"Saving Moore Animals"


               Cat Got Your Tongue?

                     December 2011




No More Boo Boos for Boo Bear 


In early November, Moore Humane Society picked up two small kittens from a family unable to care for them.  Boo Bear,  the male sibling, was suffering with a bandaged left front leg.


After being examined by our vet, it was determined that the leg could not be saved.

Fast forward one month, and

this little guy is doing feline

acrobatics with the other kittens!

He's one of the December residents in PetSmart's Cat Room where he has perfected his signature stunt:  leaping from the kitty litter bin into the waste paper basket!  Boo Bear has also been found napping in Volunteer Denise's purse! 



Photo above left:  Boo Bear with bandaged leg.  His owners had bandaged the leg in an attempt to provide some support.


Photo above right:  Bandaged removed.  Not having received medical care after the trauma, the damage to his leg is extensive.  Moore Humane Society covered the costs for Boo Bear's amputation and follow-up care.


Photo left:  Boo Bear seems to be unaware that he's a tripod! Here he discovers his reflection... "What the....???"




 A Tail of Two Friends


Domino is a pretty domestic short hair black and white (of course!) female about 1 1/2 years old!  She's an easy going, good natured cat who  loves to lie on her back and have her belly scratched.  As the adult cat in residence with the kittens at PetSmart's Cat Room, she has settled right in with the younger crowd!  Residing in the highly coveted deluxe bachelorette kennel, she is the envy of her neighbors.  Fortunately for them, she does have calling hours and a select few are invited for sleep-overs...  Jewel, a young female kitten, seems to have made her A list!  (In photo, Jewel is on the left, Domino is on the right.  We've watched Domino gently tap the sleeping Jewel, as if to reassure her that her new BFF is near by!)



Meet Volunteer Mory Patterson!


As a child growing up in Israel, Mory Patterson never had a pet.  Little did she know that when she moved to the States in the summer of '08 to marry her husband, she would end up sharing their home with five felines!  Of course, it didn't happen all at once; Danny (a tabby) and Mabel (half Siamese, half tabby) were already a part of the family when Mory arrived.  Then along came Frankie, a Siamese/tabby who  looked so much like Mabel they could have been litter mates... anyway, what's one more, right? Two years later, she and her husband adopted two kittens who showed up in her father-in-law's yard... Jack and Buzzy!  So it's a full house and any further yearnings for kittens are satisfied by the time Mory spends as a Volunteer in our Cat and Kitten Rooms! 


"When I first moved to the States, I didn't have a driver's license, an ID or a job... so the cats became company, and Frankie really became my buddy.  I did online research and read a lot of books about cats, then started volunteering at Moore Humane Society in the spring of 2011.  I've really become attached to many of them... especially Goldie, Cricket and Sahara... and I just loved Keanu!  The first time I met Keanu, I was bending over to let a kitten out of a lower cage.  He was in an upper level cage, and he bonked me on the head with his paw... it was if he wanted to remind me that he was waiting to be let out!"


"So many people are drawn to the cute little kittens, which is understandable. But I want to encourage volunteers to work with the adult cats as well.  Be patient with them, work with them on their terms, and let them come to you.  Adult cats are trainable; they might not understand the words you use, but they respond to your tone of voice so speak quietly.  Just be patient, and they will warm up to you.  And the more our cats are socialized, the better their chances for adoption."



                Life in the PetSmart Cat Room


Our cats and kittens are the featured felines in residence in the PetSmart Cat Room for the entire month of December!  Volunteers are taking shifts, playing with the kitties and introducing them to potential adopters.


(Photo left:  Volunteer Denise with Boo Bear and Fiona... who seem to be saying, "But Mom, it can't be bedtime already!  Just five more minutes, pleeeaaassse....")


If you'd like to meet one of the cats or kittens there, just tap on the door or a window to get the attention of the Volunteer!  Get ready to laugh...we've set up a make shift kitty condo (see the photos below) and have brought in various toys, cat nip mice, and a laser pointer... for their exercise and our entertainment!  We all agree - it is so gratifying to see these young kittens resting, worn out from chasing the laser's little red dot around the room and up the walls!




















Domino seems to be inviting Fiona over to check                   Jewel admires the view from her "condo."

out her new toy. 


