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Rolling Out the Welcome Mat;

Giving Women "What They Want";

and Laughing with Puns and Needles

Welcome to Our New Newsletter!

Over the past several months, my team and I have made lots of changes at Acupuncture Associates.  We moved to a new office, doubled our treatment space, revamped our website, and signed up for our first community showcase, What Women Want.

With so much news, we thought now would be the perfect time to introduce a brand new newsletter format.  We'll be reaching out to you a few times per year with information, updates, client spotlights, and a little bit of humor.  Welcome!

The Power of Chinese Herbs:  Ginger

Chinese herbs have been used for centuries.  The first traditionally recognized herbalist, Shénnóng, is said to have lived around 2800 BC.

There are roughly 13,000 medicinals used in China and over 100,000 medicinal recipes recorded in the ancient literature.  In each newsletter, I'll highlight one Chinese herb and its healing properties:



Ginger is used in Chinese medicine to treat motion and morning sickness, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It acts to reduce stomach and intestinal spasms, while at the same time supporting digestion. Ginger is also a powerful antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory. It reduces the joint pain and swelling associated with arthritis, eases migraine headaches, and prevents stomach ulcer formation. Ginger reduces cholesterol levels by preventing cholesterol absorption from the diet and increases its elimination from the body. It reduces platelet aggregation (blood clotting) and supports cardiovascular health.

The Feng Shui Way:  Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Feng Shui is an

8, 000 year-old Chinese philosophy about the relationship between humans and their environment. Every item in a space and its placement is thought to either enhance or diminish our well-being.  Based on the laws of nature, logic and common sense, we have incorporated feng shui principles into our office.   


For example, in feng shui, mirrors are thought to reflect (double) or deflect (transfer) energy in a space.  A mirror can increase the positive energy of something reflected in it.  In this Acupuncture Associates treatment room, notice that we have hung a mirror to reflect the statue of Quan Yin who is regarded as a symbol of protection and healing.  Likewise, the orchid is thought to be a symbol of health, fertility, and the quest for perfection in any area of one's life.  The fan symbolises auspicious movement of Qi (energy) and assists in dispersing negative Qi.

March 8th: Join Us For What Women Want

On March 8th, from 6pm to 10 pm join us at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Wilmington for a What Women Want showcase.


Hosted by Cumulus Broadcasting, What Women Want will showcase Wilmington area services and experiences geared toward women. There will be more than 30 exhibitors at this FREE event.


The evening will include a fashion show, belly dancers, fitness demonstrations, hors d'oeuvres and champagne served by butlers, and a special surprise at the Acupuncture Associates booth.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Acupuncture For Migraines


"When I was suffering from debilitating migraine headaches, my mother and my sister both suggested that I go to Doctor Robert of Acupuncture Associates for help. I listened to their experiences, read up on the practice of acupuncture, and decided to give it try. I've been a regular patient for years now, finding relief with everything from those painful headaches to the sciatic nerve pain I experienced while pregnant with my third child." ~ Barbara


Puns and Needles

A new patient was filling out our medical history forms. After Name and Address, the next question was "Nearest Relative." She wrote: "Walking Distance."


In this issue:

Welcome to Our New Newsletter!

The Power of Chinese Herbs: Ginger

The Feng Shui Way: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

March 8th: Join Us For What Women Want

Puns and Needles

Ancient Wisdom

Happy Communication

The Doctor Says...

..."Drink warm water with lemon at every meal." 


Why do I recommend this to almost all of my patients?  Because warm water with lemon:


1. Boosts your immune system

2. Balances your pH

3. Helps with weight loss

4. Aids digestion

5. Is a diuretic

6. Keeps skin clear

7. Freshens breath

8. Relieves respiratory problems

9. Relieves Stress

10. Helps people kick the coffee habit


For more information about the power of lemons, visit our blog.

Ancient Wisdom

Talk doesn't cook rice.~ Chinese Proverb

Happy Communication

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