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© 2008 Luke Haynes "[Man Stuff #1] Hammer," 72" X 84" Quilt. Fabric, Thread, batting.

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Tues/Wed/Thurs & Sunday: 4pm-12am



Closed Monday

Happy Hour Specials: 4-7 daily

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Our Mission Showcasing dedicated, professional artists, Vermillion offers art, wine, beer, cocktails, and a daily seasonal menu in a unique, comforting setting. Located in the bustling Pike/Pine corridor and part of a new concept of hybrid gallery spaces, we offer the culture and appeal of an art opening every night without the crushing crowds.






OPENING THURSDAY, March 8, 2012, 6-8 PM

(show runs through April 7, 2012)

Blitz! Second Thursday Artswalk

Luke Haynes says,  "The hundredth quilt was a huge marker for me in my career. I use it as the line in the sand at which point I gained mastery of my craft. The point of the show is a celebration of the art and object of quilts as well as of me making it in the world.  I will curate the show from my works through out the years and fresh off the machine. 


In an art form known for its History and linage the marking of time passing is an important datum and this show is to celebrate that in my works. I will fill the walls with works that show what can me made of quilts and how the method can push the viewer to re-understand what an object of use can become through the lens of a Designer. 


The subjects range from political to personal always through the filter of being made of fabric and by me. Some pieces are parts of huge exhibitions and some are single investigations into method or image or iconography. All the pieces in this show are my quilt works. Walking through Vermillion Gallery you will see the method to my ownership of this media and my homage to the context in which I make images and objects. "

About Luke Haynes

Luke Haynes creates scenes, images, portraits and environments out of fabric and thread.  Drawing from a tradition of meditative American portraiture, with influences ranging from Chuck Close to Kehinde Wiley, Haynes depicts the images with which we find comfort, constructed within the traditional quilting process, layering found cloth pieces, inscribed by thread. With roots in the American South, and an architectural education at Cooper Union, his work lies within the juncture between form and function, art and craft, quilt tradition and contemporary design culture.


Quilting for 10 years, Haynes has completed well over 100 quilts, the largest to date reached 9x17 feet. His work has been showcased in exhibitions and installations in 14 states and 3 different countries. Haynes gives new life to the tactile American experience.  His work is permanently on view at the Newark Museum, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Private collection of the Norton Family, and in the lobby of Duke University to name a few. He is coming up on his 40th exhibition and this will be the 10th just featuring his work.


Haynes was born In Colorado, but grew up primarily in the American South, which was the generative source of his craft and culture. He has lived in 15 States and attended 14 schools creating a foundation of knowledge and human interactions that is ripe within his work. He currently splits his time between New York and Seattle.
















 • Cooper Union, School of Architecture, New York, NY

 • North Carolina, School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC




 • Permanent Collection DUKE University Winter 2012

 • Permanent Collection [X2] Newark Museum Fall 2011

 • SAM "Set the Table" Seattle Art Museum June 2011

 • Private collection [X2] Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation May 2011

