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Leapin' Lizards
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April 2012 Events at Leapin' Lizards

Psychic and Crystal Fair, Portland
Psychic and Crystal Fair, Saturday, April 14th, 11:00am-4:00pm, Portland
Readers include SaraBelle-intuitive tarot, Pam Loffredo-medium, Darlene Chadbourne-numerology & sacred geometry, Caroline-medium and Margaret-palm reader Chair massage, Aura Photography, Jewelry by Silla, Gabriel from Moonchild Gems, and lots of free give aways.
A day filled with fun and guidance.
A Morning of Mediumship with Colette Baron-Reid
Date ChangeA Morning of Mediumship, Sunday, May 13th, 10:30am-12:30pm, Freeport, $79
Colette uses her extraordinary spiritual gifts to empower the audience to live a life that is “awake and authentic,” and to create a reality that is spiritual, deliberate and meaningful. Her accurate readings are always delivered in her trademark humorous and compassionate style. You never know if she will bring through a loved one from the other side or a pet from either side or get right to the heart of your marriage! Colette Baron Reid
Limited to 40 people.
For more information on Colette,visit
Chakra Sound Journey with Kalee Coombs
Chakra Sound Journey, Sunday, April 15th, 1:30pm-3:00pm, Freeport, $25
This particular sound Journey offers a way to help us relax enough to gain deeper perception of ourselves so that we may make positive changes in our lives. As the healing tones from the Crystal Singing Bowls and other sound remedies, assist to relax the body and quiet the mind, we receive information, clear what is not serving our higher purpose and transmute these energies and open ourselves to a higher perception. Gain insight and clarity, de-stress, let go of mental chatter, and feel re-tuned and rejuvenated from head to toe! Join us for a sound healing adventure, as we look within and perform a sound tune-up with the wheels of energy known as the Chakras. Beginning with the Root Chakra, Muldhara, we ground ourselves and move up through the 7 main chakra energy centers and then to the hand and feet chakras of creativity, manifestation and of walking our path. A special tuned set of Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls, Voice, Bells, and other instruments are used for this sound journey.
Bring blankets, pillows and or meditation cushions to sit or lie down for this sound immersion. Kalee Coombs
Dowsing for Your Health with Paul Knoll
Dowsing for Your Health, Wednesday, April 18th, 6:00pm-7:30pm, Freeport, $30
Dowsing is a simple, powerful, and fun way to make decisions regarding your health, diet, spiritual life, emotional life, and many other matters that you navigate on a daily basis. Many people are familiar with the ancient form of dowsing for water by using a hazel tree branch shaped like a "Y;" however, dowsing is enjoying a resurgence in alternative medicine fields like acupuncture, nutrition, lymphatic drainage, etc. Anybody can dowse as long as they keep an open mind, enjoy listening to their inner spirit, and practice. We'll learn to dowse using L-rods, pendulums and everyday household items, and we'll learn how to use dowsing to aid in the decisions you make every day. You'll be able to answer questions like: Are these vitamins best for me? Which brand of milk is best for me? Is it best for us to spend money on this or that? Is it best for my son or daughter to do this or that? Dowsing is all about finding and trusting your intuition. You'll be amazed on how clear your answers become as you begin to learn and trust the ancient and fun art of dowsing.
Paul has extensive experience with space clearing and healing. His holistic work identifies the multiple energies that reside in our homes, work spaces and in the land. These energies may be helpful but they may also cause unhealthy stress that can be healed through earth acupuncture and other energetic/holistic practices.
He travels throughout the country to assess and heal homes, businesses, and land, and teaches his clients to do the same. He has cleared or healed places as small as a few hundred square feet or as large as 100 hundred acres. He has assisted realtors and architects as they undertake building projects or sell real estate to ensure that the space is favorable for an endeavor. An emerging niche for Paul is ‘clearing’ a home that is going to be sold or that was just purchased.
