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                   Puppy Love!

                  June 2012






Pooch of the Month:  Give Chance a Chance!

Looking for a chance to make a difference? Then come meet Chance, a yellow Lab/mix who was found hitched to the shelter’s fence one morning in May. Chance had fresh bite wounds and a collar that had grown into his neck.  Whoever tied him to the fence also left a brief note, simply stating that he’d had a hard life with several owners and little care.

Of course we immediately took him in, fed and bathed him, and provided the needed veterinary care... and lots of TLC!

And here he is, today!  Just look at that face!  This young adult male has made a remarkable recovery!  He's a happy, energetic animal who enjoys playing with his yardmate, Bacardi, a female chocolate Lab/mix, also at the shelter. Chance is neutered and vaccinated, loves to go on walks, and behaves surprisingly well on a leash. This sweet dog will make a wonderful pet for a family. Are you willing to give him the second chance he deserves?



Kitty of the Month:  Xena, Kitty Princess

Imagine coming to work and finding a securely-taped cardboard box on the doorstep!  Curious, you open it up... and are horrified to discover a mother cat and her 8-week-old kittens!

That’s what happened to our shelter staff recently when they found Xena, a dilute calico. The note on the box stated that Xena, the mother, was a stray, and that she and her two orange and brown kittens (whom we've named Rex and Ferbie) were all very sweet.  




Since her arrival, Xena has been spayed, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV and FELV (feline viruses). She has a sweet disposition and gets along very well with the other cats at the shelter.  This pretty kitty with beautiful yellow eyes is ready and waiting to meet her new family... is that you?

A final note...We hope that everyone reading about Chance and Xena understands just how dangerous it is to abandon animals, especially in warm weather.  How anyone, in good conscience,  could simply leave Xena and her kittens in a taped box, or Chance tied to a fence, is beyond us.  We are located in a rural part of the county where foxes, coyotes and other predators exist.  None of these animals would have had a chance to defend themselves if attacked.  Finally, animal abandonment is illegal and punishable with a $1000 fine.    

Photos below:  Ferbie on the left, Rex on the right.








Alumni Photo Gallery


We're always interested in hearing from folks who have adopted our pooches and kitties, providing them with  "fur-ever" homes!  We'd like to make this a regular feature of the e-newsletter, posting a few photos each month, so keep those updates coming!  (If you'd like us to post the story of your adopted furry family member, please email us at  diane@moorehumane.org . Let us know how your best friend is doing and attach your photos as jpeg files. )




"I just wanted to give you an update on Tilly.  First, we renamed her Sadie. She is a great dog and has really come a long way since we adopted her. She goes on runs with me almost every day and is doing very well on loose leash walks. We have taken her to the dog park a few times, which she loves, and she socializes really well with other dogs. She is getting a lot of love and attention and she is coming out of her shell. We had her shaved for the summer so she may look a little funny. Anyway, just thought I would let you know that she is doing great; thanks for giving us the opportunity to have her as part of our family!"









"I've been wanting to drop you a note to let you know that Lucy (formerly known as Mattie) is doing just wonderfully. I can only hope that we have made her as happy as she has made us. She is my constant companion (unless I'm going to the golf course). She loves her doggie sundaes from the Dairy Queen and is holding steady at 62 pounds. Here's a photo from last summer at a friend's camp up in the Adirondack mountains of NY. She loves riding in the car...besides visiting NY, she has traveled out to Breckenridge, CO and had a wonderful time in the Rockies!"




"Here are pictures of Levi and Tokyo (aka Ollie and Sebastian) from Christmas morning. My kids were totally shocked and thrilled. The kittens have been a lot of fun and amazing with the kids. It was a great decision to adopt both of them as we've really enjoyed watching them together and my kids feel like there's enough cat to go around -- the litter box proves that!

The funniest thing is that Sebastian is a total nut about nibbling on our ear lobes. I saw him doing this with a volunteer one day but didn't think much of it. I googled it and was so surprised to see how common this behavior  is with kittens!  He'll go to any length to get at our ears, and for the most part, it's fine. He's so content when he does it; my 14 year old son says it's their bonding time!  Thanks again for helping us keep this a surprise... the kids had no clue what was going on which made it that  much more exciting. The kittens are so good natured and never skittish, and we're all really enjoying them!"




