Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 2011 12th Edition, September 7, 2011

RESCUE PARADE... JOIN US!- Hickory, NC Oct 13, 2011

Take a few days off from work, to enjoy Sheepdogs. Join us and walk your dog in the Rescue Parade at the OES Specialty coming to the south, first time in years. This is a great chance to show off your furry rescue friend. Deadline is Monday Sept. 12. You will be required to fill out an application and also submit a 150 word essay about your rescue friend, but it is FREE to walk.   Regardless of where you rescued your dog, we want you to join us, but it is a good idea to include the shelter or rescue agency you adopted from. The rescue parade will take place at around noon on Thursday October 13th.
Aside from the rescue parade this is an awesome chance to see purebred sheepies in their finest form "with full hair". Proper breeders generally register their dogs in these specialities to gain points for health, confirmation, and breed standards. 
For the shoppers amongst us, there will be a great tradeshow for those looking for sheepie items for you and the family or your furry friend.    Hope to see you there.   Please visit the Old English Sheepdog Club of America website and look under "events".  Then select the rescue parade, where you will find the necessary forms, or you can email me and I will send you the forms at FionaRB@aol.com

Old English Sheepdog Club of America


Adoption SUCCESS- PIPER in Georgia

Piper came to us on an 18 wheeler with 75 other dogs.  We had received several calls and emails telling us a puppy mill breeder (who wouldn't give us her given name or vet records) was giving up her OES because she couldn't have babies (therefore she couldn't make money by breeding it so no need for it).  Site and picture unseen, she was delivered to us from Missouri.  Poor thing was scared, covered in fleas and has extemely sensitive ears.  Due to her condition, she was given a capstar for immediate relief of fleas and was also flea dipped and had her first known grooming session.  She is still young and just a bit over a year old, so she was blowing her puppy coat as well, which needed to be worked on quite a bit, alot of matting had occurred.  Because of her ear sensitivity and general fear, grooming was quite difficult. She was set up with a vet appointment immediately the next morning.  They were able to work on her ears during her spay and under anesthesia. Her ears were full of thick coated yeast ear hair that made her ears stand up and not lie flat.   They administered an ear flush and had her on antibiotics for the pain.  They were able to remove some more hair that was matted around her face (where they found some ticks).  Poor thing was just scared, timid and wanted to trust, but just had a hard time. 
Luckily we had a couple (Sean and Deirdre) willing to foster Piper. They had recently adopted YOSHIE and wanted to give back to rescue.  They knew she might be a bit difficult to start off with because she was still having issues letting people administer the ear flush/drops.  Thankfully, they mastered through it.  They slowly integrated her to their dog and cats.  She actually was pretty good on a lead, but when allowed in a big back yard with fence, didn't quite know what to do with all that space.  She didn't know what playing was, everything was very new to her. With time and patience, she became more and more loving and started to trust her foster family.  
After a few weeks of evaluation in foster care, the search was on for a family with no kids.  They also needed to be open to working with this Tailed sheepie in gaining trust and help shape her with some training. 
The Register's had recently lost their sheepie and had hopes for another dog they were aware of in another state.  Sadly, things did not work out for them with that shelter dog.  Their hearts were broken and they just wanted to give a good life to a sheepie.  We notified them about Piper and sent them pictures.  They went to meet her and made the decision to adopt. 
Piper is living the good life now.  She has changed so much.  She is happy and healthy and loves to ride in the car.  She gets to go to work with her daddy everyday in Marietta, GA.  She has started to go through some training (for bone and object possession) and she has even spent some time around kids and did great.  This girl has made huge progress, and now even plays ball!  We can't thank the Register's enough for the time they invested in working with Piper.  She is such a pretty sweet girl, just got a bad start in life, but now her future is quite bright!
Transport:  Fiona (GA)
Foster:  Sean and Deirdre (GA)


Adoption SUCCESS-ICEE (now LILY)

Icee came to us as a duo (Zamboni and Icee). As owner turn in's, who had been kept primarily in the basement, they just needed a new life with human interaction and plenty of love. Zamboni got adopted last month (featured in our last newsletter). Icee was also placed last month, but sadly things did not work out. Icee was renamed as Lily at this home and she was the only dog and it seemed to be working out for her. While she seemed like the perfect well rounded dog and could be placed with kids, 2 weeks into her new rehoming, she bit a child.  Luckily she didn't break skin, but it was scary for the child.   Lily is a big licker and we're still not sure what happened, but she does nibble a bit when licking. Regardless, it was determined, it was best she not be replaced in a home with a kid. The adoptive parents and the kids loved her so much and had a difficult decision, to return her. She came back to the Waxman's who had originally foster her (and Zamboni). They have quite an active family with a 12 yr old son in the home. Lily enjoyed having other dogs to play with and it was determined we felt she really does better with another dog.  So the next home we looked for would be with no kids, but with a dog. 
Lucy and Louis were looking for a sheepie.  They had sheepie experience and theirs had recently passed.  They still had their 9 year old Rottie female and wanted to get her another friend as she was lonely. 
After a playdate at a park where the Rottie and Lily got to meet and after alot of consideration, Lily was adopted.  Reports so far are that the dogs are doing great together and that Lily is a love (but we already knew that.!)
We're hoping this family will join us at one of our local sheepie days in the park, so all of us can see her again and so she can see her brother again (who is also local to metro Atlanta).   We all love sweet Lily!
Transport: Fiona (GA)
Foster:  The Waxmans (GA)



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