January Jewelry

Sisters Knit Bijouterie Collection

Jazz up your knit wardrobe ...


Let me introduce a new product line for knitters - jewelry and accessories. We called it Sisters Knit since behind the design there's the two of us - my sister Larisa and I.


This particular collection has a special name - 

A Playful Sheep.

As you can see, there's a lively, merry black sheep on a white enamel.


To me, it looks like this cheerful sheep is "dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square in the frosty air" (Jingle Bell Rock). The message is Merry Christmas and Happy Knitting!


You can find here stitch markers, pendants, rings, and earrings.


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To shop for Sisters Knit Bijouterie go to

Artisaknity Knits Boutique

Winter and Wine

The next few paragraphs are not about wine per se - I just loved the alliteration. The text below is about winter. I dared to include a little of my latest read - Winter by Adam Gopnik, bestselling author, cultural observer, and staff writer at The New Yorker.

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The reason I loved his book is that this season there have been so many associations for me with what he writes about - "a mind of winter, a mind for winter"; "light versus dark, sweet against bitter, warmth against cold, spring against fall," "scary winter and sweet winter," winter in Russia, Germany, Canada, the Japanese version of winter; skiing, skating rink; old winter holidays, winter symbolism, "Where are the snows we knew?", etc.


And finally, not only had I a Blue Christmas this year:-( with my husband being overseas - without any kind of wine!), but the coming New Year is not looking white either.


Ice Wine

"Ice wine, as every drinker knows, is sweetness made from stress. That's not news, or not exactly. All good wine takes its essential sugar from the stress of its circumstances: pinot noir, the grape of the cold country of Champagne, gets flabby and soupy as the climate warms. But ice wine is extreme sweetness made from extraordinary stress. Every winter the grapes on the Niagara Peninsula are left not merely to chill but to actually freeze - the worst thing that normally can happen to fruit - and then the brutal cold forces all the natural sugar into the core of the grape, where it waits to be pressed out."






My next project

 Click on the image for the wine cozy link on Kitty.com

Aspects of Life

"And in that simple paradox – the hardest weather makes the nicest wine – lies a secret that gives shape to the winter season, and to our feelings about it. Without the stress of cold in a temperate climate, without the cycle of the seasons experienced not as a gentle swell up and down but as an extreme lurch, bang! From one quadrant of the year to the next, a compensatory pleasure would vanish from the world. There is a lovely term in botany – vernalization – referring to seeds that can only thrive in spring if they have been through the severity of winter. Well, many aspects of our life have become, in the past several hundred years, “vernalized.” If we didn’t remember winter in spring, it wouldn’t be as lovely; if we didn’t think of spring in winter, or search winter to find some new emotion of its own to make up for the absent ones, half of the keyboard of life would be missing. We would be playing life with no flats or sharps, on a piano with no black keys."



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Have a Sweet Winter

"Winter stress makes summer sweetness – and the stress of warm times makes us long for the strange sweetness of cold ones."







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