The Teacher Talk Advantage:

Five Voices of Effective Teaching

by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

Do you believe this?

Some things we have recently been told about our pre-publication offer for The Teacher Talk Advantage: Five Voices of Effective Teaching.

“Not too smart sending it out over spring break.”

“You should have waited until the beginning of the school year.”

“You’ll be lucky if you get 50 orders.”

“Nobody reads books anymore. All the information in online.”

Ironically, these comments are the exactly the type of language this exciting book helps educators eliminate. It is filled with positive, uplifting, affirming ways of speaking that give teachers the verbal skills necessary to become the teacher they always wanted to be.

Today we received the proofs. They will be reviewed and returned to the printer tomorrow. That puts The Teacher Talk Advantage in line to be completed during the first week of May.

The first week of May?  A perfect time for educators to receive an inspiring, practical book about improving their professional practice.

The first week of May? Just in time to cruise into the summer with a powerful new book at the top of your reading list.

The first week of May? The perfect time for an end-of- the-year gift for a teacher who helped your child or a colleague who gave you professional assistance and comfort during a stressful situation.

Nobody reads books anymore? Don’t say that around a teacher.


So once again here is the pre-publication offer.

Remember this offer ends the day this book arrives at our storage facility.

The Teacher Talk Advantage 

  • Inspirational
  • Practical
  • Unprecedented

The Teacher Talk Advantage: Five Voices of Effective Teaching is being printed now. It will be delivered to the Personal Power Press storage facility on or about May 5th. That gives you 3 weeks to take advantage of the “knock your socks off” pre-publication offer that follows.

The Teacher Talk Advantage is packed with verbal skills that:

Empower, uplift, and affirm.

Motivate and inspire.


Reduce power struggles and learned helplessness.


Build relationship through the use of empathy, understanding, and mutual respect.


Teach personal responsibility.


Help students create purpose, mission, and direction in their lives.


Encourage students to become proficient at self-examination and self-evaluation.


Teach a curriculum built not around subjects, but rather around core concepts such as honesty, diversity, responsibility, inner-knowing, solution-seeking, and personal power.


Help students make decisions and find their own solutions.


Help educators learn a style of communication that helps students learn how to become successful human beings.


Finally, a Book That Gives Teachers an Edge.

Fill your tool box with these verbal skills and be better prepared to deal with the everyday challenges and stresses of being a professional educator. Gain the knowledge and skills to walk confidently into your classroom using The Teacher Talk Advantage.


Want to read the introduction?




Want to read an excerpt?




Want to read about the authors?




Want to hear about an incredible offer that goes with this incredible book?


Keep reading.


Three Different Ordering Options.

There are 3 different options to choose from when ordering this instructive manuscript: Platinum, Silver, or Gold. All levels contain strategies that unlock the secrets of working with students in today’s world. Each offer contains valuable, functional strategies for helping you and your staff develop the skills necessary to work effectively with students and each other.

3 Ways to Take Advantage of The Teacher Talk Advantage Pre-publication Celebration


Platinum Level: Pre-Purchase of One Book

This 235 page hard cover book is yours for only $19.96. The list price is $24.95.

  • That is a 20 % discount on your order (includes free postage on US orders only)
  • One Coupon for 25% off any other book order made within 30 days of receiving your Teacher Talk Advantage book. (books only)
  • A 20% discount coupon good for attendance at any public workshop offered by Personal Power Press, including the Teacher Talk Advantage Training of Trainers.
  • FREE one year of Spirit Whisperer Contemplations delivered to your email inbox once every school day for 180 days

That’s a pretty good deal right there! But wait, we’re not done. There is more! A lot more! You also get…


Free access for one year to the subscription-based web site designed for serious Teacher Talk Advantage practitioners. This $59.95 value is free to you for one year simply because you bought this important book “hot off the press.” This offer will not be repeated, ever. This exclusive site will include: 

  1. 350 quick-hitting Teacher Talk Tips
  2. Articles featuring real teachers using real Teacher Talk verbal skills with real students.
  3. A question and answer section with guaranteed priority response to your concerns, problems, frustrations, and successes.
  4. Video clips of Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman explaining, demonstrating, and teaching practical Teacher Talk skills
  5. Radio outtakes of Chick and Thomas responding to current events in the crucial profession of education.

Order the Platinum Level offer now!



Silver Level: For Those Pre-Ordering 10 or More Books

10 copies of this 235 page hardback book are yours for only $17.47 per book. That is a $249.50 value for only $174.70! 

  • 30% discount on all 10+ books (includes free postage on US orders only), and
  • All of the items in the Platinum offer. Yes, every single thing listed above. PLUS…

PLUS The Teacher Talk Advantage Book Study Kit


With a Silver Level order you gain access to the special Teacher Talk Advantage Book Study Kit site, a $99.95 value. At this site you will be able to download the necessary material for yourself and/or your staff, so you can organize, conduct, and debrief an effective Teacher Talk Advantage Book Study. You will be able to download:

  1. The Teacher Talk Advantage Workbook, which includes suggested questions, exercises, challenges, quizzes, and possible assignments geared toward implementation of the verbal skills presented. You may duplicate this for each of your book study participants.
  2. Audio recordings by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller introducing each of the Five Voices of Effective Teaching.

Wait! There is more.


You will also receive the e-book, Good Praise/Bad Praise: How To Praise Your Way To Creating An Emotionally Healthy Child by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller.


The three e-mail sessions, a $12.95 value, will be mailed to you once a week for three weeks.


Order the Silver Level offer now!




Gold Level: For Those Pre-Ordering 20 or More Books

20 copies of this 235 page hard cover book are yours for only $14.97 per book. That is a $499.90 value for only $299.40! 

  • 40% discount on all 20+ books (includes free postage on US orders only)
  • All the items in the Silver Level. Yes, every single thing listed above!

Did you think this is an incredible deal already? Check this out:


*  Gold Level orders will include a 30% discount on staff development programs and parent

   presentations with Thomas Haller and/or Chick Moorman at your site.


*  Professional development programs could include: 

  • The Teacher Talk Advantage (awareness or skill training)
  • Managing Anger and Aggression in Children
  • Motivating the Unmotivated
  • Teaching Respect and Responsibility
  • Good Praise/Bad Praise
  • Celebrate the Spirit Whisperers
  • Achievement Motivation and Behavior Management

*  Parent programs could include:  

  • Parent Talk: Words that Empower, Words that Wound
  • The Only 3 Discipline Strategies You Will Ever Need
  • The 6 Best Parenting Strategies Ever
  • Parenting with Purpose: The 10 Commitments
  • Transformational Parenting

Order the Gold Level offer now!




You Have Three Options for Ordering

Platinum Level: One Book



Silver Level: 10+ Books




Gold Level: 20+ Books




All books will be shipped the day they arrive at our storage facility.


All other materials will be sent to you electronically the day the book is shipped.


A full money back guarantee applies. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just let us know and your money will be promptly refunded.


Thank you for your attention, and your consideration of this important book.


Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

Personal Power Press • P.O. Box 547 • Merrill • MI • 48637
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