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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interlake takeout scheduled for October 22 - - Don Caley

The Interlake takeout will be the morning of Saturday, October 22. 


Yes, sadly, it is the end of the sailing season for ASI. But there is still the necessary business of putting the boats away for the winter. It's not hard work - some of us masochists even call it FUN - because there's almost always a good turnout so the work is distributed evenly.


We all meet at Crawford Farm - see the map - at nine to divide into teams. Most of the work, initially, is at the lake. The 'lake' team readies the boats for transport to the farm, and assembles the gear and dockboxes for transport to Milford for winter storage.


The team trailering the boats takes them, one by one, to the farm. As the boats arrive at the farm, they are removed from their trailers and prepped for shrink-wrapping by the 'farm' team.


The 'Milford Storage' team unloads the gear as it arrives, and packs it away in our 'sailhouse' in Milford. 


It sounds complicated, but with a good turnout we usually wind things up by twelve or one, leaving plenty of time to get home, clean up, and get ready for the Election/Dinner meeting that evening. 


We'll see you at the farm at nine, and at the dinner at six!

Ahoy, all Keelboat Sailors! - - Marilyn Leece

Learn new skills! Complete work hours! Meet new sailing friends! Please join us for the 2011 Keelboat decommissioning! 



WHEN? SAT. 10/15/11 09:00-16:00

WHO? We need YOU! 



  • 08:30: Boat Captains arrive @ Gazebo
  • 09:00: SIGN IN
  • (All Level 2, 3, and 4 members) Enjoy coffee & donuts.
  • 09:15: Decommissioning Orientation / Decommisioning Begins
  • 12:30-13:00 Chili & Hot Dog lunch
  • 13:00-16:00 Decommissioning Resumes


  • *2 Station Leaders for each boat
  • *2 Station Leaders for Inventory

*Members with large trucks are needed to transport framework from the sail house to JBM.


PLEASE NOTE: ALL items that are removed from the boats MUST be signed out with the Inventory Station Leader @ the "A" Dock Gazebo.


Questions? Please contact Level 2 Co-Managers:

Jessica Hogg @ and Marilyn Leece @

Mystery At Kent Lake ! All eleven slips Empty !- - John Tiley and Dave Amsdill

Actually the 1st Annual Last Rights Celebration was a great success and all boats were fully manned for the “whistle come about” flotilla led by Michael Golden.  


The turnout was great, including some great pirate outfits notably from Jessica Hogg and Dave Amsdill. Hey, 2012 students! the standard has been set, so next year pirate up, me hardies!


The weather was perfect, warm tropical breezes, azure blue skies, clear calm waters, and the company and camaraderie was great.  We celebrated the land lubbers (students) who have (given up their old life) passed their water test and/or written test, welcoming them into the ASI fleet.  A special thanks to Joan Swain our Level one manager, Heidi Dzendzel our Stony Creek manager and to JoAnne McClure for teaching another year’s worth of students. Also thanks to our patient practice sail leaders John Johnston, Bob Dallos, Dave Pardy, John Tiley, and Dave Amsdill.  With help from Ray and Peggy Schneider and other rated sailors who came out for the students.


Passing students received an official sword enforced “plank walking”(rite of passage) by pirate long John Tiley. And only narrowly escaped the harrowing walk and murky depths by pledging to be “enthusiastic, adventuresome sailors and good mentors”.


They received a red pirate sash, presented by Jessica Hogg (adopt an Interlake leader and L2 co-manager) they also received an easy to carry all seeing eyeball (symbolic of the knowledge of all rated sailors who have preceded them); a small eyeball of  bubbles (tears of joy collected every time a sailor sails); an official pirate kit with four gold deplumes (just kidding that’s just silly); chocolate eyeball candy (for long sail trips); a black eye patch and a mini sword; and finally a treasure map complete with key ASI members names…hard to find but a real treasure. Yea ya missed all that, arrrrrrug matey.


Students walking the plank were…..Pam Corzine, Deb Broomham , Heather Soucey, Dana Sims,  Charles Washington , Warren Puggini, Roxanne Zanotti, Kathy Welch, Carolyn Gorski, Paula Merideth,  Pam Schaffer, and Paul Turnbull.


We ate a few eyeballs disguised as salads, cup cakes, cookies and hard boiled eggs and enjoyed a host of other delicious foods to satisfy the inner pirate in all of us.  Thanks to all those who brought rations to share.   We enjoyed hotdogs and veggie burgers cooked up by club barbecue master Blaise Molitoris. We had a good time just hanging out, eating, laughing, meeting new friends, and cooking up new ideas. We watched Larry Willis assemble and sail his red sailed wooden folding boat. Yes folding, yes pirate red sails.  Other Pirate sightings included a plane landing to drop off its booty, a whale of a fishing outing and a gaggle of key ASI leaders. Key volunteers that are so valued and give back so much to the club.


