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the ASI Burgee - Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting to Crawford Farm: Highway construction update

There is highway construction underway this spring at the I-96/Milford Road exit, while the bridge over Milford Road is being rebuilt. Much of this work takes place on weekends to minimize weekday traffic. Consequently, you may experience delays and/or detours on your way to Crawford Farm for Interlake prep and maintenance.


Here's what the website says: 


I-96 over Milford Road

  • Three lanes will be maintained in each direction during peak travel times via traffic shifts, 5 a.m. - 7 p.m. weekdays.
  • Two lanes open at all other times.
  • Milford Road entrance and exit ramps closed to and from eastbound and westbound I-96. Traffic will be directed to the Kent Lake Road interchange.

My experience over the past few weeks, however, is that the westbound 155B exit is OPEN during weekends. The EASTBOUND, however, has not been. Will that continue to be true? Or not?


Good luck, watch the orange barrels, and we'll see you at the farm Saturday at nine!

MISSING the ACTION - - Joan Swain

Just had my first, April, pre boat-prep meeting with the Maintenance Team on Saturday.   But since April Saturdays are all about boat prep, it felt strange to tell them, "See you in a month."


That's right.  Due to varied conflicts the next 4 Saturdays, this year I am going to be missing all the action for both boat preparation and launch.  However, I have been assured by your seasoned, unruffled, we've-never-failed-to-get-the -boats-ready-or-launched Maintenance Team that they will be doing "just fine" without me (really?).   More good news is that Jessica Hogg is returning to head up the Launch, so I know all will be well and in place around noon on launch day, May 5th.  


Of course neither the mighty, maintenance 5  nor Jessica can prepare nor launch the boats by themselves, so referring to the varied Burgee alerts for your help, here's hoping you won't be replicating my truant example.    Here's my thank you for doing what I am not going to be available to do.....getting those boats ready and into their slips. 

Where's Crawford Farm?

Our work in getting the Interlakes ready for Kent Lake starts this Saturday at  Crawford Farm. But where is Crawford Farm?


If you're driving west on I96, take the 155B exit toward Milford. A couple of miles north, turn right on Buno, a gravel road. Go one mile to South Hill, also gravel, and turn left. Crawford Farm will be about 300 yards north, on the left. Pull into the drive, and park behind the outbuildings. 


We'll be starting around nine and will work for 2 or 3 hours, depending on the weather. See you there!

Ahoy Returning Students! - - JoAnne McClure

Just a reminder that if you didn't get rated in 2011, you can still do so this summer if you took your Level 1 class in 2011. You will need to renew your Sailpass and membership if you have not yet done so. If you took the September class, you already have a 2012 pass. Once you have done that, it is time to get out there and practice! Take your sails until you can do all the maneuvers on the test, then sign up[ with a Test Instructor for your water and written tests. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to practice. But don't delay! If you don't get rated in 2012, you must start over with the classes! Questions/ Contact Lisa or JoAnne McClure.

Calendar alert! Heads up!

Spring has sprung! Work begins at Crawford Farm THIS SATURDAY!


Here are some important dates to put in your calendar:

  • Saturday, April 14 We'll begin Interlake prep at Crawford Farm at 9 AM 
  • Saturday, April 21 Continue boat prep at Crawford Farm, inventory sails and equipment at Milford Storage, and begin installation of mooring lines at Kent Lake
  • Saturday, April 28 Transport of dock boxes to Kent Lake, continue boat prep at Crawford Farm
  • Saturday, May 5  INTERLAKE LAUNCH DAY ! 

We have a shortened spring prep schedule, but work should be greatly eased due to the work done last fall in shrink-wrapping the boats.  


We'll need lots of hands on deck on these dates in April and for the Interlake launch, so be sure to enter these dates in your calendar. Spring has sprung! 

AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU - - Joan Swain,  Level 1 Manager

About a year ago, I was asked, "What does the Level 1 Manager do?"  My immediate, inner thought was, "Don't you read the Burgee?,"  since nearly everything I had had my hand in, and even some that I hadn't, was revealed in a Burgee article.  Since the time to answer that question was very brief, and many thoughts were colliding in my head, at that moment the only words I could muster were, "a variety of things."    So?


Well, I'm telling you about that brief interaction since this will be my 3rd and final season as the L1 Manager, and I don't want to be at a loss for words should someone ask about the duties come late Fall when the Club will be getting close to choosing the next manager.  Due to a variety of reasons, however much I've enjoyed all the advantages that come with being more involved with the Club, it's now time for some other, lucky person to step up. 


Yes, lucky.  Whoever takes on this position is not only going to learn more about the Club than perhaps they even knew existed, but more importantly, will also have the good fortune to mix in with many who have already given, and still are giving, their talents and time to not only help keep the Club going, but are continually working to improve upon the past.   An additional bonus is that whoever steps up will also be able to mold some aspects of the L1Mgr into what fits their talents and interests.


Therefore, as we move through the upcoming season, if there is or becomes even an inkling in your thoughts that you might be ready and willing to move forward in the Club - though there are some specific duties -  I have three suggestions:


  • start thinking about what you'd do IF you were the L1 manager
  • be in touch throughout this season if any questions arise
  • and keep an eye on the Burgee to read most about what this manager is up to


There's no urgency for your interest to gel since I'm not vacating the L1 Manager slot until at least the end of October.   However,  with this advanced notice, when the official request is posted for someone to take over, perhaps you won't be left with the duties being summed up as "a variety of things."

