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the ASI Burgee - Tuesday May 1, 2012

All Keelboat Sailors - - Jack Townsend

On Tuesday April 24th we had a very good turn-out of volunteers to help launch the keelboats, three boats are in the water, Manitou, Voyager III, and Interlude - Overture is still waiting for a bottom barrier coat and paint job - weather permitting. Unfortunately we could not step Manitou's mast due to the high winds.


The boats are in the water but we still have more work to do so please come out this Saturday to help get the boats ready for the 2012 Sailing Season. The sails are on the boats but the rigs need to be tuned and the sails bent on, plus  Manitou, VIII, and Interlude are are getting LazyJack systems this year so they need to be installed.


So come on out and support your Boat Captains in getting the boats ready - and get your work hours in.


See you Saturday - "A" Dock around 9 - 9:30 a.m.

Reminders from the Keelboat Scheduler - - Jon Buyle

The sailing season is upon us and timeshare reservations can be made, beginning May 1. I need any priority scheduling events, such as maintenance, instruction, evening sails, or special events sent to me so that I can get them in the scheduling calendar. Please provide this information as soon as possible so that your event is secured and timeshares don’t have to be cancelled.


Here are a few reminders for keelboat captains in order to make the process work best for all of us:


1-Please limit your calls to 9AM-9PM, unless it’s an emergency. Feel free to email me anytime.


2-Use the ASI website to check on availability of keelboats before calling. It is updated daily. You can also click on an entry in the calendar to obtain more details, such as the timeshare hours and the designated captain of a timeshare. That information can be useful for several reasons, such as checking with the previous captain on any problems he experienced with the boat, arranging a transition with the next captain, or notifying the next captain if you are going to be late.


3-When leaving voicemail requests, please speak slowly and clearly, especially when leaving numbers. I often have to listen to a message several times to get all the information.


4-Be sure to notify the Boat Captain and Keelboat Scheduler if a boat needs immediate attention that could affect safety & future timeshares.


5-Remember that reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not held or confirmed for you until secured with a credit card.


6-Make your reservations as far in advance as you can. I will do my best to respond to last-minute requests, but cannot guarantee a response in less than 24 hours. (I have a life too!)


7-Finally, Do NOT take a boat without clearing it with the Scheduler first, even though a boat appears to be available or your boat becomes disabled. There have been situations where a member who has reserved and paid for a timeshare arrives later and finds the boat gone. It may also be a safety risk for you and your passengers, as the boat may have been taken out of service or have special instructions that the Boat Captain has asked me to convey.


A special welcome to all the new Level 2 Captains. Have a great summer and great sailing season! Hope to see all of you out on the lake.


Jon Buyle, Keelboat Scheduler


2012 Stony Creek Spring Boat Put-In - - Heidi Dzendzel

Saturday, May 5 (Cinco-de-Mayo) will be Stony Creek’s day to bring the utility trailer and the Interlakes from the farm back to the east side anytime after 12:00 pm.


Sunday, May 6, at 1:00 pm, we have scheduled our mast rising activities. Everyone interested in helping can arrive and join in the fun. Wear warm layered clothing based on the weather conditions including rain gear, boots and gloves if necessary. Bring a camera (if you wish), and your sail pass to record your volunteer time.


Kensington boat put-in is also Saturday, May 5, 9:00 am to noon. Level 1 volunteer hours are needed at Kent as well. Stony boats need to be taken from the farm after Kent put-in because they need the use of all the trailers.


Drivers needed: If you have a trailer hitch with a lighting package and you can transport trailers back to Stony Creek, please email Heidi at You will need a 1-7/8” ball to transport a ½-ton boat and trailer and a 2” ball to transport the utility trailer which weighs a ton. The hauling assignments and instructions will be released the week of put-in. I will work with you at your convenience.

All you new Level 1s and Level 2-4s should be happy to help your fellow classmates to accomplish what you have completed. There will be a whole new group of excited students awaiting your help to guide them through the system just as you were helped in your year. You can make the difference. Sign-up to help teach: shore school, shore intro class, water instruction, and practice sails. Contact me, or MaryJane at It is a rewarding feeling to know you’ve participated in a fellow sailor’s success.