Reiki I and II Certification with SaraBelle
Reiki I & II Certification, Saturday, April 21st, 6:00pm-9:00pm and Sunday, April 22nd, 10:00am-5:00pm, Freeport, $300
Get certified in Usui Reiki I and II. The definition of reiki is channeling universal life force. This class will give you the tools to focus that energy.
Class one receive attunement to reiki energy. This will turn the switch and allow you to be more receptive to the universal energy. You will walk away with tools in self healing hand positions, healing others, hand scanning, clearing yourself, healing pets, and much much more.
Reiki two involves the second level attunement; the fine art of starting a reiki practice; Ethics; distant healing; Chakra healing and diagnose; Clearing a space; protection; opening to guidance and other powerful tools for transformation. Whether you are taking Reiki to heal yourself or others it is guaranteed to take you to a new vibration. This is a fun and deep way to help heal your self and the planet.
Course Fee: $300. If you already have Reiki I and would just like Reiki II-cost is $250. Sara Belle is a graduate of the Barbara Brennon School of Healing.
The Many Channeled by Sue Yarmey
The Many Channeled by Sue Yarmey, Sunday, April 22nd, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Portland, $20
The Many are a collective entity of a higher vibration offering loving information on global issues as well as individual, more personal events. The Many offer similar information about enlightenment and can be compared to groups such as Kryon, Abraham, or the group with Steve Rother. Sue has been channeling this group for the past 10 years. Come prepared to ask questions, personal or universal.
Here is a quote from The Many regarding a channeling: “All those who attend will be able, if they desire, to work with the energy we offer their physical forms, to have the opportunity to see how to use their personal energetic forms to create, and to merge their energy with the universal energy of love. It will be what you desire. It is always choice.”
Readings & The Year of Abundance with Carol Ritberger
Readings & The Year of Abundance, Tuesday, April 24th, 6:30pm-9:00pm, Freeport, $35 in advance or $45 at the door
It’s here! The year of Abundance. The year when the time between the creation of a thought and the manifestation of that thought will happen very quickly. Now, more than any other time in the evolutionary cycle of consciousness, we are individually and collectively being asked to be extra mindful of the thoughts we create. This is because the energy of abundance doesn’t differentiate if our thoughts are either charged with lacking and scarcity or with prosperity and wealth. All the energy of abundance does is to serve as the attractant of what we’re thinking, and do so in an abundant way. This means we can have an abundance of scarcity or we can have an abundance of riches, depending on the quality and the focus of our thoughts. Essentially, the energy of 2012 is asking us to create new neurological pathways so we can bypass the mental limitations impeding our ability to create the abundance of health, happiness, prosperity, peace, success, and the love we desire.
Join Carol for this fascinating journey into the neurobioscience and metaphysics of abundance and get a jumpstart in preparing yourself for the energy this year offers. Learn what to do when willpower isn’t enough. Learn how to stop feeding fear-based and threat-based thinking so you can live life abundantly.
Bonus: Then following the discussion, she'll be answering as many individual questions as time allows. Carol can respond to health, relationship, career, and spiritual questions. Interestingly, the information she shares through the answering of questions is frequently of significant value to others in attendance. She will do her best to cover as many questions as possible. However please note that attending the event doesn't guarantee each person will get a reading.
For more information on Carol,visit
Friendship Circle, Deb Levensailor and Healing Power of Shamanic Alchemy with John Amoroso & Deb
Friendship Circle with Deb Levensailor, Wednesday, April 25th, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Freeport, $10
Join us for an inspiring and rejuvenating evening as we share whatever is on our hearts and minds. Want to tell us about a personal victory or special event in your life? Struggling with a challenge? Need some career/project/family issue advice from others who have “been there“? This is a confidential time to voice concerns, laugh/cry, and make new friends in a relaxing, casual atmosphere. Smile ... we’re here for each other on this wonderful journey called life. Tea, water, and snacks provided. Facilitator - Deb Levensailor, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor
Healing Power of Shamanic Alchemy, Thursday, April 26th, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Portland, $20 and Friday, April 27th, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Freeport, $20
Celebrate a new beginning with your spiritual journey. Learn effective and proven skills in healing simple/difficult personal challenges for self and others while creating the life you desire through the healing power of shamanic alchemy. John Amoroso will share his cross-cultural, multi- modality healing art of shamanic alchemy through open class discussion and hands-on demonstration. John Amoroso and Deb Levensailor will introduce various beginning and advanced shamanic alchemy focuses to be given in their up-coming May and June workshop series. Put your healing skills and dreams into motion to create a healthy, joyful, empowered life. Hope… Dream… Heal... Imagine… Create … Anything is possible!
