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Eggs and Nests

Loons' Nests


April is Easter, bunnies, chickens, eggs and nests. And I thought why not try to make  some "loons' nests" in my next craft project. Their nests are pretty messy(that might justify some imperfections :-), and the bird is a true Canadian beauty.


So, here we are, making and decorating nests!

Melange Knitted Egg

Last year I knitted and crocheted some eggs. This year

I used some small additions to create some artful pieces.


These small things look to me like matted grasses, rushes and twigs - everything that loons use to make their nests.



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Lace and Knits

I decided to fashion this egg-filled nest with a knitted band, lace, a crocheted piece, some yarn, and other ephemera.


Looks very vernal (spring like)!


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Mohair Egg

As a knitter, I often use yarn in my craft projects.

In this nest you can see a mohair egg.






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Vintage Nest

This is a vintage-inspired piece with soft pastels of a crocheted egg and a vintage portrait.




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Happy Spring

These decorated nests are my interpretation

of the home for a bird.

May your homes/nests/hearts

be filled with warmth.


Happy Easter,

vernally yours,

Tanya P.


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