Nancy Joyce Gallery
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Nancy Joyce Gallery - April 2012 Newsletter


[TacTile Series]

19" x 21"


"Fishing For Gold"

[Subtraction Series]

Mixed Media on Canvas - 30" x 48"


"Night Light"

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas - 24" x 24" 

[4 panels of 12" x 12"]


"One Wish"

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas - 18" x 36" 

[Subtraction Series]


Inside my studio

I have been working on a few distinct projects this past month. One of which is my patent pending "TacTiles". My TacTiles consist of 12 wooden, magnetic blocks connected to a steel plate which I have painted on to create an image. They are movable & easily manipulated tiles that want to be touched, rearranged and reordered. It's the collector's opportunity to be the artist, similar to a puzzle or magnetic poetry. This first TacTile is titled, "Nesting". Each individual tile is 5" x 4", total framed size is approximately 19" x 21". This is the first of many TacTiles you will see from me this year.


"Fishing For Gold" is part of my Subtraction Series [where less becomes more] and an idiom painting. "Fishing For Gold", along with a few of my other pieces, will be hanging in Atelier Gallery in Charleston later this month.


"Half-Full" is also part of my Subtraction Series and also one of my idiom paintings which speaks of optimism. This painting looks at life in a more positive, and comical, light. I came up with this image driving down the road immediately after I completed "Fishing for Gold". 


"Night Light" is my response to Van Gogh's "Bedroom in Arles" from 1889. This painting will be hanging in Hickory Museum of Art from now through July 29th


"One Wish" is an up-close dandelion painting and a glimpse into the beginning of a new series of 30 works, titled [The Celebration of the Weed], which will be displayed during the Spring of 2013 in the Adler Gallery at Posana Cafe.


There are several pieces not shown in this newsletter but that can be seen at One painting in particular, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", is also connected to my Subtraction/Idiom Series and speaks for itself. This painting should hit a cord with most anyone who has dared to live a little.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I always enjoy receiving feedback and hearing from each of you!  


Until next month,


Upcoming Exhibitions & Events

"Half Full"

Mixed Media on Canvas - 30" x 48"

[Subtraction Series]


Nancy Joyce Gallery • 122 Riverside Drive (Studio E) • Asheville, NC 28801
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