We saw Don DeRyckere, Don Caley, Craig Smith, JoAnne McClure, Jessica Hogg, Michael Golden, Steve Poulos, Heidi Dzendzel, Joan Swain , Kathy Chrzanowski , Kate McRae, Don Sharpe, John Johnston and Gary Crosbie.


We plan on holding this “Celebration of Passage” for students next year and welcome your input and suggestions. Thanks all for your enthusiastic support and hard work through out the season. And please remember to Mentor back.


Special thanks to Kimberly Kiley for all her help and time and patience.


More Practice Sails

Support your Practice Sail Leaders. We still have practice sails on Tuesday the 11th and 18th  and Sunday the 16th before boats come out the 22nd

ASI Election Dinner  October 22 - Mark your calendar! - - Marilyn Alimpich

Please join us on Saturday, October 22, 2011 for the ASI Election dinner. The event begins at 6 pm at Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center, 8768 North Territorial Road, Plymouth, Michigan 48170 (actually in Salem Township).


Dinner includes Herb Roasted Chicken, Pasta with Marinara sauce, salad, potatoes and vegetable, rolls, cake, coffee and tea. The cost is $22 per person. All who eat must have a reservation. There can be no exceptions since ASI must pay for all who eat.


Election of three new Trustees will follow dinner. The nominees, to date, are:

  • Don Sharpe
  • Don Kapit
  • Christian McTurk

But if you'd like to throw your hat in the ring, email Norm Schmidt. There will also be an opportunity, at the dinner meeting, to nominate a candidate from the floor, or to write in a candidate.


Please call your reservation into our sail secretary, Lisa Drumm, no later than Tuesday, October 11 by noon. You can reach Lisa at 248-393-4280, Office Hours: 8-10am, Mon-Fri

2011 Stony Creek Decommission - -  Heidi Dzendzel

Wednesday, October 19 will be Stony Creek’s decommission evening. In case of inclement weather, the date will move to Thursday, October 20.


Anyone interested in helping can arrive as early as 5pm and we will work as late as 7pm. Wear warm layered clothing based on the weather conditions including rain gear, boots and gloves if necessary. Bring a camera (if you wish), a flash light and your sail pass to record your volunteer time.


The process is orchestrated by a team leader. Helpers can step-the-mast down and secure it for transport. We will demast one boat at a time. For your safety, when you arrive, please wait for instructions. Coffee, cookies, M&Ms and good conversation will be served while you wait.


Kensington boat take out is Saturday, October 22, 9am to generally 12pm. Level 1 volunteer hours, are needed at Kent as well. Stony boats need to be driven back to the farm early so the trailers can be used to transport Kent boats from the lake back to the farm.


Drivers: If you have a trailer hitch with a lighting package and you can transport trailers back to the Crawford farm in Milford, please email Heidi. You will need a 1-7/8” ball to transport a ½-ton boat and trailer and a 2” ball to transport the utility trailer which weighs a ton. The hauling assignments and instructions will be released the week of take out. I will work with you at your convenience.


It is always sad at the end of a sailing year, but in a quick six short months a new adventure will begin. Think about sending in your applications for the 2012 season early before February 1st; and receive a discount rate. Contact Lisa at


All you new Level 1s and Level 2-4s should be happy to help your fellow classmates to accomplish what you have completed. There will be a whole new group of excited students awaiting your help to guide them through the system just as you were helped in your year. You can make the difference. Sign-up to help teach: shore school, shore intro class, water instruction, and practice sails. Contact me, or MaryJane by March next year. It is a rewarding feeling to know you’ve participated in a fellow sailor’s success.


Thank you for making this a fun and successful 2011 season. I want to thank you in advance for volunteering.


Heidi, Stony Creek Level 1 Manager

Super Sail Sunday - - Dave Amsdill

Please join us for the last 'Super Sail Sunday' of the season at Kent Lake this Sunday.


If you’re a student not yet rated or in the fall classes, this could be a great way to get some sailing practice in and get rated before the boats come out this fall. If you’re a rated sailor, the opportunity for an enjoyable sail and we could use your help. We anticipate having 5-7 students each week and could use more hands to take them out. And you earn hours as you sail. If you’re a newly rated sailor, come out and team up with a more experienced sailor and a student and gain more experience and confidence. Or just show up for an open sail, meet new members and enjoy a the camaraderie.


If you are interested in attending, please email me ( to get on our distribution list. I will send out a reminder email a couple of days before with a weather forecast and ask you to let me know if you’re attending so that I may do my best to see that we have enough rated sailors to get everyone out sailing.


