November 1, 2011


The Anti-Bullying movement is becoming increasingly popular. Anti-Bullying Month has just concluded. Fueled by a rash of recent student suicides, major television networks are covering this important topic like never before. Hundreds of programs have emerged to address the issue of bullying in schools around the world.

  • On-line bully prevention courses for administrators, teachers, and staff
  • Web-based anti-bully programs for middle school students
  • Challenge Day assemblies for high school students
  • Respect and Responsibility programs for elementary school students
  • Character Education programs implemented by schools, churches, and parents
  • Anti-bullying conventions and workshops being offered across the country

Indeed, the Anti-Bullying movement seems to be at its height of popularity.


All of these programs have one mission: to create a safe and loving environment where young people can learn and grow into a full expression of who they really are in all their beauty and uniqueness. Now, into the midst of this cry to render hate and intolerance at schools and in the communities increasingly unacceptable, come as a new voice. 

Enter a voice that communicates respect for all.

Enter a voice that believes people of all ages have the right to experience diversity and individuality in safety and comfort.

Enter a student voice that can communicate with students on their level.

Enter Reese Haller, a fifteen-year-old high school sophomore who writes with wisdom and passion beyond his years.

Enter The Watch Keeper.


NOW for the first time…A book that examines the issue of school bullying through the eyes of a young teen.


Fifteen-year-old Reese Haller, one of the youngest award-winning published writers in America, has written a fast-paced sci-fi adventure novel that conveys profound messages about bullying, violence, and community.


You’re going to want this book for your children.

You’re going to want this book for your students.

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The Watch Keeper takes on the growing societal issue of school bullying as a young teen finds himself on a “hero’s journey” in which he metaphorically fights his own fear-generated demons, discovers his inner strength, and uses it to champion a noble cause.

The unsuspecting hero is Romeo Planke, a high school freshman who is mysteriously thrust into an alien world where four-armed lizard-scaled warriors fight for control of an ancient portal that leads to galaxies across the universe. Romeo discovers that the power he possesses and how he chooses to use it in this alien realm is the key to saving the universe from impending doom.

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  2. 101 Success Tips for Kids  ($12.00) This is a book by kids, for kids, on how to be successful. Both parents and educators want children to be successful. 101 Success Tips for Kids, written by Reese and Parker Haller, will help your kids do just that. Click here to read more about 101 Success Tips for Kids.

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