Thank you for helping to make this a fun and successful 2012 season. I want to thank you in advance for volunteering. Heidi, Stony Creek Level 1 Manager

Let's do 'LAUNCH'! - - Jessica Hogg

Another sailing season is upon us, this year's Level 1 launch will be Saturday May 5th.


For those of you who don't know the drill, we will meet at Crawford farm at 9 am (station leaders and haulers should arrive around 8:30 am). Once you arrive at the farm we'll have you sign in, grab some coffee and donuts, then we'll have you join a team headed up by one of our station leaders. We have 10 boats to be launched, so we needs LOTS of help, if all goes as planned we should be done around 1 pm.


The launch will take place, come, rain, sleet, shine and yes even snow. There will be pizza and pop following the launch. I am looking forward to another great launch and the start of another fantastic sailing season.


Sea you all soon,  Jessica Hogg

Instructor workshop Level 1 - - JoAnne McClure

Returning instructors and rated sailors interested in teaching shore school or 'on water' for Level 1 are invited to the 2012 workshop. Shore school Wed May 16, 6:30 - 9:00 PM @ WSU Oakland. Water class Sat May 19 9:00 AM to noon @ Kent Lake. If you are a new participant, please contact JoAnne McClure for materials.

Getting to Crawford Farm: Highway construction update

There is highway construction underway this spring at the I-96/Milford Road exit, while the bridge over Milford Road is being rebuilt. Much of this work takes place on weekends to minimize weekday traffic. Consequently, you may experience delays and/or detours on your way to Crawford Farm for Interlake prep and maintenance.


Here's what the website says: 


I-96 over Milford Road

  • Three lanes will be maintained in each direction during peak travel times via traffic shifts, 5 a.m. - 7 p.m. weekdays.
  • Two lanes open at all other times.
  • Milford Road entrance and exit ramps closed to and from eastbound and westbound I-96. Traffic will be directed to the Kent Lake Road interchange.

My experience over the past few weeks, however, is that the westbound 155B exit is OPEN during weekends. The EASTBOUND, however, has not been. Will that continue to be true? Or not?


Good luck, watch the orange barrels, and we'll see you at the farm Saturday at nine!

What to expect this Saturday - - Joan Swain

Now that the Maintenance Team has guided those who have attended any of the past 3 boat-prep Saturdays, the boats are ready, the dockboxes are in place and the slips are ready to receive the Interlakes for launch day this Saturday.   Jessica Hogg, with her team already in place to haul the trailers and lead the various stages, will join up with the Maintenance Team to coordinate the launch.


Where you fit in will be to assist the Station Leaders, or take on any extra tasks requested.  if you've not been to a launch before, you may want to start thinking where you'd like to help out - which would include:

  • remaining at the farm to get boats on the trailers
  • going to the Sail House to collect all the boat equipment;  then matching up that equipment with each boat
  • assistance at the launch site to check trailer lights and actually help launch the boats
  • step the masts
  • paddle the boats to their designated slips
  • rig the boats

As you can imagine, some tasks will need more expertise than others, yet any will have guidance by an already assigned Station Leader or any of the available Maintenance Team.  So even if you're a brand new member, you'll be in good hands.


With appreciation to all who have already helped with boat prep, here's an early thank you to those planning on finalizing their work this Saturday.  With your combined efforts, by the time noon rolls around, the boats will be back where they belong and our sailing season will have begun. 

Where's Crawford Farm?

We're going meet to get ready to SPLASH THE INTERLAKES this Saturday at Crawford Farm. But where is Crawford Farm?


If you're driving west on I96, take the 155B exit toward Milford. A couple of miles north, turn right on Buno, a gravel road. Go one mile to South Hill, also gravel, and turn left. Crawford Farm will be about 300 yards north, on the left. Pull into the drive, and park behind the outbuildings. 


We'll be starting around nine and will work for 2 or 3 hours, depending on the weather.


That's all it will take to put the Interlakes in Kent Lake! 


