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I am using the question "Mais ou sont les neiges d'antan?" from Francois Villon's poem as a refrain in this newsletter. You can interpret the translations suggested in Adam Gopnik's Winter in your own way.


Oh, where are the snows of yester-year!

This photo was taken in January 2010. We don't have that much snow this year, at least here, at Harbourfront.


But this phrase is not about this. The snow 2012 will come and melt. But where are the memories of the past years? Good old days, dreams, friendship ...   The snows of yester-years melted and took away all we couldn't keep.


Where are the snows we knew?




Click on image for the book link: Adam Gopnik Winter

Fashion: Snow

"Russia is, with Canada, the other great winter nation, a place where snow is not a likely happenstance

but a fixed certainty." p.24


On the right you see my sister modelling (in Russia) her winter crocheted skirt


"...winter creates a suspension of normal rules;

... it enforces a dramatization of normal events.

We act out in winter cities.


When we're cold, we stamp our feet, we shiver -

we show that we're cold."


"Cities in winter are natural stages for holiday theatrics. The city street in winter is intrinsically made for a show." p.120



Click on the image to go to the last February newsletter Snow, hello!

Where have the snows gone?


Our wedding day was in January. Winter and snow.


Where have the snows gone? Time flies.









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Wintery City Knits

"Winter lead the world to Switzerland. ... In the middle of the nineteenth century (..) Switzerland was the ultimate  Romantic destination, the place you travelled to witness scary winter and sweet winter to gether - the place

where scary winter (snow-topped Alps)

actually became sweet winter." p.28



Click on the image to see more of the Alpen style cardigan

Where are the old snows?

My New Year toast is: To the new old snows!


"The romance of winter is  possible only when we have a warm, secure indoors to retreat to, and winter becomes a season to look at as much as one to live through." p.4



Stay warm in winter :-)


Warm knits are here (click on the image)

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