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October has arrived......

Fall in the city

The poem below is the translation of the famous Alexander Pushkin's "Autumn". It's about the fall in Russia.



Октябрь уж наступил — уж роща отряхает

Последние листы с нагих своих ветвей;

Дохнул осенний хлад — дорога промерзает.

Журча еще бежит за мельницу ручей,

Но пруд уже застыл; сосед мой поспешает

В отъезжие поля с охотою своей,

И страждут озими от бешеной забавы,

И будит лай собак уснувшие дубравы.


October has arrived - the woods have tossed

Their final leaves from naked branches;

A breath of autumn chill - the road begins to freeze,

The stream still murmurs as it passes by the mill,

The pond, however's frozen; and my neighbor hastens

to his far-flung fields with all the members of his hunt.

The winter wheat will suffer from this wild fun,

And baying hounds awake the slumbering groves.


Early October in Toronto is different from the same time in Russia. It is warm and sunny here, it is beautiful in both places though. This year Toronto is still geen. It has just started changing colors.

This is my time ...

"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

Joe Fox (Tom Hanks)

from my favourite movie






Congratulations to my colleagues in Russia and Canada on the World Teacher's Day

(which is October 5th)!

A bouquet of pencils to you :-)

Every leaf speaks bliss to me






My fall gift to myself was this crocheted carry-all bag.

The leaves were made last year.                                                   



So charming to the eye...



Унылая пора! очей очарованье!

Приятна мне твоя прощальная краса —

Люблю я пышное природы увяданье,

В багрец и в золото одетые леса,

В их сенях ветра шум и свежее дыханье,

И мглой волнистою покрыты небеса,

И редкий солнца луч, и первые морозы,

И отдаленные седой зимы угрозы.




A melancholy time! So charming to the eye!

Your beauty in its parting pleases me -

I love the lavish withering of nature,

The gold and scarlet raiment of the woods,

The crisp wind rustling o'er their threshold,

The sky engulfed by tides of rippled gloom,

The sun's scarce rays, approaching frosts,

And gray-haired winter threatening from afar.



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Bittersweet October with all the leaves and poetry.

Autumn Dream


Happy fall dreams!







Autumn Dream. Collage. Artisaknity©


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