Remember, that’s “Super Sail Sunday”………just like “Super Bowl Sunday” except without the football, the commercials, and the hangover……Who’s bringing the chips and dip? See you there….Dave Amsdill



Keelboat Haul-out - - Peter Fulda

As the evenings grow shorter it is time to plan for our annual winter lay up. While a successful sailing season draws to a close, it is always important to prepare the boats for the next one. Keep the following dates in October in mind:

  • Boat Decomissioning - Saturday, October 15, 9:00 am
  • Haul Out - Tuesday, October 18, 8:00 am
  • End of Season Maintenance - Saturday, October 22, 9:00 am
  • Shrink Wrapping - Saturday, October 29, 9:00 am

Please support your boat captains, assistant captains in ensuring the successful winterizing of our boats. These activities represent opportunities to catch up on your needed volunteer hours while enjoying the camraderie of your fellow ASI sailors.

Level 2 Class 2012 - - Bill Lane

Become a Level 2 Captain and Sail the Level 2 O’Day 28 foot Keel boats Interlude and Overture on Lake St Clair


Learn the basics of:

  • navigation and GPS
  • docking a keelboat
  • anchoring
  • keelboat sailing
  • radio operation
  • boat systems
  • rules of the road for power boats
  • and much more

Prerequisite are:

1. Declare sailing ability by submitting a sailing resume to head of Level 2 instruction and have sailed the Interlake 8 times as a Level 1 rated sailor this year.


2. Be an ASI member and Level 1 Sail Pass holder with all volunteer hours up to date.


3. Complete and present a certificate showing completion of US Power Squadron or US Coast Guard Auxiliary Safe Boating / Basic Seamanship course before the start of Level 2 classes. The class must have a navigation component. The “America’s Boating Course” has the component. Classes are offered by the Ann Arbor and Birmingham Power Squadrons in October.


Sail longer and farther than ever before


Contact Bill Lane, Level 2 head instructor, for details



Level 3/4 class for 2012 - - Bill Lane

Level 2 sailors, it is not to early to be think of joining the level 3/4 class for 2012

Sail to interesting ports such as:

  • Thames River
  • Port Huron/Sarnia
  • Goderich
  • Kincardine
  • Port Elgin
  • Harbor Beach
  • Tobermory
  • Killarney
  • Georgian Bay and the finest cruising area in North America.
  • The North Channel

Enter beautiful coves such as: Cover Portage Cove, Snug Harbour, Marianne cove, The Pool, Benjamin Islands and Browning Cove.


Learn advance navigation techniques and enhance your knowledge of GPS

  • Do off shore sailing work
  • Advanced anchoring
  • Boat provisioning
  • Crew organization
  • Sail to a destination overnight

Prerequisite are:

Have a Level 2 sail pass and work hours current.

Sail the Level 2 keel boats 8 times this year of which 4 or more of the sails you were the captain.

Contact Bill Lane, for details



One down, three to go - - Joan Swain

Two weeks ago, I alerted you to an upcoming event springing from the mind of one of our members. You received the Burgee-invite to the Celebration of newly rated members, and today are reading all about it. Thank you, John and Dave, for the you-are-there recap! Thank you also to the team of merry men whose ideas and efforts made Saturday's event a tough one to match in the years to come, though plans are already brewing for next year If you were able to attend, you added to the enjoyable time.


Now, having received one more idea since my invite for same, there are 3 ideas at varying stages bubbling on the burner - well, they're still mostly in my head, but 1 of the more challenging ideas at least has received some "it's possible" approval. A 2nd has had positive feedback from a couple key folks. The idea-member is willing to work with the powers-that-be, so something new may be on the docket for next season. The 3rd is the most likely to be in place, and the process will start once this season is past. Perhaps the only road block will be finding a member willing to take it on. I'll keep you posted along the way.


With Saturday's new celebration a success, any one of the 3 remaining ideas will make your Club more of what you want. If each becomes a reality, our students and Interlake sailors will be happier, smarter and seeing new sights

Captain – Adopt a Boat - - Richard Jagers

Well it’s a little late for this year, but you could be a “Boat Captain” for next year. Our Level 1 boats get a lot of use each year. Stuff wears out, screws come undone, rings get worn, blocks come loose and green stuff grows on the bottom.







Our maintenance crew does a wonderful job of keeping the boats in operation, of fixing and replacing broken stuff, but they don’t scrub the bottoms, clean the boats, oil the teak, or polish the fiberglass! However, have you noticed that a few of the boats appear to be in better shape then others? Well chances are these boats have been adopted by a rated sailor, who gets the honorary title of “Boat Captain”.


