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Flying Mountain Yoga
Jan 2012 |
Blessed Self
For me, the new year always begins on the 11th of January - my birthday. This year, Id like to invite you to join me in an intensive study of the spiritual teachings of yoga. You may be ready to take the next step in your inner work.
"From self-study, you are able to connect with higher Truths".
       - Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2.44
Swadhyaya is usually translated as "self-study". This may be interpreted to mean that you study by yourself, i.e. that you read about meditation, yoga and other aspects of spiritual life - or it can mean that you study the nature of the Self.
Although you practice regularly, you may find that you have a tendency to forget why you are practicing - what is your goal in life? Periodic reminders often prove helpful. Personal study not only provides you with the inspiration to practice, it also enables you to focus yourself on a regular basis. Study of spiritual texts helps to prevent your mind from being overly influenced by negative forces. It assists you in resisting distractions and defending yourself against the lure of your senses.
The well-known yoga master, Swami Sivananda used to tell students that “an ounce of practice is worth a tonne of theory”. Yet, he never said that theory is unimportant. Swadhyaya enables you to supply yourself with the necessary with the motivation to develop a more inspired yoga practice.
Swadhyaya is not an intellectual gathering of information. It includes regular study of wisdom teachings and also contemplation on how you can apply those teachings to your life. It is not enough to simply arrive at an intellectual, conceptual grasp of the ideas associated with the yoga tradition. You must also be willing to “walk the talk” by integrating those concepts into your daily life. Yoga is based on direct, personal, living experience, and its study involves:
   - S'ravana: hearing/reading the teachings
   - Manana: mulling over what you have heard/read
   - Dhyana: meditation on the teachings
I will be starting a series of Thurs eve talks (see below) on various aspects of the Yoga Sutra. I invite you to join us - for any or all. I hope that after hearing the teachings, you will be inspired to contemplate them - and then to meditate on them.
with best wishes for a new year filled with much peace,
Swami Saradananda
Philosophy talks

I will be giving a series of talks on yoga philosophy in my private studio. Please contact me ( if you would like to attend.
26 Jan, Thurs, 7-9pm: Swadhyaya
When you approach the teachings of yoga in the spirit of right inquiry (vichara), at the right time (especially the start of a new year), you make it possible for a deep and long-lasting change to take place within your being. Our discussion will look at how yoga is based on direct, personal and living experience.
Feb, Thurs, 7-9pm: Chitta-Vritti
Yoga is the state you are in when no thought waves are disturbing your peace, the state that you experience when your patterns of consciousness are stilled. We will look at this state in more detail and also at yoga as the techniques by which you can settle your mind into silence.
9 Feb, Thurs, 7-9pm: Abhyasa-Vairagya-Tapas
Control of your thoughts through regular, steady practice (abhyasa) with an attitude of detachment (vairagya) may be best achieved through self-discipline (tapas). This talk will (hopefully) inspire you to do things that previously seemed difficult in order to purify and strengthen your mind.
16 Feb, Thurs, 7-9pm: Mantra and Japa
A look at specific sound vibrations that provide powerful auditory assistance in sharpening and expanding your spiritual wisdom – and how to use them. Mantras can help you to restore balance within the microcosm, i.e. your mind and body, and aid you in bringing yourself into harmony with the macrocosm.
23 Feb, Thurs, 7-9pm: Ishwara-pranidhana
The last of Patanjali’s five niyamas is perhaps yoga’s greatest challenge. Ishwara-pranidhana consists of letting go of your embedded persona and opening your heart to the higher purposes of your being.
1 March, Thurs, 7-9pm: Brahmaviharas
You will probably find your mind becoming more serene as you focus on the qualities of friendliness, compassion, delight and equanimity, the four “vehicles” which take you to the realm of inner peace. This talk will include guided meditation and ample opportunities for you to ask questions.
8 March, Thurs, 7-9pm: Santosha
This often understood niyama is actually an optimistic state of mental well-being in which you attempt to focus on the positive aspects of all situations and all beings. Contentment brings with it great inner joy and serenity. Your thoughts become steady and peaceful; you are more able to better concentrate on your practice by being in the present moment.
15 March, Thurs, 7-9pm: Saucha
With the coming of spring, we will look at the first of Patanjali’s niyamas which advocates purification on all levels: the physical cleanliness of washing your body, maintaining an orderly home, eating healthy food – and also mental clarity, and speech that refrains from emotionally-charged obsessions and addictions. Saucha enables you to find greater balance in your life, a pre-condition for experiencing the fullness of yoga and inner peace.
If you are running a teachers training programme, you may want to have your students attend these classes – or, I can personalise a philosophy module to fit your needs.

Teach Meditation

This is a 3-month training for yoga teachers who would like to teach meditation courses and/or integrate meditation into their existing classes.


The next course in Central London will meet on the following Saturdays: 21 Jan, 18 Feb, 17 March and 5 May, 2012.

Introduce your students to meditation as you deepen your own practice.

Yoga Prana & Psychic Energy

If you have been wanting to do an introduction of pranayama (yoga breathing techniques) course with me, the next one will be starting on Wed, 8 Feb, 7-9pm. It is a 4-week course, taking place at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington. Please book with the College as soon as possible.

My travelling and teaching schedule

This winter and spring, I will be travelling: to Switzerland, Germany and Scotland –  as well as teaching in London.

>My full schedule
Skype lessons

I now have Skype; please email me if you would like to arrange a private lesson or interview.

Ganga Prem Hospice News

Ganga Prem Hospice is a spiritually orientated, non-profit hospice for terminally ill cancer patients that is constructed on the banks of the holy Ganges (Ganga) river.

While many people in the world celebrated Christmas Day, 93 patients came to the Ganga Prem Hospice monthly cancer clinic in Rishikesh for free consultations, cancer screening and free medicines. Dr Dewan and his team welcomed and served them with professionalism and compassion.
On the 2nd of January, the popular kirtan singer Krishna Das from New York sang at a charity concert in Rishikesh. The concert, arranged by Ganga Prem Hospice supporters and volunteers, was attended by nearly 500 enthusiastic people and was a memorable and enjoyable start to the New Year.

>Ganga Prem Hospice website
3-month Intensive Meditation Course

This 3-month programme is designed to help you build a strong personal meditation practice. It is the course for you if you are a yoga practitioner who would like to be more inspired and dedicated in your meditation practice.

It will also prove helpful if you are a workshop facilitator who would like to develop a regular practice –perhaps (although not necessarily) with a view of integrating meditation into your programme. Through monthly workshops, daily home practice and intensive personal mentoring with the tutor you will master the theory and techniques of meditation. You will begin to experience the profound joy that comes when you dive into stillness of inner peace.
The course work asks you to make a minimum commitment of 30 minutes per day for your meditation practice and keep a daily practice diary. Your weekly homework assignments will be sent to you via email, so you will need basic computer literacy.
In addition to your home practice, you will meet with the tutor each month: the four evening workshops will meet from 6.30 to 9 pm on Fridays: 20 Jan, 17 Feb, 16 March and 4 May.

>More information:
Mantra Initiation

20 Feb, Mon, 7pm onwards: Sivaratri
This new-moon night; in Indian tradition it is dedicated to Siva. If you have done the "Teach Meditation" course - and you or you students are interested in receiving mantra initiation, please contact me.

Philosophy talks

Teach Meditation

Yoga Prana & Psychic Energy

My travelling and teaching schedule

Skype lessons

Ganga Prem Hospice News

3-month Intensive Meditation Course

Mantra Initiation

The Essential Guide to Chakras

My new book is out and available on Amazon.
Discover the healing power of chakras for body, mind and spirit.

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