect!


Please click on the link above and share widely!


We have created another new Dog Pearl, too.  After Dig Into the Good Stuff has had a time to shine, I'll share that one.  A third one is partly done and we have footage chosen to make a fourth, too, if there is enough funding. 

In the meantime, we need to raise money to finish paying for these.  We'd like to include them all on the new DVD sampler.  Please Donate

DVD Sampler, Here We Come!

After months of slogging through music rights issues, I finally finished all the detailed work last weekend.  WHAT a relief!


Instrumental in breaking through the last music rights logjams was Ben Scales, an entertainment attorney and musician here in Asheville, who graciously helped me out.  Thank you, Ben, and thank you, Don Talley, for connecting us. 


We will have a Music Sponsors page up soon, so you can see who all these wonderful musicians are.

Now, finally, back to making the new DVD sampler!

September 11, Hurricane Katrina

Although we have a lot of new work to share, we never want to forget two major disasters with anniversaries this time of year.  Both are important in America's recent history, and both are addressed by poignant Little Pearls:

Local Events this Fall

This fall will be busy in terms of fundraising events, with our new DVD to share:

  • October 25:  A fundraising event at The Hop with Asheville International Children's Film Festival (AICFF)
  • November 4-13:  AICFF is in its third year and just keeps getting better.  We are the non-profit umbrella organization for this great festival again.
  • The whole month of November:  Winesday on Wednesday, great little events at The Wine Studio of Asheville
  • Date and place to-be-determined for our DVD Release Party!

Learning More:  Cool Links

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Connect with Us Online




Check out more social networking and non-profit links below.

We Need YOU!

In all this flurry of activity, we are spending a lot of money so Little Pearls can have a greater positive impact on individuals and on the world: 

  • new audio recordings, so precious old Pearls can keep opening hearts and minds
  • new Dog Pearls, to foster compassion and connection with companion animals and with other people and animals, too
  • creation of the DVD sampler itself, so you and many others can share our Little Pearls as you wish.

Our funds are getting very low.  Please support this priceless work! 






Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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