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Little Pearls

Hope for a Great New Year!

A Christmas Day surprise: red ornaments on rhododendron, deep in the woods!  On our first hike since his medical crisis, Jim and I followed the clues to this delightful discovery in the Pisgah National Forest, hanging over the upper Davidson River.  We have no idea who put them there, or how, over that rushing stream ~ what fun!

Help Us Bring Hope, Love & Inspiration to the World

Can films that open hearts and minds make a real difference in a chaotic world?  I think they can, and I’m asking YOU to be part of something meaningful, for yourself, for those you love and for the world.


I believe Little Pearls has great potential to make a positive difference in the world, by touching deep into the hearts of people and by opening them to something larger than themselves.  Little Pearls deserves a boost in funding to make that difference, and this is a critical time for us. 


Last year, with a starter grant and great response from supporters, we reached a matching goal to make our new DVD.  This DVD, in the dreaming stage for years, will make it so much easier for people to see and share Little Pearls in many settings, reaching more people with compassion and inspiration.  Due to several unexpected, daunting challenges that added significantly to production expenses, the final cost was far more than what was covered by our original grant and matching donations.


Even with these challenges, we managed to finish the DVD and four brand new Dog Pearls this fall. 

The DVD truly is beautiful, inside and out!  It includes all of our work, from a 10 second introduction to a 13 minute sampler: all 17 of our 30-90 second Little Pearls, including 8 Dog Pearls; several collections; and five continuous loops that are geared for use with different audiences, from young children to dog lovers to people who just need to feel connected.  Learn more here.


Donations to Little Pearls are fully tax-deductible AND sorely needed, to help us finish funding the new DVD and to give us some room to breathe as we create new Little Pearls and other inspirational projects in 2012.  We need to raise at least $5000 by the end of 2011.  Please Donate Now.

Several anonymous donors have come forward with an offer to match any funds we raise in 2011, up to $2000.  This will make a huge difference to our small budget.  Please help us make this $2000 match by the end of the year.  Then we can move forward in the New Year, getting our new DVD out into the world and creating new Little Pearls.  


One way to support Little Pearls is to become a 2012 Sponsor, at the $100 level or above.  By becoming a Sponsor, your name and/or business name and logo will be listed on our new Sponsors page for at least a year and also at our big DVD release event, planned for Spring 2012.  We’ll send you a new DVD, too!  Check out Our 2011 SponsorsPlease call me at 828-658-9097 if you have any questions.  


We are grateful for donations of any amount.  It all makes a difference to us.  There are three ways to donate. Two are online and the other is by check to: Little Pearls, PO Box 8641, Asheville, NC 28814

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One Pearl at a Time....

I am still touched and deeply affected by the beauty, inspiration and love in Little Pearls, no matter how many times I’ve seen them.  Having all our work together in our new DVD is very powerful and moving. 

Now we just need to get all this love out into the world!

You can be an essential part of bringing connection, compassion and inspiration to others, one Pearl at a time.  Thank you for helping if you can. 





Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


(photo by John Fletcher, Asheville Citizen-Times)

Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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