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the ASI BurgeeGram - Sunday December 4, 2011

MaryJane Bacinski's condition - - an update by Heidi Dzendzel

MaryJane Bacinski (MJ) has been in intensive care for the past three weeks, from November 11-Dec 2. Tests are being done to determine her illness. She has lost over 40 pounds since February of this year. MJ is very weak. She cannot speak. She is not in pain. She is alert and in good spirits. She has been transferred to a regular bed in the same hospital.


MJ’s husband, Ken, asks us to wait until she is strong enough to speak and sit up before she receives personal contact from her extended ASI family. She is not accepting phone calls or emails, flowers or cards and letters at this time.


Please keep her in your thoughts. If you wish me to print and forward emails and well wishes to her, I would be happy to do so; just click here.  


Heidi Dzendzel

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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