Wheel of the Year and Readings with Stephanie & Raven Grimassi
Readings, Friday, April 27th, 11:00am-4:00pm, Portland, $50 per half hour
Stephanie and Raven read as a couple with their decks, The Well-Worn Path and The Hidden Path. This brings a very unique and distinctive perspective to the reading. Their decks were designed to connect with the rooted teachings of our nature-based spirituality and the imagery is distinctive and symbolic.
Stephanie Grimassi (aka Rasenna Elvenstar) is dedicated to guiding and teaching those who seek the Old Ways. She is a 3rd degree initiate of a Celtic Traditionalist system of Wicca, and a 3rd degree initiate of Italian Arician Tradition Witchcraft. She is a legally ordained clergy of Witchcraft. Stephanie is also the co-author and co-creator of The Well Worn Path Divination kit and The Hidden Path Divination kit. She has studied, taught, and used the arts as a transformation tool throughout her life. Stephanie is also a Tarot reader and teacher with many years of experience. She is co-founder and co-director, alongside her husband Raven Grimassi, of The College of the Crossroads, an e-correspondence Mystery Tradition School and owns and operate Raven’s Loft, an online store. Visit them at
Raven Grimassi is an award-winning author of twelve books on Witchcraft and Wicca. He is also co-director of the College of the Crossroads, a modern Mystery School devoted to the preservation and continuation of pre-Christian European religion and spirituality. Raven is a practitioner and teacher of the Craft with over 35 years of experience. He is an initiate of several traditions, including Brittic Wicca, the Pictish-Gaelic Tradition, and Italian Witchcraft. Raven's most recent projects are The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path oracle systems, which he co-created with wife Stephanie Taylor. Having been born on the festival day of the goddess Ceres, Patroness of the Mysteries, Raven is devoted to preserving and teaching the Mystery Tradition of pre-Christian Europe. The oracle decks are designed to capture and transmit the foundational and mystical components of these ancient mysteries. Visit Raven’s author site at
Wheel of the Year, Friday, April 27th, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Portland, $30
Become one with the core energy that emanates from the eight seasonal celebrations of the Wheel of the Year, comprising its festival days and eve observances. Find your place in the Wheel of the Year and unite and participate with the operative forces of Nature.
Join authors Raven Grimassi & Stephanie Taylor for this exploration of the inner workings of the eight annual festivals of the Wheel of the Year. 
The focus of the workshop is upon the spiritual aspects that demonstrate how we are part of Nature, not separate, and why this is important. 
As envisioning the Wheel turn, we will explore the role of each seasonal celebration that marks the Wheel of the Year, revealing to us the Three Great Mysteries of Birth, Life and Death. 
Included is a slide-show using the eight festival card images from The Hidden Path oracle deck.
Attendees receive a cord and will be instructed during the workshop on how to use it as a magical alignment.
This is a 2 1/2 hour lecture with a 10 minute break in the middle. Time for Q & A will be provided.
For more information on Raven Grimassi,visit
The Apache Stone Readings with Tim Harris
The Apache Stone Readings, Saturday, April 28th, 1:00pm-4:00pm, Portland, $30
Cause all good paths are lined with stones...
