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Tom Waniewski's February 2012 Newsletter

$28 Million for Road Paving

The city will spend $28 million for road paving this year, and next year has committed to spending $31 million. Through some favorable bond calculations, the city will be able to spend the money on this much-needed service. Road repaving is in the top four complaints I receive each year. Here's where the paving will take place in 2012:

 - Monroe St. (Central to Secor)  - Douglas (Central to Sylvania)  - Sherbrooke (Marlow to Berdan)  - Forest Grove (Secor to dead end)  - Drummond (Eastbrook to Westbrook)

 - Kingsmoor (Eastbrook to Grantwood)

 - Grantwood (Stannard to Drummond)

There will be three times as much work committed to residential streets in 2013. Tentatively, it will cover Grantwood, Coolidge, Pennhurst, Gilhouse, Chistie, and Hughes. Additionally, I've submitted a short list of more streets for the administration to monitor should further funding become available. That list is based on communications from constituents.

High Tech Block Watch

Much has been reported recently about my plans for text messaging in what I like to call a "high-tech block watch." An enterprising reporter from WTOL happened upon a meeting I had just finished with Safety Director Shirley Green, and he asked what was going on. That's how the story got out. I've been working for some time with area block watches and the city on something like this. It's a result of a migration of ideas and through my working relationship with my old business partner with Access Toledo. There are still quite a bit of programming involved, which I am working on now, but I'll keep you posted on the roll out. You can read more about it here.

Red Light Cameras

The debate continues on the red light cameras. The city has proposed installing eleven new ones with an estimated $320,000 anticipated revenue to be directed to the Recreation Department. Our police department uses this criteria for deciding where to place the cameras:

- Citizen complaints and officers' observations.

- Traffic crash data.

- A study by Traffic Engineering or an independent company.

Dog License Extension

The Lucas County dog warden has extended the deadline for buying a dog license through February. Cost is $25. When you purchase a license, you'll receive a Rewards Card (right) good at 19 businesses (and growing). The incentives will more than offset the cost of the license. You can learn more about the program discounts here.





Westgate Retail

The Westgate area continues to show good retail growth (photo above). The southeast corner of Secor and Central has seen a face-lift with Keybank. Adjacent to the bank is a new Asian supermarket, and Schramm Flowers has crossed the street from Cricket West into their new location. Stop out and spend a buck or two in District 5.

Things I Find Interesting...

For 2011, $5.2 million was collected in delinquent city income taxes. With 15 people on staff involved in the collection process, that amounts to $346,800 per employee.


 Various HOME grant and loan funds were directed to the Brownstone project on Dorr Street since 2006 totalling $516,960 in tax dollars. So far, only one unit has sold for $93,900.



There were 3,939 various "animal" calls (the furry kind) to 911 in 2011. Most of the calls (44 percent) were made between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m.


There's been a 75 percent reduction in complaints about refuse pick up since the city privatized the service. You may recall, I  voted against "bonus" money for transferred workers after I discovered 138,000 complaints in one year in that department.

Meter Reminder

The Public Utilities Department wants to remind residents to make sure your inside meter readings are in sync with your remote, outside meter. It's as easy as reading. If the numbers differ, call             419-245-1800      .

Tom Waniewski City Council • One Government Center • Toledo, OH 43604
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