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Center For Peace
IMPORTANT: Changes in dance contribution
Change in Dance Contribution at the Center For Peace
Several years ago, the Center For Peace began offering all of our Dances for a donation amount determined by the Dancer.  Joseph Rael, who brought the Long Dance, Drum Dance and SunMoon Dance to the Center, saw the Council worried about finances; so he suggested that, to break that pattern, we treat the dance as a give-away and ask all participants in the dance to do the same.  Joseph gave this teaching to the council to release the fear of lack by offering the dances for a donation.
The Center For Peace has been, to our knowledge, the only dance location offering Joseph's dances which has not been presenting them at the contributions originally set by Joseph.
The teaching was profound in that we saw our dances revitalized; with more dancers and an increase in gross revenues, although on the average each dancer paid much less for the dances than the original dance contributions.
At the recent Council Retreat Weekend, as a result of a group visionary experience, the Council members who were in attendance got a very clear message from Spirit that we are to return to the original teachings from Joseph Rael and to re-establish the required contribution amount for each dance.
Our first reactions were of disbelief and resistance. With the slowed economy, the Center For Peace, like many non-profit organizations has felt the pinch of reduced donations throughout the past several years. The facilities are aging and in need of repairs, people who are hired for monthly services have gone without payment, the Sound Chamber is in need of repair, and there is worry any time anything extra is needed.
In our discussions (long and intense ones) the gentle urging of Spirit reminded us that this is not about money, it is about establishing balance for those who participate and about once again releasing our own fears of lack. The teaching for the Dancers is to experience the important lessons that come from finding ways to make our intentions manifest.  But it is also for us all to learn not to take our founders, teachers, and sacred places for granted; giving back neglect rather than honor and care.
In the end, it was easy to arrive at consensus because we all recognized the truth of the experience and the teachings.
The following points are the most important ones which emerged from the discussion that ensued after the visionary experience.
  • Have we devalued our spiritual work, letting it become for some more of a social event open for all to share in?
  • Dancing is an opportunity for the student to invite major change into both personal and planetary life by undertaking and co-creating a life changing event.
  • The power of the Dance increases with each step in planning and commitment for the Dance.
  • When we are called to dance, Spirit carries us in the Dance and also provides all we need to come to the Dance.
  • We all remembered stories of the magic that we have witnessed not only in our own lives but also in the lives of others once the commitment to dance has been made.
  • Honor the Dance, the crew, our teachers, the Center and ourselves
  • Honor personal ability to expand beyond presupposed limitations, especially financial ones.
  • Reflect on the sacrifice
  • Share and acknowledge equal commitment among the Dancers
  • Invest life force energy (in the form of money) in one’s self
When doing spiritual work in ceremony, the usual understanding is that one gets out of it what one puts into it. The Universe rewards effort. So although paying the required amount may be difficult for us, by doing so we tell ourselves "this is important!"
Monetary effort is not the only or perhaps not even the most important way to bring effortful energy into our lives. We show our intentions to the Creator in honoring the ceremonies that we attend, by being respectful, caring towards others, being willing to serve and remaining humble in attitude. Indeed, just taking the time out of our busy lives to prepare for, travel to, and spend time at spiritual events shows their importance.
The dancer contribution for each Dance is listed below. These amounts have been set to cover all expenses, including transportation for out of town staff, provide for the Center to support the amount of time and energy spent and to support the continuing operational expenses, as well as some income for the leaders.
You can:
Pay a deposit upon registration and then pay more as possible to reach the contribution amount prior to the dance.
Arrange with the dance chief(s) to earn credit towards your dance by working at the Center For Peace. (These arrangements must be made prior to the Dance, as the work will need to be done before the Dance.)
Be creative:
Ask friends and family to help financially to support your spiritual growth.
Offer to take prayer requests and dance that prayer for one or more rounds of the Dance.
Some scholarships may be available, contact the Chief(s).
Remembering that the Universe rewards your effort, our desire is for you to participate where your spirit calls you.
“For the One”             $580
Web of Life                 $295
SunMoon                     $750
Drum                           $350
Star                             $450
Hollow Bone Dance     $350
Long Dance                 $150
Young People’s Dance $25 per person $100 for family of 4 or more.
Center For Peace • 880 Graves Delozier Road • Seymour • TN • 37865

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