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the ASI Burgee - Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 Advanced Level 1 sailing class being offered - - Steve Poulos

Sign up is now open for the 2012 Advanced Level 1 sailing class!


As you may have heard, in 2012 there will be a pilot test of a new advanced Level-1 class. The purpose of the class is to build on basic ASI L1 instruction to take students to the next level of sailing skill and confidence. Content will include reinforcement of key concepts taught in basic L1, instruction on more advanced techniques and controls, and sharing of practical tips in a wide variety of sailing topics. This class does not cover racing rules or tactics. Potential students include capable rated L1 sailors, new L1 instructors, L1 racing students, future L2 students, and even L2 or above sailors who would like to refresh or strengthen their basic understanding of sailing concepts. You must be rated to take the class.


There will be 5 classes taught this year with 2 students per class. Classes are mostly on the water at Kent Lake and last 7-8 hours. The cost is $35 paid in advance to the Sail Secretary. Class dates are:


• Saturday, May 12th

• Sunday, June 17th

• Saturday, July 28th

• Sunday, August 19th

• Saturday, September 1st


Since this year will be a pilot program, we are looking for a variety of students, not just first come first serve. Therefore, if you are interested in taking the class, please send an email to Steve Poulos at with the following information:

• Full name and current rating

• Years since you were rated L1, as of 1/1/12

• What levels are you currently active in sailing (based on 2011 season)?

• Are you a newly rated L1 student from 2011 who will be joining the racing program in 2012?

• Were you a basic L1 instructor in 2011 and do you plan to continue instructing basic L1 in 2012?

• If you have at least 3 years of L1 rating and are a regular, confident Interlake sailor, would you be interested in being considered to become an Adv. L1 instructor in 2013?

• Please indicate all class dates that will work for you?


Based on the responses I get, I will fill out and publish an initial student roster in the Burgee before the end of April and will contact selected students so that they may confirm their position and pay the fee to the sail secretary, holding their spot. There are no refunds and you must pay the fee within one week of being informed that you are on the student list or your spot will be given to the next available student.


Several potential students have expressed interest in the class informally, so I would encourage you to respond soon via email before these few classes begin to fill up. Thanks, Steve Poulos

2012 Spring Sailing Sewing workshops - - Kathy Chrzanowski

Sailing Sewing workshops will be Saturdays, March 24 and 31 at my home from 9am - 4 pm.  You do not need any skills to do this.  We will teach you. Service hours may be obtained for all the hours you work.  The sails are sorted and labeled as to the repair needs, so hopefully this will go along easily, and we will be ready to put the boats with repaired sail back in the water soon afterwards.  

  • Saturdays, March 24 & 31 9:00 - 4:00
  • Bring $4 for pizza lunch
  • Location: 7471 Buckthorn Dr, W. Bloomfield, MI 48324

If you need directions, call 248-877-6539 or email:

DRYA 2012 Winter Wednesday Seminar Series Overviews - - Mickey Bennett

Seminars start at 7PM.  Go to for more information, updates, and potential winter weather changes. Unless otherwise noted, these seminars are free of charge to ASI sailors!




Coast Guard Lieutenant Justin Westmiller will speak on modern safety and search and rescue techniques including a review of how AIS impacts our safety on the water. He will address what to do when the helicopter is overhead and how to get the helicopter to come including transmitting calls for help using EPIRB and DSC.


Tim Metcalf will discuss Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and the familiar red “Distress” button. In order to take full advantage of this technology, boaters must ensure that their identity and location are available in the event of an emergency.


The discussion will led by Tim Metcalf, a USCG ¬licensed captain, experienced offshore sailor and racer, and the owner of a small business that sells, integrates and installs marine navigation electronics. Tim Metcalf is the Rear Commodore of the Double Handed Sailing Association. He has accumulated almost 13,000 offshore sailing miles.


Please join us March 28th at Port Huron Y. C., 212 Quay St., Port Huron

New L1 skippers: get into racing next season - - Michael Golden

Racing is a fun way for new or experienced skippers to refine their sailing skills. One learns sailing by doing it; having another boat sailing nearby at your performance level is a great teacher. You don’t have to get competitive about racing to gain confidence in your ability on the helm.


New racers must attend the basic seminar in April and a practice, to skipper in the early races, when you are ready. There is no racing fee for newly rated Level 1 members from this last season. To sign up, reply with your name, rating, and years of sailing/racing experience to Michael Golden 248-549-3030.



Performance Quiz


1. What 3 things are necessary to come about?

2. How can you make the boat turn downwind faster?

3. What can you do to reduce excess weather helm (boat heads up a lot)?

4. What are the best things you can do to improve your sailing ability?


Bob Dylan says, the answers my friend, are blowing in the wind:


1. Have way on; be sailing close to the wind, slowly move the tiller wide (45°).

2. By letting the main sail out as you fall off.

3. Raise the centerboard a bit, move weight forward, hike out, & ease the main.

4. Join the racing program and teach sailing.


(editors note: for question 1, the first necessity is wind!)

A few more things...       

Trivia question: What's the name of the soon-to-be best-selling author of Escape  to Baja, available on Amazon? Hint: he's also a long-time ASI sailor! Is there a movie in the works?


Please send your Burgee input to for inclusion in the next  Burgee. Have you noticed they are coming more frequently? C'mon, spring! 

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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