Keelboat Spring Maintenance and Commissioning - - Jack Townsend

To all keelboat sailors - we need your help. Last weekend we had a bit of a chill in the air but still had a few members come out to help with taking the shrink wrap off. We were able to take the shrink wrap off Interlude and VIII but will still need to do Overture and Manitou this coming Saturday.


We have a lot of work to do on all of the boats to get them ready for this season and several big projects and improvements in the works, so the Boat Captains can really use your help.


The current schedule is:

  • Saturday April 14th - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Saturday April 21st - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Tuesday April 24th - launch day, all four boats, plus Manitou will have it's mast stepped.

L2 and L3-4 students check your class schedules for your required maintenance days. See you on Saturday!

Keelboat opportunity! - - Jerry Brady

Interlude is looking for an assistant boat captain!  Join Kate McRae and me this season as we do our part to ensure that Interlude is shipshape and ready to be enjoyed by everyone in the club.  The responsibilities include:

  • Helping prepare the boat for the season: improvement projects, brightwork, rig tuning, etc.
  • Bi-weekly maintenance for an evening during the sailing season to address on-going issues reported by instruction or timeshares and routine checks.
  • Helping prepare the boat for storage: haul-out, shrink wrapping, improvement projects, etc.

It's a wonderful way to get your volunteer hours in and further your sailing education.  I'm learning new things about keelboats and their systems every time I work on the boats.  And of course, must add that your responsibilities include sailing the boat to make sure she is sailing true to form!


So, if you're interested or have any questions, please get in touch by phone at 810-599-1616 or email to

2012 Advanced Level 1 sailing class being offered - - Steve Poulos

Sign up is now open for the 2012 Advanced Level 1 sailing class!


As you may have heard, in 2012 there will be a pilot test of a new advanced Level-1 class. The purpose of the class is to build on basic ASI L1 instruction to take students to the next level of sailing skill and confidence. Content will include reinforcement of key concepts taught in basic L1, instruction on more advanced techniques and controls, and sharing of practical tips in a wide variety of sailing topics. This class does not cover racing rules or tactics. Potential students include capable rated L1 sailors, new L1 instructors, L1 racing students, future L2 students, and even L2 or above sailors who would like to refresh or strengthen their basic understanding of sailing concepts. You must be rated to take the class.


There will be 5 classes taught this year with 2 students per class. Classes are mostly on the water at Kent Lake and last 7-8 hours. The cost is $35 paid in advance to the Sail Secretary. Class dates are:


• Saturday, May 12th

• Sunday, June 17th

• Saturday, July 28th

• Sunday, August 19th

• Saturday, September 1st


Since this year will be a pilot program, we are looking for a variety of students, not just first come first serve. Therefore, if you are interested in taking the class, please send an email to Steve Poulos at with the following information:

• Full name and current rating

• Years since you were rated L1, as of 1/1/12

• What levels are you currently active in sailing (based on 2011 season)?

• Are you a newly rated L1 student from 2011 who will be joining the racing program in 2012?

• Were you a basic L1 instructor in 2011 and do you plan to continue instructing basic L1 in 2012?

• If you have at least 3 years of L1 rating and are a regular, confident Interlake sailor, would you be interested in being considered to become an Adv. L1 instructor in 2013?

• Please indicate all class dates that will work for you?


Based on the responses I get, I will fill out and publish an initial student roster in the Burgee before the end of April and will contact selected students so that they may confirm their position and pay the fee to the sail secretary, holding their spot. There are no refunds and you must pay the fee within one week of being informed that you are on the student list or your spot will be given to the next available student.


Several potential students have expressed interest in the class informally, so I would encourage you to respond soon via email before these few classes begin to fill up. Thanks, Steve Poulos

What are you going to learn this season? - - Michael Golden   

Would you like to refine your sailing skills? Having another boat sailing nearby at your performance level is a great teacher. You don’t have to get competitive about racing to gain confidence in your ability on the helm.


The racing season opens with a class on safety, right of way rules, and go-fast techniques. On the water practices give you a chance to brush up on boat handling with drills & starting exercises. You are assigned to a crew with an experienced person on board for the weekend, morning or afternoon sessions. Each crewmember gets to skipper if they wish. You learn how to put up the spinnaker at a dockside workshop. We gather under a tree or at a cafe after events to exchange ideas & make excuses!


New racers must attend the basic race seminar being held Thursday April 19, 7pm, at Busch’s Market, 37083 Six Mile Road, (East of Newburgh Road), Livonia, 48152. Classroom is upstairs. You will see what it is all about.


The racing program is open to returning sailors at a charge of $25 for the season + 2 volunteer hours on L1 maintenance. Previously rated first time racers fee is $15. There is no racing fee for newly rated Level 1 members from last season.


2012 Race Calendar CORRECTION


We have a correction to the first event on the race calendar. 

Race practice will be Sat May 12  (not May 13 which is Mother's Day). 



New L1 skippers: get into racing next season - - Michael Golden

Racing is a fun way for new or experienced skippers to refine their sailing skills. One learns sailing by doing it; having another boat sailing nearby at your performance level is a great teacher. You don’t have to get competitive about racing to gain confidence in your ability on the helm.


New racers must attend the basic seminar in April and a practice, to skipper in the early races, when you are ready. There is no racing fee for newly rated Level 1 members from this last season. To sign up, reply with your name, rating, and years of sailing/racing experience to Michael Golden 248-549-3030.




A few more things...       

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.


Please send your Burgee input to for inclusion in the next  Burgee. They're back on a weekly schedule now. Send in your stuff for publication by Sunday for inclusion the following Tuesday. Spring is upon us! 

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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