What does a boat captain do? Well the simple idea is that they adopt a Level 1 boat for the year. They then try to make certain that everything is operational, that the boat is kept clean, and that the boat is ready to sail. I adopted “Wind Song” boat #2 this year. That is why some of you heard me refer to her as my boat. Some of you may have also heard me exclaim, my boats gone again! Yes, I counted 8 times I went to the lake to sail, and “Wind Song” was gone! I thank all of you who enjoyed boat 2 almost as much as I did!


OK I admit, I had a little extra time, so I did some things that most boat captains don’t have the time to do. When you adopt a boat you can contribute to keeping our fleet in top sailing condition. I didn’t know how to do all the maintenance and some of the specialized repairs, but with the able assistance of our wonderful maintenance crew, together we kept “Wind Song” in top notch condition! Thank you Maintenance Team!


Some of the things that were done: adjust the cover, and bungee so it fit right, rub out the entire top surface of the boat to remove scratches, and some left over mold resin, (the second coat went much easier), scrub the bottom, replace damaged/bent rings, adjust/replace some of the rigging, sand down the tiller, tighten rub rail screws, clean the inside, clean the fenders, fix the sails, check for cracks (which ended up being a defect in the mold), adjust the center board, bail out the water, check equipment, rigging, rudder, anchor rode, help with put in, and most likely with take out. This allowed me and others to have a whole lot of fun sailing her as we knew she was ready to go!


So how do you adopt a boat and ensure that other people have a great time sailing? Simply contact the Level 1 manager, the Level 1 head of boat captains, or one of the maintenance team. It is also a great way to get your volunteer hours. You should be rated, and you adopt it for the entire year. So what are you waiting for? Plan on adopting a boat next year and keep our fleet in top sailing condition!

Hello Level 1 Sailors - - Bill Lane,  Level 2 Head Instructor

A major requirement for the Level 2 Keel Boat class is having taken a basic boating class ('America's Boating Course', see below). Below are a list of the local US Power Squadrons that are offering the class this fall. It is important to meet this requirement  in October because it will be unlikely that the classes will be offered until March 2012. This requirement must be met  to start the class. It you have any questions, email or call me at 248-891-6125



America’s Boating Course


Squadron:       Birmingham District: 9 - Web Site


Contact:        Lt/C Thomas J. Smith, JN

Phone:  248-877-3092 Email:


Location:       West Bloomfield High School

  • Address:        4925 Orchard Lake Rd
  • City:   West Bloomfield, MI 48323
  • Start Date:     OCT 10, 2011
  • Time:   07:00PM
  • STATUS:         Accepting Registrations

Squadron:       Birmingham District: 9 - Web Site


Contact:        Lt/C Thomas J. Smith, JN

Phone:  248-877-3092 Email:


Location:       St Joseph's Mercy Hospital, Franco Communication Ctr

  • Address:        44405 Woodward Ave
  • City:   Pontiac, MI 48341
  • Start Date:     OCT 10, 2011
  • Time:   07:00PM
  • STATUS:         Accepting Registrations

Squadron:       Birmingham District: 9 - Web Site


Contact:        Lt/C Thomas J. Smith, JN

Phone:  248-877-3092 Email:


Location:       Stony Creek High School

  • Address:        575 E Tienken Rd
  • City:   Rochester Hills, MI 48306
  • Start Date:     OCT 10, 2011
  • Time:   07:00PM
  • STATUS:         Accepting Registrations

Squadron:       Flint District: 9

Contact:        Nora Fisher

Phone:  810-238-1529 Email:


City:   Burton, MI 48519

STATUS:         Schedule Pending


Squadron:       Ann Arbor District: 9

Contact:        Bob Buchanan

Phone:  734-971-6589 Email:


Location:       WCC Main Campus, Business Education Bldg. Room 270

  • Address:        4800 East Huron River Dr.
  • City:   Ann Arbor, MI 48105
  • Start Date:     OCT 04, 2011
  • Time:   06:45PM
  • STATUS:         Accepting Registrations

A few more things...       

Deb Broomham writes via email... 


A BIG thanks to  Dave A, Dave P, John T, Heidi, Michael G, Jo Anne, and all the others for the wonderful last rites party and get together and flotilla party!  You have all been so kind to us  "newbies" and helpful. I've learned a lot this summer and loved getting to know a few of you. Its been a totally great experience (now that I'm rated!) and hope to learn more from our experienced sailors yet in years to come. Thank you for  making this all so  good!

Deb B     (alias "Barb") 


Remember to put October 22 on your calendar! Two important events: Interlake takeout in the morning and the Election/Dinner meeting in the evening. For details on these events see articles above. 


The next Burgee will be Tuesday, October 18. Please send your Burgee input to by Sunday for inclusion in that Burgee. But send pictures as attachments, please!

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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