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EFSC Forum - Sunday, April 23


What has been going on in the Diocese of SC and in TEC?

This eNewsletter makes available videos of this April 15, 2012 EFSC Forum held at Grace Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC

 April 19, 2012

In This Issue

Video Guide

SC Episcopalians - Steve Skardon

Improperly Issued Quit Claim Deeds and Amendments to Diocesan Constitution, Canons, & Charter -Melinda Lucka

2012 Diocesan & TEC Conventions - Barbara Mann

Parish By-law Revisions to Eliminate Accession to TEC

St. Mark's Chapel - Scott Shaffer

Q & A - Forum Attendees

Discussion - Forum Attendees

EFSC Mission in 2012 - Lynn Pagliaro

Comment & Blessing - Bishop Lawrence

EFSC Website - Contact Info, Join, Members .....

Video Guide


Each video is a 5 - 8 minute quick-time clip. When the button is pressed your computer's browser will connect to the Video site and it will begin streaming in a new window on your screen.

  • At the bottom of that screen are controls to pause or advance.
  • You can leave video on and read documents while audio continues.
  • Close or pause one video before opening another.
  • Requires Flash Player. (Iphone & Ipad will not open video)

You may order a DVD of all of these video clips for $10 at this Link:




SC Episcopalians - Steve Skardon      

Steve Skardon, editor of SC Episcopalians recounted his journey as an Episcopalian in SC. Steve explained that he started SC Episcopalians to provide a complete and more balanced presentation of events in the Diocese of SC and in TEC. Visit the website for current events and an archive of past events.

Improperly Issued Quit Claim Deeds and Amendments to Diocesan Constitution, Canons, & Charter -Melinda Lucka

 Timeline review of progression of actions to separate from TEC. Link to Timeline


EFSC Forum 4-15-15-Lucka-Part 2.mpeg Changes to Constitution, Canons & Charter of Diocese of SC to break accession to TEC.


EFSC Forum 4-15-15-Lucka-Part 3.mpeg

Opinion on the limited applicability of the South Carolina Supreme Court decision in the All Saints Pawleys Island property case as to the issue of ownership of property, contrary to broad interpretation of the Diocese.

  2012 Diocesan & TEC Conventions - Barbara Mann

 EFSC-4-15-12 Forum-Mann.mpeg  Review of 2012 Diocesan Convention and a look at the issues likely to come up at the 2012 General Convention this summer

Parish By-law Revisions to Eliminate Accession to TEC

EFSC Forum 4-15-15-Bylaws-Our Saviour.mpegWarren Mersereau-Church of Our Saviour-Journey away from TEC


Bylaws - St Pauls2.mpegEleanor Koets - St. Paul's Summerville - Process to revise its by-laws

 St. Mark's Chapel - Scott Shaffer  

St. Mark's Chapel began as a house church for Episcopalians who wanted to preserve close association with the broader Episcopal Church. Inspite of growth to typical parish maturity it has been denied mission status several times by the Diocese of SC.

 EFSC Forum 4-15-15-Q&A.mpegQ & A  - Forum Attendees


Discussion - Forum Attendees    

 EFSC Forum 4-15-15-Discussion-All Saints.mpeg  An informed attorney's opinion on the SC Court ruling in the All Saints Property Case, agreeing that the decision was specific to the All Saints Parish.


 EFSC Forum 4-15-15-Discussion.mpeg   Stories and comments from participants.

EFSC Forum 4-15-15-Pagliaro2.mpegEFSC Mission in 2012 - Lynn Pagliaro      

A summary of the mission of EFSC and the evolving activities to preserve unity with TEC.      Link to PDF 

EFSC Forum 4-15-15-Bishop2.mpegComment & Blessing - Bishop Lawrence


EFSC Website - Contact Info, Join, Members .....

Episcopal Forum of SC, Inc. • PO Box 1772 • Mount Pleasant • SC • 29465
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