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Nancy Joyce Gallery - May 2012 Newsletter


[Wheel Series]

40" x 40" - $1600


"No. 8 Meets Seuss"

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas - 60" x 40" 

[Wildflower Series]



Upcoming Exhibitions & Events

Inside my studio

There are exciting things happening and coming together this month! For starters, I have a dynamic, new web site, which is organized by each of my painting 'series' and is in a much cleaner format for navigational purposes. Take a look at it when you have a moment - I've also started a Blog, which goes into details about my thought processes for certain paintings. It's a new venture for me, so keep checking back for more content changes and updates -


My Wheel Series is coming back into play after seeing the Scorsese movie, Hugo. I was incredibly intrigued by the notebook of drawings done in the movie of clock cogs. From this inspiration, I completed the piece to the top-left, titled "Inner-Workings". I have an undeniable affinity for the cyclical nature of things and the turning of years, months, days and time. This, along with the fact that my Wheel Series has been selling out, leads me to believe you will find them in some shape or form, in perpetuity, amongst other projects in years to come.


My Wildflower Series will be a year-long process ending in March, 2013. The final project will become a solo exhibition showing in the Adler Gallery at Posana Cafe, located in downtown Asheville in Historic Pack Square across from the Asheville Art Museum. This series of wildflowers will include approximately 30 paintings all celebrating some form of the Dandelion or Queen Anne's Lace. I am taking the approach with combined inspiration from Mark Rothko's "multi-forms" and what Dr. Seuss' referred to his "voilĂ " gestures. "No. 8 meets Seuss" (seen to the left) is an example of one of these 30 pieces set to show in completion by March 2013. 


My TacTile Series is coming along quite well and the process is refining itself as I continue to paint them. I am getting immense feedback and they are now officially patent, filed and accepted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office! Each individual wood slab has an engraved number on the back which helps to "reset" the original work, if the collector should choose to do so. The latest tactile, titled, "1777", was inspired by Betsy Ross and is a 12-piece wood set with embedded magnets connected to a steel, framed plate. I am working currently on a few new TacTiles that have up to 36 pieces. Look for them on my website, Twitter, Blog or FaceBook later this month.


I am certainly staying over-connected to the social network doubt you can find me somewhere!


Until next month,




[TacTile Series]

19" x 21" - $400

Nancy Joyce Gallery • 122 Riverside Drive (Studio E) • Asheville, NC 28801
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