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December 2, 2011: New World, New DVD!

Life has taken on new, daunting challenges as my husband Jim moves through radiation, chemo and alternative therapies after an aggressive brain tumor was removed October 11.  He continues to do astoundingly well with assaults that would have flattened me.  I am in awe....

With many hours spent in appointments and waiting rooms, processing too much new information and making lifestyle changes, there is precious little time to focus on Little Pearls.  And yet, there are also wonderful things happening here that need to be supported.  I'm asking for your help in a time when I just can't do it all.


More than ever before, I'm learning about trust, patience, accepting help and being in the present.  Though we would not have chosen this path, it's definitely a new world now, with its own gifts.   

Our Beautiful New DVD is Here, Finally!

After months of hard, creative work and years of dreaming, our beautiful new DVD is ready to brighten your life and the lives of those you love! 


Our first since 2003, it includes:

 • All 17 Little Pearls, including the new Dog Pearls

 • All earlier Samplers, Collections & Mini-Documentaries, some of which you've never seen

 • 5 different Loops of Pearls, designed for use with varied audiences

 • A lovely 4-panel recycled stock eco-wallet

It will make a GREAT holiday gift for yourself and for those you love.  Even the menu, with its filmstrip images, is beautiful!


Here are the suggested donation amounts:

1 for $15 - plus $2.50 shipping in the US; Canada is a little more

2 for $25 - plus $3 shipping

3 for $35 - plus $3.50 shipping

4 for $45 - plus $4 shipping

5 for $50 - plus $5 shipping

More than 5 for $10 each, plus shipping to be determined


You can call me at 828-658-9097 or order online or by check via Contribute Now. I'll do my best to get your DVDs to you as quickly as possible, in person or by mail.  We will also have them available in other ways:

  • Animal Compassion Network has graciously offered to share our DVDs at its Pet Harmony store off Hendersonville Road in South Asheville.  Thank you, Eileen, Erica and staff!  
  • And thanks to Kim, Bob and Don, we will also have DVDs soon at White Horse Black Mountain.  I'm checking on a couple other locations in the Asheville area.

Let me know if you would like to help us get these beautiful DVDs out.  Until the next newsletter goes out, I can post new DVD locations on our What's New page.


I just opened and watched my String of Little Pearls DVD – every menu item, pearl, collection and loop. It’s a truly stunning piece of work – very professionally done, intuitive, beautiful. Congratulations and thanks! ~ JLS

Our DVD outside cover

Spotlight Dog Pearl: Do You Know Who You Are?

The second of four new HD Dog Pearls is here on YouTube: Do You Know Who You Are?  You can learn more about this endearing Pearl, full of puppies and nurturing older dogs, here

With its energetic music by Al Petteway and Amy White, the perfect voice over by Kat Williams and cinematography and editing by Shane Peters, I think you'll love it! 


It's about passing down life's wisdom to young ones ~ something important for both humans and animals, yes?

Check out our other new Dog Pearls, too:

The new Dog Pearls are just amazing! ~ DR

YOU Can Help to Fund this Great Work!

Late last year, we received a grant for the DVD sampler from the Asheville Area Arts Council and the NC Arts Council.  Many of you helped match that grant.  However, we had NO idea how complicated or expensive this whole project would be. 

We need to raise about $7000 more to pay for everything.  Some of the bills are on my family's credit card and some are waiting to be paid.  Extra expenses include:

  • re-recording audio for two of the earliest Little Pearls and re-editing those Pearls
  • extensive, detailed music rights renegotiation and renewals, so everything on this sampler is clear and legal
  • a complex DVD design, given all the different components that needed to work smoothly, different formatting of the videos, etc.
  • re-editing an earlier Dog Pearl that didn't work correctly on the DVD
  • making four new Dog Pearls for inclusion on the DVD

Your help is vital to finish funding this project.  Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Give DVDs as holiday gifts to people you really love ~ they truly are beautiful, in every way!
  • Become one of Our SponsorsI will set up a new Sponsors page for 2012, and we already have some new ones to add: The Hop, The Wine Studio of Asheville and Alan's Jewelry & Pawn.  If you sponsored us last year, we'll be contacting you soon, and if you would like to be a new sponsor, please contact me.
  • Join in our matching funds campaign.  One wonderful anonymous donor is willing to match donations, dollar for dollar, up to $1000 total.
  • Just Donate!  When you hold this DVD in your hands and explore the richness inside, you'll be glad you did!

The little post woman delivered a jewel today.... a pearl... a ruby....a diamond in the rough .... a special DVD... ~ CH

Inside DVD cover

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Will the Support Be There?

Bringing the new DVD and new Dog Pearls into being has been incredibly hard work, with a huge amount of volunteer labor, including mine.  Many people have shared their talents and efforts to make these lovely gifts possible.  


The world needs this kind of uplifting, beautiful energy.  I am hoping ~ and trusting ~ that the support will come through.  Please help if you can.






Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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