 • Honorable mention Quilt Festival Nov 2010

 • Board member Alliance for American Quilts 2009-on

 • Second place Crazy Quilts Contest June 2009

 • Volunteers Pick you Are here Sept 2009

 • Private collection Norton Family Aug 2008




 • [Solo] "My 100th Quilt", Vermillion Seattle, WA Mar 2012

 • "Patchwork; Folk Art to Fine Art", Newark Museum Newark, NJ Dec 2011

 • "Material Witnesses", The Art Quilt Gallery New York, NY Nov 2011

 • "Push", The Textile Arts Center New York, NY Nov 2011

 • Quilts by Men, Copper Shade Tree Gallery Round top, TX Nov 2011

 • [Solo] Man Made Quilts, The Bull Gainesville, FL Sept 2011

 • "Men's Work", The Box Factory San Francisco, CA Oct 2011

 • "Mad Homes", Mad Arts Seattle, WA July 2011

 • "Americana", AA Gallery New York, NY June 2011

 • Opening show, Gallery 206 Seattle, WA June 2011

 • [Solo] "Quilt Artist", DUKE University Durham, NC Mar 2011

 • "Quilt by Association", Gallery LUKE Seattle, WA Dec 2010

 • "Gambol" Arts League Houston Houston, TX Nov 2010

 • [Solo] "To the Wall", Cherryhearst House Houston, TX Nov 2010

 • Quilt Festival, Houston, TX Nov 2010

 • [Solo] "Bed Clothes", Trabant Seattle, WA Oct 2010

 • "Men and the art of Quilt Making" Paducah, KY Oct 2010

 • "Innovation/Renovation", Textile Museum La Conner, WA Sept 2010

 • "Cutting Edge" Textile Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY Sept 2010

 • "On the Wall & On the Floor" 360SEE, Chicago, IL Sept 2010

 • [Solo]"Opening" , Gallery LUKE Seattle, WA Sept 2010

 • [Solo]"Perspectives " , Some space gallery Seattle, WA Sept 2010

 • Project Green River, Green River, UT June 2010

 • "You are Here" Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, CA Sept 2009

 • "Quilted Portraits & Stitched Scenes" 360SEE, Chicago, IL Aug 2009

 • [Solo]"American Nostalgia", The C Gallery, Los Alamos, CA, Aug 2009

 • "Bite Sized", Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta, GA Dec 2008

 * International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX Oct 2008

 * Virginia Quilt Museum, Harrisonburg, VA Sept 2008

 * Arts and Culture Alliance of Knoxville, Knoxville, TN Aug 2008

 • "Pop Art", The C Gallery, Los Alamos, CA Oct. 2008

 • [Solo], All souls Fellowship, Atlanta, GA Oct 2008

 • Jan Larsen Art DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY Sept 2008-11

 • Holiday Exhibition, Flood Gallery, Asheville, NC Dec 2007

 • Set design "Wish I had a Sylvia Plath" Traveling Apr 2007-on

 • [Solo] Gallery Exhibit , NFB Asheville, NC Dec 2006

 • Quilt Show, NC Arboretum Asheville, NC Aug 2005


PRESS [Selected]


 • [X2] "Mad Skills"

 • "Filed under A for Amazing"

 • [Cover] The Stranger "Evokes Delight"

 • King 5 news "Clever"

 • KPLU "Wow, I've never seen that before"

 • Seattle Times "Experimental"

 • [Cover] Fiber Arts "Great mastery"

 • Textile Forum "perched between craft and technology"

 • Seattle Weekly "Not your typical artist"

 • "Fabulous modern Quilter"

 • Quilters Home "utterly striking portraits"

 • Seattle Magazine [X2] "Quilt Artist" "Best Of 2011" "Best of 2010"

 • Men and the art of quilt making "Man Stuff"

 • American Lifestyle Magazine "[His] art is his life"

 • [X2] "The new weird America"

 • Quilters Newsletter Magazine "A patchwork of thoughts"

 • Citizen Times, Asheville NC "Fresh"

 • Mtn. Xpress, Asheville NC "Progressive"

 • Oxford Times, Oxford England "Luke Haynes has triumphed as a quilter"

 • Daily Info, Oxford England "a work of complete delight"

 • "transforms the comfortably familiar"

 • [X3] "cutting edge of quilting art"

 • "refracted fabric visions"

 • [X3] "The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge"

 • [X2] "makes ludicrous quilts"

 • "Blurring the Distinctions."

 • "bitchin stichin"




 • Push, Stitchery Lark Craft Publisher Sept 2011

 • Men and the Art of Quilt Making AQS Publisher Sept 2010





 • Artist in Residence LMCC, New York Fall 2011

 • Artist in residence Shunpike Fall 2010

 • Artist in residence New Umbrella Sum 2010

 • Artist in residence Handi Quilter Mar 2010

vermillion • PO box 20628 • seattle, WA 98102
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