MacKenzie Park Parking Lot Receives California Park & Recreation Society Award!

The Creeks Division was recently notified that the MacKenzie Park Parking Lot Storm Water Infiltration Project won the California Park & Recreation Society’s 2012 Facility and Park Planning Award!


In 2011, permeable pavers were installed in the parking spaces and part of the walkway through the park. The pavers improve water quality by allowing stormwater and urban runoff to soak into the ground rather than quickly washing pollutants into storm drains, creeks, and the ocean.


The project has the capacity to detain and treat the volume of water generated by a one inch storm event over 24 hours. For more information on the project, please visit

Thank You Franklin Elementary School!

On Thursday, March 1st, 30 students from Ms. McCormick’s class at Franklin Elementary School joined the Creeks Division and the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary’s MERITO Program (Multicultural Education for Resource Issues Threatening Oceans) for a trip to Sycamore Creek.


The students gathered at the creek to learn about watersheds, common pollutants and their effects on creek and ocean water quality, and the benefits of native plants. The students also had the opportunity to test the creek’s water, and helped install 35 native plants!

Neighbors Join Together for Creek Tree Project on Arroyo Burro

An enthusiastic community member has rallied several of her neighbors on Arroyo Burro Creek to participate in the Creek Tree Program. Designed to improve riparian canopy along local creeks, the Creek Tree Program is available to creek side property owners throughout the City.


A total of six property owners are participating in this project, which included the removal of 25 non-native invasive trees (eucalyptus and small ash trees), and the installation of 47 native trees (oak, sycamore, bay laurel, alder, and cottonwood).   


For projects up to $1,000 the Creeks Division covers all project costs. For projects up to $5,000 the Creeks Division covers the initial $1,000 and 75% of the remaining cost – the maximum a property owner would be asked to provide is $1,000.


For more information on the Creek Tree Program, please visit


Green @ Your Library

As part of the "Green @ Your Library" series of events, the Creeks Division will be partnering with the City's Environmental Services Division to provide a presentation about pollution prevention and recycling.


Wednesday, April 4

Central Library

Faulkner Gallery

40 E. Anapamu St.



Creeks Division staff will describe the recently completed project to install storm drain screens throughout the City.


The screens stop litter and debris at the curb so that it can be picked up by street sweepers, rather than allowing it to enter storm drains, which flow directly to our creeks and ocean untreated.


For more information about Green @ Your Library, please visit

City of Santa Barbara • PO Box 1990 • Santa Barbara, CA 93102
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