See you there!

Dock Masters Needed - - Anne Ostroth

Dock Masters (DMs) are needed every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday throughout the sailing season.  This is especially true on Level 1 class days (see calender).  It is a great way to earn work hours and meet other sailors. Anyone with a sail pass (student - Level 4) is encouraged to sign-up.  There are four shifts per day:  9-11 AM, 11-1 PM, 1-3 PM, and 3-5 PM.  You can sign up for any number of shifts per day. 


DM duties are described in the notebook labeled "Dock Master" on the front and located in the DM box.   This notebook contains the DM badge ( so others will know you are the designated DM) and other helpful information.  The DM box also contains the boat hook and other supplies.  I recommend that unrated sailors choose DM shifts on Sat. mornings so that someone from the maintenance team can open the DM box for you. Please email me at to sign up and assist your fellow sailors.

Ahoy Returning Students! - - JoAnne McClure

Just a reminder that if you didn't get rated in 2011, you can still do so this summer if you took your Level 1 class in 2011. You will need to renew your Sailpass and membership if you have not yet done so. If you took the September class, you already have a 2012 pass. Once you have done that, it is time to get out there and practice! Take your sails until you can do all the maneuvers on the test, then sign up[ with a Test Instructor for your water and written tests. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to practice. But don't delay! If you don't get rated in 2012, you must start over with the classes! Questions/ Contact Lisa or JoAnne McClure.

Keelboat opportunity! - - Jerry Brady

Interlude is looking for an assistant boat captain!  Join Kate McRae and me this season as we do our part to ensure that Interlude is shipshape and ready to be enjoyed by everyone in the club.  The responsibilities include:

  • Helping prepare the boat for the season: improvement projects, brightwork, rig tuning, etc.
  • Bi-weekly maintenance for an evening during the sailing season to address on-going issues reported by instruction or timeshares and routine checks.
  • Helping prepare the boat for storage: haul-out, shrink wrapping, improvement projects, etc.

It's a wonderful way to get your volunteer hours in and further your sailing education.  I'm learning new things about keelboats and their systems every time I work on the boats.  And of course, must add that your responsibilities include sailing the boat to make sure she is sailing true to form!


So, if you're interested or have any questions, please get in touch by phone at 810-599-1616 or email to

A Summer Job opportunity with the YMCA - - Steve Maynard, Senior Program Director


Greetings from YMCA Storer Camps on the shores of beautiful Stony Lake!


As the summer camp director of our 1,200 acre, 400 bed summer camp I have the privilege of hiring the summer staff including the Sailing Director.


We have over 30 sailboats ranging in size from Sunfish & Aquafins up to 16’ open hull boats. The Sailing Director oversees all aspects of the sailing program including curriculum, equipment & safety as well as supervising a staff of 3.


Interested candidates can contact me directly at the information below.


In the Storer Spirit,  

Steve Maynard, Senior Program Director, YMCA Storer Camps


O-(517) 536-8607 ext:210

C-(517) 250-3751 F-(517) 536-4922

2012 Advanced Level 1 sailing class being offered - - Steve Poulos

Sign up is now open for the 2012 Advanced Level 1 sailing class!


As you may have heard, in 2012 there will be a pilot test of a new advanced Level-1 class. The purpose of the class is to build on basic ASI L1 instruction to take students to the next level of sailing skill and confidence. Content will include reinforcement of key concepts taught in basic L1, instruction on more advanced techniques and controls, and sharing of practical tips in a wide variety of sailing topics. This class does not cover racing rules or tactics. Potential students include capable rated L1 sailors, new L1 instructors, L1 racing students, future L2 students, and even L2 or above sailors who would like to refresh or strengthen their basic understanding of sailing concepts. You must be rated to take the class.


