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Seasonal School of Culinary Arts
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A Question of Taste
Volume 2, Number 4 November, 2011

Dear Culinary Friends,
Still looking for the perfect gift? The Seasonal School of Culinary Arts offers a plethora of options for expanding your culinary awareness or extending an exceptional gift to someone you love. Treat yourself or a friend to one of our week-long sessions in Paris, Asheville, Ithaca, or Sonoma, or invest in a trilogy of cookbooks with recipes from our top chefs to inspire you throughout the years to come.

Paris au Printemps

Come join us for four days of magical discovery, May 9-12, 2012, with market strolls, wine tastings, hands-on culinary sessions, bistro jaunts, and exploration of one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, with a token expedition into the countryside as well. To find out more, visit our website.

Cooking with Wine in Asheville

In addition to being one of the most amazing places on the globe from which to look forth on the rest of humanity, Asheville has recently been voted among the top ten food and wine destinations of the world, and has three times in a row come out top as the number one microbrewing capitol in the US.
Flooded with farmers' markets and independent restaurants, Asheville is home of the annual North American Truffle Festival, the Asheville Wine & Food Festival, a series of Iron Chef-style challenges, is a magnet for celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain, and a stop off for the ever food-conscious Obamas.
Our Cooking with Wine week, July 15-21, will revolve  particularly around the wines of North Carolina, as we pay homage to the 100-plus wineries which now grace this ever-evolving state. Each recipe will be constructed around a different wine, or created to complement a specific wine. You don't have to have a viticulturalist's or viniculturalist's background or necessarily be a wine-drinker to appreciate the nuances which enhance the dishes at hand, but if you are an aficionado, you will certainly be in your element!

Ithaca in Autumn

The Finger Lakes region of New York is swiftly becoming one of THE places to be if food and wine and farming is your passion. With more than 90 wineries flanking the shores of glacially-carved lakes, and the delightfully quaint college town of Ithaca which has more restaurants per capita than New York City, if you haven't yet discovered this pocket of the country, it's time you joined us. And if you have, and just want more of a good thing in the company of other enthusiasts during the height of fall coloring (October 3-6), you're on the right track as well!
Visit our website for an idea of places we will explore.

Sonoma in Winter

Ah, Sonoma! The rolling hills which range from reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands to redolent of the South of France...only footsteps away from San Francisco, through a corridor of redwoods, there are wines, cheeses, oysters, and olives a-plenty, all cultivated in the space of one of the most diverse counties on the globe.
Wine lovers who have already discovered Napa or who seek a more personal introduction to California's wines must visit the richness of Sonoma's terroirs before their time is up. From December 5-8 we'll explore vineyards, creameries, markets, and oyster farms, and we'll enter wine-makers' domains, indulge in hands-on sessions with local chefs, savor pinot until we can tell the difference between grapes grown on the coast and those grown further inland, and marvel at all this country has to offer if only we are ready to taste!
We'll also savor San Francisco, under the expert guidance of Chef Terrell Brunet, with dinner in the historic Haight Ashbury district and a journey to the Ferry Plaza Market.

A Trilogy of Inspiration

Order one of our cookbook collections to inspire you throughout the year. Our first four collections have already sold out, so capture the last three while they are still available!
The 2009 tome features recipes from around the world as well as recipes from across the US, with visits to Greece, Italy, Mexico, India, France, New Orleans, Native America, Southern America, New England and Hawaii.
The 2010 tome addresses Turning a Basket Into a Banquet (cooking with the surprise ingredients you might find in a CSA basket) and Cooking for Vibrant Health (delicious preventative and curative recipes to improve various health issues such as gluten and lactose intolerance, cancer, or diabetes).
The 2011 tome explores Cooking a Rainbow, covering the spectrum of colors available to adorn your plate and your palate across the seasons.
Offer one or all three to a friend, with a discount for the trilogy.

Join us in celebration!

Join us for two or more week-long sessions and receive a $100 discount per session! Register before the new year and receive a $100 discount for any week-long session. Returning SSCA students also receive a $100 discount for any full-week session.
Looking forward to celebrating with you in the New Year...
Susi Gott Séguret, CCP, Director
Seasonal School of Culinary Arts
Asheville, Ithaca, Sonoma, Paris

Seasonal School of Culinary Arts • PO Box 18462 • Asheville, NC 28814
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