Many authors, geologists, and story tellers have given description and title to many stones throughout the planet and across time. I will pick up twenty five of the most common and well understood stones and teach you how to find answers for yourself and your friends. So like a tarot card each stone has a meaning... and, like a tarot reading each position has a meaning. I will teach you how to cross those two and discover answers for your life, your love and your money. Unlike a tarot deck I'll teach you how to add to your supply of stones as you grow in understanding and knowledge of other stones. With the average tarot deck if you lose a card you have destroyed the deck... here you can add a new stone to replace the common stone at the store where you signed up for the class or picked up my book
Tim Harris is a tenth generation Apache Stone Man... He was bestowed by his physical grandmother with his gift. As a young child he was gifted with a still small voice that guided him through his younger years. His talent for the unseen was so obvious that he was trained by the USAF. Author and teacher that has worked around the planet, he has done personal research on stones, minerals, gems and crystals with his own lab equipment that added to his ten generations of knowledge that you get to benefit from.
Once he was done with the Air Force, he was a corporate consultant and psychic for many years then a 40 day and 40 night experience in the middle of Maine that was unimaginably intense "and then" being struck by lighting twice (not on the same day). These occurrences shifted him to a desire to be of service. He brings to you a desire to be of service, from the words he received during his experience, and the mainstream experience to help you apply it.
Upcoming Events with Diana Cooper
Angels Can Help Us Through The Transition to 2032, Friday, June 29th, 7:00-9:00pm, Freeport, $35
You are invited to a two hour transformative talk with Diana Cooper about her new book Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032. During the talk Diana will share prescient information about the world and the changes we will face during this transition. You will discover the worldwide forecasts, opportunities and changes to be brought about by the transition to the Golden Age. Diana will reveal some of the extraordinary energies that have been set in place to help us during this time and she will focus on those that particularly affect the US. Attendees will learn how to work with the elementals, the angels and unicorns to assist the world and themselves and will be given the tools to keep themselves and their families safe during the transition. As part of the two hour talk Diana will lead attendees in a wonderful invocation and meditation taking them into the angelic dimensions and to connect more deeply than ever before. You will learn to work with the Archangel Gabriel to find satisfying, uplifting work. Discover how to heal relationships with the help of the angels and bring together families by connecting with special energies from the portal of Honolulu.
Becoming an Enlightened Ascended Master, Saturday, June 30th, 10:00am-5:00pm, Freeport, $150
In this special and important experiential workshop Diana Cooper will share her extraordinary knowledge of the wise ancients and help you to access the cosmic keys that open up the energies of the universe. She will demonstrate how using these keys can expand your consciousness. Diana will also reveal the fascinating secrets of time and speed and sacred geometry. She will introduce her work on the power of sound and sonics and how to use them to transform matter and your life. Diana introduces how to attune to the special gift of the Metatron Cloak which places you on the ascension path and keeps your 12 chakras open. Plus this workshop will help you to explore the higher spiritual laws so that you can make miracles happen in your life and the lives of others. The seminar also includes deep meditations to help you experience transformation in your cellular structure and start to bring back the ancient wisdom stored in your 12 strands of DNA.
Angel Orbs, Sunday, July 1st, 11:00am-1:00pm, Freeport, $35
Diana Cooper is a world expert on angel Orbs and is the author of two books on the subject; Enlightenment through Orbs and Ascension through Orbs. The attendees will learn that The Angels are giving us physical proof of their presence through Orbs. She will demonstrate how, when you look at certain ones, you receive a download of high frequency angelic energy. Attendees can expect to see some awesome Orbs. In the class Diana explains what Orbs are and why they are appearing now and how you can photograph them. She will show how to translate the Orbs and will show some of her collection of amazing Orb pictures of angels, archangels, unicorns and elementals even one of a Seraphim and share the fascinating stories behind them. Certain Orbs are keys to access cosmic energy, sacred information and healing. Diana will also talk about how unicorn Orbs can enlighten and accelerate your ascension.
For more information on Diana,visit
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