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Little Pearls

Even More Love, Change & Pizza, too!

Happy Valentine's!  Whether you get into this over-commercialized holiday or not, LOVE is always worth celebrating, in whatever ways work for you. 


I'm grateful that my husband Jim is doing really well as he recovers from his intensive radiation and chemo. We are both more aware these days of how precious life ~ and love ~ really are.


And we're celebrating our granddaughter Kayla, subject of one of our earliest Little Pearls, who just turned 11 yesterday.  No, she's not a baby anymore....

Even More Love

Even More Love is about being open to love and change, no matter one’s age or life circumstance.  


This Dog Pearl was inspired by Mitch, who was already an old dog when his best friend Katie died.  Instead of grieving his life away, he found new love in the form of a pesky young puppy named Gracie.


The message at the end of this 60-second Pearl is a good one for most of us:  “When your heart is broken, let it break OPEN, to even... more... love.”


With beautiful music by Al Petteway and Amy White and voice-over by Daniel Barber, it's a keeper!  Learn more.

New Website ~ yikes!

Our beautiful old website had become unwieldy.  It was huge, static and difficult to navigate and update.  It was all one-way communication, with no easy way to interact with you.  


Our friend Julie Parker of Handwoven Webs had been nudging ~ well, okay, actually bugging ~ me to move our old site to WordPress.  When I needed to make four new pages and couldn't figure out how to do them, I knew it was time.  We've been working hard and it's still not finished, yet here it is! is still the site, though you'll see on most of the pages.


Some of our NEW pages are:

  • Our 2012 Sponsors (great people & businesses ~ please support them)
  • Music Sponsors (I'm so glad to finally give credit to these wonderful people)
  • Our New DVD to Share with Those You Love (this includes area locations where you can find them)
  • What's New! (this is a blog page ~ another new trick for this old dawg to learn)
  • Pearls & You (ways YOU can help create and share our work)
  • Do(g)nate Now! (we're ready to ramp up our Do(g)nations activities, now that we have 8 Dog Pearls and room for more!)  Check out this very cute Charley Parker (Julie's dog) ~ can you resist this face?


Please give us your feedback on the new site, even as it's being tweaked. 

And if you ever need a new website, contact Julie Parker ~ she's wonderful!

And Pizza ~ Again!

Matt Danford at Blue Mountain Pizza in Weaverville is sponsoring Little Pearls again this month, just as he did last winter.  We are VERY pleased to have his support again. 


Here is how you can participate:

  • Add your spare change (or more) to their donation box next to the register. At the end of the month BMP matches 100% of those donations (up to $500).
  • On the Third Thursday of the month, they donate 10% of that day's total revenue to Little Pearls: THIS Thursday, February 16!
  • This month only, they will have some of our beautiful DVDs on hand for you. 
  • Just go in and eat some great food, feel the warmth of this special place and tip their staff well.  And say thank you to Matt if you see him!

Wishing You Love...

... every day, all the time, flowing through your life. 


As you can, consider how you might support the love that flows through Little Pearls, too.





Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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