"I wanted to give you an update on Opal and Purl (formerly Magnolia) and thank you again for these sweet girls. Purl has grown taller and longer and Opal is a little rounder in shape now. They love to snuggle on my lap and they follow me around everywhere. Purl meows very loudly if (heaven forbid!) I close the door behind me. They closely supervise everything I do including making dinner and cleaning the litter box. They really enjoy riding over to Grammy's in their carrier to play with the shih-tzus. The waggy dog tails make excellent cat toys!"

"They still love to play and Purl has become quite the leaper. She can jump up about four feet from a sitting position to catch her feather wand toy. Opal prefers to sit up on her back legs and gently grab the feathers with both hands at once-very delicate! Here are some pics, including one of the girls napping on my legs as I work-our usual positions!"

(Opal is on the right, Purl is on the left)



A Round of Applause and Our Thanks...


Last month, Sgt. Major Jamey Caldwell presented a seminar at Bill Smith Ford entitled "Bass Fishing Seasonal Patterns and Understanding Sonar." Jamey is a member of the US Army Special Operations Command and uses his training and skills as a Ranger when he's bass fishing.  Items were raffled and donations collected at the seminar, with all proceeds used to purchase food and other needed supplies for Moore Humane Society.  Jamey, his wife Stacey, and daughter Payton made a huge delivery to the Shelter, photo on the left.

Also, a big thank you to Girl Scout Juniors Troop #1301 and Troop Leader Laura Douglass. As part of their Bronze Award service project, the Scouts collected items from our Wish List and made their delivery earlier this month!  Great work, girls!


School's Out For Summer...


If you're looking for an enjoyable and rewarding summer activity to share with your kids... how about joining our Volunteers?  The first step is to attend the Volunteer Orientation (July 14 and August 18) .  Please visit our website at www.moorehumane.org and click on the Volunteer tab.  Register to attend and we'll be in touch!

If you would like to help out as a Volunteer Kennel Attendant, please contact Diane Lisevick, our Volunteer Coordinator, at diane@moorehumane.org .

A Wish List for Dog Days of Summer


After consulting with all of the pooches, Taska compiled the summertime Wish List,  "Every sensible dog knows that when the thermometer hits 90, it's time to head to the beach!  These lightweight harnesses are just the thing to keep beginner swimmers out of trouble. I, of course, am very comfortable around water and all sorts of aquatic activities!  What fun to rediscover my interest in ducks and geese!" 

    -  Topical Tick and Flea Treatment: Advantix for dogs

        (and Advantage for cats)

    -  Pet Food: Purina Pro Plan dry food for dogs/puppies

    -  Purina Pro Plan dry food for  cats/kittens

    -  Stainless steel puppy bowls

    -  Canned puppy food (ground, not chunky; non-gravy, please)

    -  Canned dog food (non-gravy, please)

    -  Friskies canned cat food (Turkey and Giblets)

    -  Shampoo for puppies

    -  Harnesses for dogs, all sizes

    -  ThunderShirts, all sizes

    -  Rubber teething toys for puppies

    -  Non clumping clay kitty litter



Have You Seen the Cinco de Mayo Pooch Parade Slide Show?


Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjePVvPWv0g&feature=youtu.be to hear some great music, courtesy of graphic artist Nancy Schutt, and to see some of the cutest pooches around!


Are You Friends With Us on Facebook?


If you use Facebook, don't forget to LIKE the Moore Humane Society page!  We now have over 1000 folks who like us, and we'd love to make it to 1,100!


Mark Your Calendars!


Moe's Southwest Grill Fundraising Dinner, Aberdeen; Saturday,  June 24th, 5:00 - 9:00 PM

Enjoy a great meal while helping Moore Humane Society animals at the same time!  After paying for your meal, leave the receipt in the donation box by the cash register.  Moe's donates 15% of the tickets left in the box to Moore Humane Society.

Moore Humane Society Felines are in the PetSmart Cat Room for the entire month of July! 

That's right!  We'll have adult cats and kittens on display, and volunteers will be available on most days if you'd like to spend some time cuddling these beautiful animals!

Pinehurst Fourth of July Pet Parade, Pinehurst Village

Come watch some of our very patriotic pooches in their festive costumes!  


PetSmart Adoption Weekend, Saturday, July 21st and Sunday, July 22nd

This event showcases Moore Humane Society pooches and felines!  Come down and see our beautiful animals!



Coming in July:  Kitten Caboodle


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