There will be 5 classes taught this year with 2 students per class. Classes are mostly on the water at Kent Lake and last 7-8 hours. The cost is $35 paid in advance to the Sail Secretary. Class dates are:


• Saturday, May 12th

• Sunday, June 17th

• Saturday, July 28th

• Sunday, August 19th

• Saturday, September 1st


Since this year will be a pilot program, we are looking for a variety of students, not just first come first serve. Therefore, if you are interested in taking the class, please send an email to Steve Poulos at with the following information:

• Full name and current rating

• Years since you were rated L1, as of 1/1/12

• What levels are you currently active in sailing (based on 2011 season)?

• Are you a newly rated L1 student from 2011 who will be joining the racing program in 2012?

• Were you a basic L1 instructor in 2011 and do you plan to continue instructing basic L1 in 2012?

• If you have at least 3 years of L1 rating and are a regular, confident Interlake sailor, would you be interested in being considered to become an Adv. L1 instructor in 2013?

• Please indicate all class dates that will work for you?


Based on the responses I get, I will fill out and publish an initial student roster in the Burgee before the end of April and will contact selected students so that they may confirm their position and pay the fee to the sail secretary, holding their spot. There are no refunds and you must pay the fee within one week of being informed that you are on the student list or your spot will be given to the next available student.


Several potential students have expressed interest in the class informally, so I would encourage you to respond soon via email before these few classes begin to fill up. Thanks, Steve Poulos

Racing welcomes 12 novices for 2012 - - Michael Golden

The following are signed up for novice racing this season:

  • Jim Bills PL2
  • Broomham, Deb
  • Cao, Weihan
  • Gorski, Carolyn
  • Kostyniuk, Greg PL1
  • Merideth, Paula
  • Puggini, Warren
  • Schmidt, Pam
  • Sims, Dana
  • Spieth, John
  • Welch, Kathy
  • Zanotti, Roxanne

Two are previous members (PL1) and the rest are new skippers in 2011.

The novices will practice boat handling exercises on May 12 with an experienced racer.


There is an opening for a member to get credit hours operating the motor boat during races. An assistant can also get credit for assisting with running the races. Contact Michael Golden at

PYC Event: US Sailing Racing Clinic, June 16 - - Sheri Hartlep  Portage Yacht Club Sailing

Portage Yacht Club is excited to announce that on June 16 we will host two US Sailing Racing Clinics: one for Interlake and Flying Scot sailors led by Frank Ustach and a second clinic for Laser sailors led by Matthew Clark. Frank and Matt are both US Sailing Level 2 certified instructors. The two clinics will run concurrently, are intended for sailors with intermediate to advanced level experience, and include both on- and off-water activities. These clinics are open to all sailors - not just members of Portage Yacht Club.



  • Deadline: May 26
  • Cost: $70 for US Sailing Members; $110 for non-US Sailing Members


  • Laser sailors will register as individual sailors. Interlake and Flying Scot sailors may register as teams of 2 or 3 or as individuals--individuals will be teamed up for on-water exercises.
  • As you register, you will have an opportunity to suggest topics or skills you would like to focus on in the clinic. Frank and Matt will take these into consideration as they develop a customized curriculum for the day.
  • Off-lake sailors may bring their own boat or inquire about borrowing one from a club member (contact Elona Van Gent to make that request).
  • More info at US Sailing website:

New L1 skippers: get into racing next season - - Michael Golden

Racing is a fun way for new or experienced skippers to refine their sailing skills. One learns sailing by doing it; having another boat sailing nearby at your performance level is a great teacher. You don’t have to get competitive about racing to gain confidence in your ability on the helm.


New racers must attend the basic seminar in April and a practice, to skipper in the early races, when you are ready. There is no racing fee for newly rated Level 1 members from this last season. To sign up, reply with your name, rating, and years of sailing/racing experience to Michael Golden 248-549-3030.


A few more things...       

Why is "bra"singular and "panties" plural?


Editor's note: I've been putting out the Burgee now for about six years, and have been doing it 'without a net'! That is, without an assistant or 'stand-by' editor. It's time to fix that! If you're interested in a great job with no benefits and pay to match, email me here. Let's talk. 


Please send your Burgee input to for inclusion in the next  Burgee. They're back on a weekly schedule now. Send in your stuff for publication by Sunday for inclusion the following Tuesday. Think sailing! 

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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