Stormwater Pollution Prevention Training Workshop for Architects and Contractors

Architects and contractors are invited to a FREE workshop to learn about stormwater requirements for new projects and redevelopment projects in the City of Santa Barbara.


Hosted by the Santa Barbara Contractors Association and the American Institute of Architects, the workshop will examine the City's Stormwater BMP Guidance Manual, and will include examples of typical stormwater management designs (Low Impact Development or LID).


Wednesday, February 29th, 9:00 - 10:00am

Built Green Resource Center

914 A Santa Barbara Street


For more information, please contact Autumn Malanca at (805) 897-1910.


Photo: Permeable pavers installed at the MacKenzie Park Parking Lot.

Thank You AmeriCorps!

On Monday, January 16th, 30 volunteers with AmeriCorps celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a Day of Service.


The volunteers removed 329 pounds of trash and debris from Leadbetter Beach!


Along with cigarette butts, bits of plastic, glass, and paper litter, volunteers also found several large wooden pallets.

Report Pollution to Help Protect Creek and Ocean Water Quality

Many people don't realize that it is illegal to let polluted water enter the streets, storm drains, and creeks. The Creeks Division receives daily calls to its Enforcement Hotline reporting illegal storm water runoff or illegal dumping.


What are people calling to report?

Common violations include wash water from businesses (mop water, power washing buildings or patios), home improvement and construction site discharges (paint, cement, plaster, dirt), commercial auto washing, and large items or debris dumped in the creeks.  


Upon arriving on scene, the Code Enforcement Officer investigates the discharge and provides education on strategies to prevent polluted runoff from entering waterways. If violations continue after the initial warning, fines are implemented.  


To report pollution to the street, storm drain, or creek, call the Creeks Division's Enforcement Hotline at (805) 897-2688. Anonymous calls are welcome.


For more information on the Creeks Division’s Enforcement Program, please visit

Newly Certified Clean Creeks Businesses

Join the Creeks Division in congratulating the following local businesses taking important steps to protect creek and ocean water quality by becoming Certified Clean Water Businesses!




Blenders in the Grass

720 State Street

(805) 962-7515



222 N. Milpas Street

(805) 963-2377


Starbucks Coffee

3815 State Street

(805) 563-1850


Starbucks Coffee

1046 Coast Village Road

(805) 565-1935


Starbucks Coffee

1990 Cliff Drive

(805) 884-1811


Starbucks Coffee

3957 State Street

(805) 964-8501


Mobile Washer


Impeccable Image

(805) 679-3267


View the complete list of Certified Businesses online at

City of Santa Barbara • PO Box 1990 • Santa Barbara, CA 93102
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