Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 14th Edition - December 13, 2011

ADOPTION SUCCESS: Morris and Reesee

From time to time we get requests to try to keep dogs together when we place them in new homes.  Morris and Reesee fit the bill, but Reesee was a shepherd mix and not the kind of dog we would normally place.  These two seniors (age somewhere between 8-10) were very close to each other and Reesee really needs Morris to bring out his personality. 
Morris and Reesee's mom became ill with Alzheimer's and moved into a nursing home.  Her daughter contacted us, because she could not manage the 2 dogs in her apartment, but wanted to keep them together.  Volunteer's, Paula and John, who sometimes live in TN, happened to be at their TN home when the request came through and offered to help.  Even though they have 3 sheepies themselves, they offered to bring these 2 pups into their home, while we figured out their future.
As luck would have it, after posting on our facebook page about the two dogs, an angel posted.  Basically the wife was looking for a sheepie and the hubby was fond of shepherds..  What are the chances??? 
Nancy had been around sheepies all her life and was ready for one to be in her life.  They had a great back yard in Florida and husband Garry was retired and able to spend lots of time with the dogs.  Foster/volunteers Paula and John came down to Atlanta for our "Sheepie Day in the Park" and Garry and Nancy came up from Florida for the same event.  The dogs had alot of time to play and get to hang out with their new owners and say goodbye to their foster parents. 
The boys hopped into the car and made their way to Orlando. All reports have been outstanding.  Nancy and Garry, called all their family and friends to let them know about their new additions.  Their daughter and grandkid got to come over and play with the pups.  So gentle and a perfect match.  This was one of those perfect placements and we can't thank Garry and Nancy enough for the commitment of providing a loving home to these two sweeties.
Foster/Transport:  Paula and John
Sponsor: OESRNSE
Support:  NEOES Rescue



We received a box of items to showcase for a charity auction.  Many items are Christmas oriented.  We have some clothing, jewelry, art, Christmas ornaments and many other cool items.  You may need to visit our ebay site several times over the next few days as we will be adding items over the next few days.  Drop by ebay and check 'em out.  Items will ship Dec 19 USPS Priority.

OES Rescue Network EBAY Auction


Sheepie Day In the Park Nov. 12

We had a great time at Sheepie Day in the Park (Fall Edition).  Lots of dogs and people we had not met before.  We managed to get a decent picture before everyone disbanded.  Boy it was great to see several placement dogs and friends we had met over the years.   We tried out a Saturday this time.  Send your comments to FionaRB@aol.com if you want to come and have a preference of Saturday or Sunday.  In the past we had gone for Sunday get togethers.  I'm still not sure which works best for everyone that wants to come.  


OES Nationals- Hickory, NC (Come and gone)

The Nationals came to Hickory, NC.  Since it came to the Southeast, we decided to have have a Rescue vendor booth at the show.   We handed out some rescue bumper magnets supporting our rescue to those that have helped us through volunteerism and also who had gotten sheepdogs through our rescue. 
The fun part was meeting people from other rescue groups like Grannie Annie from New England Rescue, Belinda from TOES and Marty from Carolinas Rescue, who we work with from time to time.  It's nice to put faces with names. 
One of our favorite families, the Calahan's from Nashville, showed up with their Sheepie boy Beau!  We are often updated on the adventures of Beau's great life and the fun he has with his human's.  This was a nice chance to meet this fun family!  They walked in the rescue parade with their Beau!  The Waxman's from Atlanta, who have helped our rescue time and time again, made the trip and walked with their sheepie Sophie in the parade.  And Paula and John from TN/NY (mentioned earlier in the Morris/Reesee part of this newsletter) also came with their pups and walked.
The purpose of the event is to show breed standard dogs.  They gain points for participating and it helps when they breed their dogs if they have wins.  The participants breed for confirmation, health, temperament etc.  When you don't get a dog from a breeder that shows their dog, you can end up with a dog that has health issues and you end up supporting backyard breeders.   Proper breeders are generally members of OESCA (Old English Sheepdog Club of America).  Backyard breeders don't spend anytime on making sure their dogs have good hips, eyes, or temperament.  They breed their dogs time and time again just to make money.   When looking for a puppy, we recommend checking out OESCA or getting a rescue and saving a dog!

Old English Sheepdog Club of America



Xmas Donations

Remember we are a 501c3 so we can provide a tax deduction receipt for your donations.   We have sponsored several dogs (meaning we paid all the expenses, but did not receive adoption fees) over the past 3 months.  Additionally, we have had some very expensive training, boarding, and medical costs on a few dogs. 
If you are trying to make a tax deductible donation, please consider us.  We have a PayPal option listed on our website as well as donations can be mailed to our treasurer at:
Attn:  Carolyn Vaisin
12878 Saddlebrook Circle
Fairhope, AL  36532

Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast

Fergus (aka Tater)

Fergus was pulled from a shelter in eastern AL.  He will be moving to his new home at Christmastime.   Fosters Kimmy and Chilly loved Fergus alot and so did their dog.  But it was not a good time for a second dog in the home.  The cool thing about Fergus is, he is being adopted by Kimmy's sister.  So when Kimmy goes to visit her sister's family in VA., the dogs can reunite.   Adoption picture next edition of our newsletter.

Puppy Samsom

Samson came to us via Craigslist.  Actually in his short 6 months, he has had 3 homes.  We have some work to do on this willful dog.  He is food bowl aggressive, but loves to play.  He also loves to play fetch.  He is working on potty training, basic commands and learning to be loved during his fostering. 

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Another picture at Sheepie Day!

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