A Holiday Wish List


After consulting with all of the other cats and kittens, Gypsy and Maximus (photo left) made their list for the Cat and Kitten Rooms.  Taska (photo below) and Maxie put their heads together and added the items every good looking dog requires!  Then the staff made some final notes... and this is the list, express mailed to the North Pole:

     - Advantage flea treatment for cats and dogs

     - Small and medium sweaters/comfy coats for dogs

       and puppies

     - Pet Food: Purina Pro Plan

     - Stainless steel litter boxes (available at PetSmart)

     - Stainless steel puppy bowls

     - Canned puppy food (ground, not chunky please)


     - Canned dog food

     - Friskies Canned Turkey and Giblets (pate) for cats

     - Shampoo for puppies and kittens

     - Paper towels

     - Ink cartridges for printer (Lexmark 32 black and 33


     - Antibacterial dish detergent

     - AA batteries

     - Ink pens and sticky notes

     - 3 ring binders

     - Gently used pillow cases, towels, and blankets



A Birthday Celebration


When Dominic's Mom began planning his birthday party, the soon to be five year old asked if his guests could bring presents for dogs and cats, rather than gifts for him.  Dominic loves animals!  He has grown up with Obie, the family dog, lives next door to Barney Rubble, and thinks the best way to spend an afternoon is horseback riding!  He has seen the care his parents give lost dogs that show up at their house, and the joy of reuniting a family and pet!  When he and his Mom delivered the bags of dog and cat food to the Shelter, they stayed long enough to help take Tigger for a short walk and to play with puppies Tinkerbelle and Skipper! 


We thank Dominic for caring about the welfare of animals, and we congratulate his Mom and Dad (Nicole and Rob) for raising a child who understands the joy of giving!


'Tis the Season...


Some of our favorite holiday photos, revisited...



















Holiday Greetings from Cheerio (left) and Porsche (right)!  Both were adopted in 2011, and are so happy to be Home for the Holidays!


... To Remember Others (especially our hungry animals)...

Many thanks to Susan Baer, a Moore Humane Society Volunteer and Art Teacher at Sandhills Classical Christian School, and her art students for decorating the Moore Humane Society donation bin at Lowe's Food Store in Olmsted Plaza on NC Highway 211.  The bin will remain in place near the check out area for the entire month of December... please remember our hungry pooches and kitties when you shop, and tell your friends!  Thank you, Lowe's!  Year after year you encourage your generous customers to help us fill our bins with cat/dog food and treats during the holiday season!  Together we are saving Moore animals!


A second donation bin was decorated by Kat Hirchinson-Smith, Art Teacher at the Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School, and her students!  This bin is holding donations of cat/dog food made by animal loving golfers visiting the Pro Shop at Country Club of Whispering Pines!  Again, the bin will remain in the Pro Shop for the entire month of December!  We thank Director of Golf Rodney Russell and Paula Brzostowski for allowing us to collect donations from their members and friends, enabling us to feed our hungry critters! 


And speaking of donations... Moore Humane Society is a beneficiary of the 5 + 5 = 5,000 Cans Food Drive, sponsored by the folks at FCIG in Southern Pines.  The drive ends on December 17th so there are only a few days left to watch your donation of canned cat and dog food double! Specify Moore Humane Society when you leave your cans at the following drop off locations: FCIG office at 190 A Turner Street in Southern Pines (you'll pass the building on your way to Martin Park), WIOZ 102.5 Radio in Southern Pines, and Seven Lakes Pizza on NC Hwy 211 in Seven Lakes!  Thank you, FCIG, for an incredible food drive!



... And To GiveThanks...


 A special thank you to Bill "Santa Claus" Russell for participating in the Santa Photo Opportunity Day at PetSmart, an event which benefited Moore Humane Society!  Not only did he call out greetings to every pet owner who walked by, but he knew many of the dogs by name, and they clearly recognized him!  


And finally, to our staff and our Volunteers, to the families who have welcomed our animals into their homes, and to everyone who has contributed to our fundraisers, enabling us to keep our doors open, we thank each and every one of you.  You know the difference you have made in the lives of our cats and dogs, puppies and kittens. 


 We wish you all a wonderful holiday season!



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Mark Your Calendars!

Donation bins for dog and cat food, toys and treats are in place for the month of December at Lowe's Food Store, NC Hwy 211 in Olmsted Plaza and in the Pro Shop at Country Club of Whispering Pines. 


5 + 5 = 5,000 Cans Food Drive by the folks at First Casualty Insurance Group (FCIG)!  Watch your donation of canned goods double right before your eyes!   Moore Humane Society is a beneficiary!  The Food Drive ends on December 17th!


Moe's Southwest Grill Fundraising Dinner, Aberdeen; December 24th, 5:00 - 9:00 PM

Enjoy a great meal while helping Moore animals at the same time!  After paying for your meal, leave the receipt in the donation box by the cash register.  Moe's donates 15% of the tickets left in the box to Moore Humane Society.


Moore Humane Society Kittens and Cats in the Cat Room at PetSmart for the whole month of December!



Coming in January:  Happy Tails


Did you adopt your cat or kitten, puppy or dog from Moore Humane Society?

Send us then and now photos, and tell us if you changed the name...

we'll include these updates in the January e-newsletter! 



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