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Holiday Season

Holiday season is off  and running, and for crafters that means making gifts.


Holiday Scarf

This red and green scarf, which I knitted five years ago, has become a visiting card of my Holiday Arts and Crafts  collection this year. It's my favourite accessory at Chritmas time, and I put this image everywhere - it's on Artisaknity cards, journals, and posters.

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Arts and Crafts Show

The show took place at Harbourfront, in the building next door. There were many exhibitors - painters, writers,  photographers, jewelry makers, and ... a knitter. My sister and my mom helped me out with  putting everything together. We made this terrific display

and enjoyed every minute of it.


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Artisaknity Model

My daughters often model my knits. Anna's birthdays was in November.  Happy birthday, Anna!


Happy birthday, other Sagittarii!





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Arts and Crafts Show

These nice scarves for the two beautiful herons were made by my sister. It looks like the birds love them :-)


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Have a great Holiday Season!

Fuzzy Floridian Frosty the Snowman

"Frosty the snowman has a jolly happy soul ..."


This snowman is not frosty at all. It has become pink and brown under the Florida sun :-)  "There must have been some magic" in that ...


"Thumpetty thump thump,


Thumpety thump thump,


Look at Frosty go."



"Frosty the snowman knew


The sun was hot that day,


So he said, "Let's run and


We'll have some fun


Now before I melt away."

Click on the image to go to my 2010 December Joy newsletter about Christmas gifts and songs. Enjoy!

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